"Develop an antidote!"

"the antidote?" Shu Lele was overjoyed. "Do you know how to cure poison?"
Jun Shaoyan ate the last dish while grasping. "Did you have a good time last night, Lele?"
-this smile is sinister and evil!
Shu Lele’s face turned red and she was about to scold Ning Yichen, but she said slowly, "Since the antidote has been developed, I will give it to Wang Cheng!"
"Ha ha ha or report hearing! The antidote is coming! "
A jade bottle suddenly flew to Ningyichen’s palm with a smile. "Report, try again tonight. If it doesn’t work, I’ll find a way to be indomitable." That’s it! Ha ha ….. "
Shu Lele finally understood what the two of them were talking about. That face was as red as the sunset glow.
Burying her face in embarrassment, she shouted, "Jun, you are not serious! Get out! "
"good! Fuck off! I won’t bother you two! " Satiated with food and wine, Jun Yan rolled out in the blink of an eye.
Ning Yichen suddenly pulled her into her arms. Both of them could hear a low laugh. "Lele, why don’t we try again?"
"get out!" Scold a comfortable Lele and ran away from him
Behind him rang Ning Yichen’s wanton and wild smile, which was really nice!
Shu Lele couldn’t help bending her lips. It’s good to have him around!
Ningyichen felt a hot air rushing into her lower abdomen after taking the medicine, and her body changed immediately.
Jun Shaoyan, this medicine is really worth watching. Tonight’s time will not be wasted.
But there are more important things to deal with.
Fang Ningyi dust cold ling face heavy order "layout, we will start to fight back!"
The highland barley bowed its head and asked, "Do you want to move the Wangs first or the Taitai first?"
"The Wangs are too strong backing nature is to move them first, but the situation has changed on both sides at the same time! Hum! The king doesn’t believe that if he can help him, can’t he help him? The higher you climb, the worse you fall. The king wants them to pay the heaviest price! "
"yes! But does it matter if you are poisonous? "
"Temporary obstruction! Jun Shaoyan will find a way! "
"Well, that’s for business!"
The highland barley opened the door and left to walk like the wind, as if it had rolled up a bleak autumn wind, which made the whole hospital cold in an instant.
Ziziphus jujuba just walked out of the room and watched his back leave. Suddenly there was a feeling that there would be a storm coming soon.
She took the tea and went back to her room. "Miss, I think the report will definitely not let that poisonous person go this time."
"Does he know who it is?"
"I heard highland barley talk about Liu Yingying as a disciple of Lang thousands of feet."
Holy shit! Isn’t their enemy a country?
This battle situation is not optimistic! She suddenly thought of all kinds of misdeeds done by Feng Chunqiu on the day when Ning Yichen was poisoned. It turned out that the enemy had already arranged everything and was waiting for the two of them to drill!
Not indignation to scold a way "bitch! All bitches! I curse him for not being an emperor, even if he is an emperor, he will be pulled! "
Ziziphus jujube quickly covered her mouth and said, "Miss, you can’t just say these words in your heart!"
All right! Who knows if Ning Wangfu has his eyes?
Shu Lele lowered his voice. "Ziziphus jujuba, who do you think is more suitable if he comes?"
Ziziphus jujuba smiled and lowered his voice. "In my opinion, our prince is the most suitable, but it’s a pity that he is not an emperor!"
"Slice! What if it’s not the emperor? We can support him if he can! "
So when Ning Yichen returned to her room, Shu Lele smiled meaningfully, pinched Ning Yichen’s shoulder from behind, and squeezed a few shallow smiles. "Is this technique satisfied with your report?"
….. what tricks does the little girl play again?
NingYiChen hook lip a smile to nod "good! Love princess is soft and soft, but her strength is moderate. Wang likes love princess very much. Just ask me what reward you want today! "
Hehe, what a way!
Shu Lele raised his eyebrows and said, "I want to be a queen!"
"Ahem ….." Ning Yichen was almost choked by his own saliva and asked in disbelief, "What did you say? Say it again! "