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This conscience is a good force. He is a lion’s way and wild. He sees that there is a broadsword over there, but it is a big gold ring knife, but it is a good magic weapon in the war. If you start with your hands, the broadsword will make you go out. If it is urgent, you can take off the ninety-nine Taiyi gold rings and go out to deal with your opponents, shackles or hard blows, but it is wonderful.

This treasure is a demon brother who tried his best to make it out, but when he didn’t want to fight, he was caught by […]


Zhao-yang Xia this open stopped some can’t accept from flower Xiao Jiu talked about Luo Yu and then to the small mirror and white exhibition […]


"Boo hoo ~ ~ ~" With the sound of a horn, an overwhelming million-strong army slowly drew a radian at the command of seventy-two people […]