Shinohara snow LengLi eyes look to one side look glued qingluan!

After an order, Qingluan promptly picked up the forsythia tasikmalaya and quickly left the lobby!
Shinohara snow breathed heavily for a moment, then gritted his teeth inch by inch and opened his eyelids to ignore the drop of blood. The palm of his hand slowly walked to the ground * Xia Xiaoxiao!
She squatted on her toes slightly and stepped on Xia Xiaoxiao’s wrist. "You can do it to me, but you shouldn’t do it to them!"
When the words fell, the sword in Xiao Yu’s hand waved and broke Xia Xiaoxiao’s hand muscle!
"Ah …"
I’m afraid Xia Xiaoxiao never thought he would end up like this in his life!
Especially when the bloody cold tip cuts her skin, she starts to tremble for no reason!
She’s really scared!
Because she has never seen Shinohara snow with such a terrible face and never smelled such a murderous look!
"This … no … no matter what I do is her … ah …"
Wang Yubi didn’t expect things to suddenly become like this. She shrank back and looked at Shinohara Snow in fear. She looked like a murderer!
Don’t wait for her to run away. Shinohara Snow once again raised her sword and pierced her shoulder mercilessly!
That position is exactly the same as that of forsythia!
"Mom … it hurts to save me!"
Wang Yubi fell to the ground because of eating pain. Her eyes looked at Wang Ping with supplication, but no matter how she called Wang Ping, she remained motionless and made her lose heart!
After breaking Xia Xiaoxiao’s hamstring and piercing Wang Yubi’s shoulder, Xiao Xue dragged the tip of the sword with a sword in his hand!
At that time, Xia Xiaofu also looked at her nervously and wanted to hide behind Wang Fu!
She didn’t expect Shinohara snow to behave like this after being angered!
Shinohara snow step by step on the heavy steps towards Xia Xiaofu suddenly smiled "what? Afraid? "
"You … you don’t come here! If you dare to hurt my mother emperor … she will not let you go! "
"Really?" Xiao Xue sneered with a gloomy look. "That temple will be interesting to see how she doesn’t leave me alone!"
Words fall shinohara snow before the sword corners of the mouth with a grim sneer as if from hell ghosts!
At this time, she is cold and ruthless!
Thanks to Xia Xiaoxiao’s warning, Xia Xiaofu didn’t want to stand by in situ, and after a flash of light in her mind, she pushed Wang Fu out directly!
Soon she turned and ran in the direction of Fengqilou Gate!
However, contrary to expectations, in the cold sneer at Shinohara Snow, Huang Yin Xuan has quickly flickered directly to her collar and threw her back to Shinohara Snow!
After falling heavily to the ground, Xia Xiaofu cried out in pain, but she still didn’t get up to see everything in front of her, and she felt a sharp pain in her legs!
Take a closer look at Shinohara Snow. The blade, which is a mixture of many people’s blood, has been firmly inserted in her kneecap!
"Try running again!"
This moment Shinohara Snow is like a murderer!
She didn’t kill them, but their lives were tormented by a little pain!
Wang Fu has already been stunned by everything in sight!
She was shaking all over, and it was all for nothing. What would happen if she chose to kill her?
But she is unwilling!
"The temple too female temple! All this is a conspiracy of five emperors and seven emperors. They coerced me and tried to attack you in Fengqilou!
Tainvdian, you are observant and leave us alone! Your honor will spare us a lot. From now on, the Wangs want you to be a cow and a horse!
Temple … Poof … "
Wang Fu is still praying for the sound of her sword piercing her chest!
She lowered her head and looked at the sharp pain of the three-inch blade pierced in her chest!
With her mouth open, she couldn’t say anything, but it gradually blurred. In the line of sight, she seemed to see Shinohara Snow’s gloomy sneer. "There is never a shortage of horses and cattle around the temple!
Even if they bully you, wait for them on the way to the grave! "
Say a sword back Wang Fu breath instantly fell to the ground dead!
"Ah … Xia Xiao snow you are not a person …"
Xia Xiaoxiao and Xia Xiaofu are lying on the ground in a mess and losing like a mountain, which is their current situation!
Xia Xiaofu still shouted calmly, but Xiao Xue smiled like a spring breeze. "Xia Xiaofu, don’t worry! You will soon know whether I am human or not! "
Shinohara Snow threw the sword in her hand to the ground at will, and the sound of Tang Qiang was deafening!
Her eyes faint but look at the ten women who were brought by Wang Ping before a hook disdain sneer at the lip angle!
After slowly spitting out a foul breath, Xiao Xue looked at Huang Yinxuan. "You go, it’s your business today!"
"I …"
"Let’s talk about it afterwards!"
Burn three-dimensional xuan also want to say what but directly interrupted by shinohara snow openings!
Soon she went to one side and her eyes were worried. Lou Zhan gave Shinohara a wry smile because of his pale lip angle. "I said I wouldn’t let you make efforts!" Anyway, go back to the palace first! "
Lou Zhan nodded silently. In the crowd’s eyes filled with different looks, he gently took Shinohara Snow’s palm and blocked her wound with a medicated gauze towel!
Lying on the ground, Xia Xiaofu saw Shinohara snow leaving. Although the pain almost paralyzed her consciousness, her eyes still didn’t glow with happiness!
If she wants to leave here, then she will have a way to turn things around again!
Yes, the idea is full, but the reality is cruel!
When Lou Zhan helped Shinohara to step out of the gate of Fengqi Building, nearly 100 Fenglinwei came out from the rear in a steep way!
And these people all look like a rainbow, and when they see Xiao Xue, they kneel down one after another. "Please forgive me for coming late as an escort!"
This is just some superficial kung fu!
As Huang Yin-xuan said, Feng Lin-wei has already completely surrounded Fengqi Building!
But they can’t act without Shinohara Snow’s command!
WenXiaoXue has become very weak face forcibly dozen spirit robe "will be inside the ministry back to the palace into the day! Wait for the temple to be decided! Remember that even the mother emperor wants to see them without a temple order! "
"It is to obey the will of the temple!"
Shinohara’s crisp words are far away from the door of Fengqilou!
At this time, everyone realized that this woman is really the only one in the Southern Xia Kingdom!
So what happened in Fengqilou just now is not a conspiracy of the emperor and the daughter to frame the wife!
Everyone was shaking and couldn’t help but cringe at Shinohara Snow!
This is a royal fight. I didn’t expect these civilians to see such a strange scene. I don’t know if there is any life left!
However, Shinohara Snow has long ignored these people’s thoughts and fears. Half of her body depends on the vain footsteps in Louzhan’s arms. I’m afraid she doesn’t know how she finally got back to the palace without strong ideas!