She likes him so much that she can’t make herself. There is a flaw in his eyes!

She’s …
Now she thinks she’s all dirty!
She was touched by this disgusting man!
How dirty!
"Ha ha!" It’s pathetic to smile bitterly at Qing!
Now she just white her mind?
She used to be so indifferent to mu junze and so indifferent to herself and his heart!
Outside the door, it’s hard to respect the pine or so, and it’s hard to mu Junze. He immediately rushed in. He was guarding the door at the door. "Can the envoys of the three princes be so insulted by you?" If you want to break into the world, you must first step over my body! "
"Ouch! What a loyal bodyguard! It’s a pity that your body is too simple to step on! " Mu Ninglang kept fanning the flames by watching the excitement and not being too arrogant.
Mujunze is fidgety in his heart, and now he is angered by a shock from Muninglang.
He would have heard the noise in the room. If he let go now, maybe a good girl will be spoiled by the pickled man Zhou Aotian again!
He’s already given enough to Zhou Ao’s face. If he doesn’t wake up, don’t blame him for being the enemy!
"Nantang is really bustling, even at night, so lively!"
Mu Junze raised his hand and was about to wave to order someone to break in when a voice suddenly broke out next to him.
Low, heavy, faint, cold and with a chill, everyone in the place can’t help but turn their attention to him.
Mu Junze let go of his eyes to see that people have always been "Du Daren"
Du’s adult in his mouth is Du Ling, the envoy of Chu State. He is dressed in a light green robe and his hair is neatly tied behind his head. Mu Junze is relatively timid, but somewhat …
But what he just said was ironic!
Anyone can recognize that he is dissatisfied with Mu Junze’s night rush into the post office and wake them all up!
After Du Ling woke up with a start, there was a giant Buddha who also came out wearing clothes at the moment.
If the people living in this luxurious posthouse really rest early, it is a sincere blessing.
He is sleepy at the moment, but his forehead is flat and colorful, and he simply wears a mink coat and walks out.
But as soon as he saw the battle in front of him, he immediately went to most of the drowsiness.
What is this novelty?
It’s getting dark at night. Three princes and four princes came with soldiers. Du Ling came out and blocked the door of Zhou Ao’s Tianfang.
This week, there are still some … * * * in the proud room.
Chunyu Tianyou seems to instantly understand what this is all about!
Just now, he was lying at the head of the bed, but he was awakened by a stone. He went out to see such a big battle.
Think of Zhou Aotian this shit recently let them all stay here.
But did he remember if Lin Yu came to review the case?
Why haven’t you seen that little cutie Lin Yu?
Chunyu God bless looked around for a while, but I didn’t see Lin Yu disappointed. I noticed that Du Ling and Mu Junze had already said several words one by one.
Du Ling looked at Mu Junze with a dignified look. "Third report, you have disturbed the whole posthouse at this moment. Even if there is something urgent, will you wait until tomorrow to discuss it?"
The implication is that he is very dissatisfied with Mu Junze’s intrusion!
Mu Junze has his pride and will not be changed by an envoy. "If today’s affairs can be left to the Japanese king, they must be entangled!"
He spoke without leaving any room, as if he were asking Du Ling for leverage.
Unexpectedly, Muninglang behind him has quietly clenched his fist and smiled, but his eyes have already stared at Du Ling with a punch.
What a coincidence that this man came out!
But … it’s not a disadvantage. He also has a pair of eyes that can see things.
When Mu Junze Du Ling Zhou Xuan, Mu Ninglang quietly exchanged a look and touched each other, and the two immediately took it back.
Jingsong left his heart when he left the door, and Zhou Aotian’s urgent color did not send the door to the inside. Jingsong now puts out his hand and pushes the door to make a crack, so that outsiders can hear it more clearly.
Room by qing issued a piercing scream "! ! ! !”
Mu Junze’s heart was fierce and painful. She was talking to him. Du Ling’s eyes were sharp as eagles, and she immediately stared at Zhou Ao’s heavenly room.