"Before … I want to say I’m sorry!" Small fall shouted out.

"Meow?" The kitten finally raised its head from Lengli’s arms.
"I suddenly feel that I am wrong … can you forgive me?" Xiao Luo’s sincere eyes suddenly shocked the kitten …
"But …" The kitten said softly.
A face of happiness …
Flow jade-like stone also walked to come over to hold the little left hand.
Four eyes relative reconciliation eyes intertwined with …
"yeah! We went shopping together that night! " The kitten took Yukime’s hand.
Flow jade-like stone and small fall and walked out of the school …
"meow ~"
"Kittens come out like this, and a few boys don’t care about you!" Flow jade-like stone learn this two fh said
"Meow? It seems that they are going to buy a house … and then our department will live together! Meow ~ "The kitten looks happy ~
"Khan! Then let’s go to the kitten’s favorite store to play! " Xue Ji continued to say.
"Yukime eccentric kitten every time ~" Flow jade-like stone "depressed" ground to say.
"Meow ~ People really want to catch kitten toys!" The kitten also cried.
"I want to see it, too!" Small fall also shouted out.
"Come on, let’s go! By the way, I also want to buy a gift! "
Four beautiful girls are walking down the street, and people come to talk from time to time!
"Kitten, are you going to play this again?" Flowing jade-like stone looked at the doll catching machine.
"Meow!" The kitten and horse threw money into 1 yuan and grasped the doll very skillfully
"wow! The kitten is amazing! I can’t catch one next time! " Xiao Luo shouted
"Kitten! You are almost finished catching the doll inside! " Flow jade-like stone shouted out.
"Look, there’s still meow." The kitten was unyielding and threw another dollar to continue to grab the rest.
Four girls each dragged five kitten-style dolls …
The kitten just smiled with satisfaction!
"Kitten! Do you want us to drag so many things shopping? "
The kitten smiled awkwardly. Who told her that she had a hundred shots today? No waves, one dollar!
"That … I told the driver to take it back to my new home!" The kitten called the driver.
Du sent the East and West back to their new home.
"Kitten, you buy sugar again …" Flow jade-like stone depressed said!
"Uh-huh! This is strawberry and creamy. I bought one! Do you want it! "