Chapter one hundred and eighty French gratitude
Play with the irregular fragments of the bronze Se in your hand, and Chen Shaobai takes it up and gradually exerts his strength.
Unconsciously, the virtual shadow of twenty fierce beasts emerged behind him.
"Gluttony, dragon, unicorn, white tiger, rosefinch, qingluan, fire phoenix … how many ancient animals? Oh, my God! Is this young man the fairy who commands all animals? "
The green official robes of the Shang Dynasty were soaked in rain, and they were bitterly cold, but Nangong Wen turned a deaf ear. He looked at Chen Shaobai above the sky, and his pure black eyes were full of admiration and yearning, and it seemed that he had finally found his own way.
"All my strength, also can’t damage it. Is this magic weapon a fragment of a top-grade treasure? "
Looking at the ancient bronze fragments that are seamless and have no inscriptions on the magic circle, Chen Shaobai shook his head with a lack of interest: "Even if it used to be a top-notch treasure with a thousand swords, it would be useless if it was broken like this."
After thinking about it, I threw it to the little white fox purple pupil, who was leaning on her shoulder, to make it into the income space.
Feng Xufeng, Chen Shaobai walked step by step to the front of Ba Qingtian, crossed his fingers and made a long bow to the ground, making a solemn gift.
Seeing him act like this, Ba Qingtian was even more surprised than when he first saw him. He quickly lifted himself up: "You are a sword fairy now, but this worship is killing me."
"Yesterday, Uncle Ri gave me the meaning of the sword, and he was grateful for it. I always remember it in my heart, and I dare not forget it. This gift, you are more qualified than anyone else. "
Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his head, stretched out a hand, and offered a sacrifice: "Besides, you are the one who wants to step on the quenching air and seek immortality, so why should you bear the fetters of the world?"
This thing is the size of a walnut, with a deep red color, mellow brilliance, soft and frozen texture, and a faint fragrance, which is not a common thing.
"This is?" Ba Qingtian saw the existence of this elixir, and his heart thumped, uncharacteristically, and his hands trembled to pick it up.
"JΡ ng Yuan Hao Dan, a natural spiritual thing, is not a Dan medicine refined by Taoism, which can help you break through quenching gas." Chen Shaobai with a smile.
If the source of ice is the mana source of nine y and n cold, then this J and ng Yuan Hao Dan is the essence of its qi and blood, which is equivalent to the crimson blood of human beings, and has the effect of nourishing the flesh and making up for the loss of J and ng gas. Although Ba Qingtian’s mana continued to be enough, his qi and blood began to decline, so he lost the possibility of breaking through quenching gas. This pill can restore his physical condition to its peak and give him hope of breaking through again.
Staring at his eyes, Ba Qingtian stared at the crimson pill in hand, feeling his throat dry, and his pride in his heart made him subconsciously want to say no, but the long-awaited opportunity was right in front of him, at his fingertips, but he couldn’t say half a negative word.
"You have a heart."
"However, it is necessary to refine the Y and N evil inside first to neutralize the side effects."
Ordinary people will subconsciously go down when they see that J Ο ng Yuan Hao Dan looks extraordinary and looks like dust, but they don’t know that this Dan medicine hides a fatal threat. The realm is not up to quenching gas. No matter what kind of creature, as long as it swallows this blood Dan, it will be immediately seized by the ice corpse hidden in it.
But Chen Shaobai is well aware of this. He smiled, turned his palm, and a brilliant golden flame flowed from his fingers, pouring it along the bright red lines of J and jīng Yuan Hao Dan and burning it.
Zi zi zi …
The filar silk black gas was driven out of the round Dan pill by Jin Se Yang Yan, and condensed into a monster with a long beard in Miki Sayaka. Although it is only the size of a fist, it is as powerful and powerful as a roaring tiger, many times more fierce than an ordinary tiger.
Its eyes are mixed with mans eyes, and there are not many magical colors. But when it sees Chen Shaobai, it immediately grins and fits, and its arrogance is not weak. …,<n

Chapter one hundred and eighty-one Double experience
Deep in Qingyun Mountain, above the ship, two young men with elegant temperament and seemingly out of touch are communicating.
When I think of Chen Shaobai’s gift of Dan to preach the Dharma before, I feel a little sorry if I spend no night: "That J Ο ng Yuan Hao Dan is a master of the realm of refining the array, but it is also useful. It is really a waste to make up for the qi and blood of a secular person."
"Good and evil kindness and enmity, save on the heart. Those who are kind to me should be rewarded ten times, and those who are evil to me should also be rewarded ten times. That’s all. " Chen Shaobai rare speaking like a book, said such words.
"When you enter the kendo, you can’t help it, and your grievances are clear. How can you be so clear?" Although some admire, but spend no night in the heart or some don’t agree with Chen Shaobai’s attitude towards life.
The wind roared, and Xuanhua Dahongpao still didn’t have any wrinkles. Thinking of Chen Shaobai’s previous performance, Hua Wuye didn’t want to continue the topic of Tao Xin just now, so God Se became serious:
"Just that mana Jin Yan into a monkey is how to return a responsibility? You have completed [Da Zhen]. "
How long has it been since I was a humble person at the beginning of my life, and this Chen Shaobai just got started? In less than two years, he has achieved the goal of quenching gas. If he really has this qualification and talent, his position in his heart will change.
"No, it’s just that I borrowed some magical powers from the thunderbolt and managed to display the conformal secret method. It’ s okay to bully an opponent who is weaker than himself. If you meet a well-matched opponent, it’ s ridiculous to take it out. " Chen Shaobai’s side emerged a jade ruyi wrapped in purple thunder, and the wind roared with awe.
"It turned out to be a jewel given to Wang Ruoyu by Situ Yutang. No wonder."
I took the thunderbolt as my wish, and spent the night playing with it with some eagerness before I reluctantly returned it. Generally, the price of instruments is limited to 500 lingshi, and the value will increase by nearly ten times for each higher class. By the time the top-grade lingshi is finished, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lingshi will be added. I don’t have a million lingshi on me, and it’s simply an idiotic dream to get a treasure through normal channels.
I think he was once the first in the list of dragons and phoenixes, but after ten years of fighting, he didn’t accumulate enough resources to forge a treasure, which shows that this magic weapon is precious.
"No, almost fooled by you in the past, even if you didn’t reach the quenchijīng gas double, also touched the edge of it, mana communication j and ng god, have a little I really spirit. As long as you calm down and find a place with abundant aura to practice penance for ten years, you will certainly be able to break through to the realm of "Truth".
Looking at a face of course beside Chen Shaobai, spend no night suddenly gave birth to a little jealousy. I don’t know how much effort, money and sweat he has spent, how much calculation he has paid, and how much he has survived in the cracks of Zongmen for more than ten years, regardless of his reputation, before he barely cultivated to such a degree. Chen Shaobai, on the other hand, took less than two years to reach such a level. In contrast, how can people be psychologically balanced?
"Everyone has his own chance, test and doom. I didn’t become a psychic realm. I don’t know if you are possessed by demons now, but … your heart is out of order."
Chen Shaobai removed the protective mana, and a white suit was hunting in the wind. The warm light of Ri wheel shone down through the breeze, which made him comfortable and transparent, as if at first glance, you could see all his thoughts. The whole person is frank and open, without any worries about y and n, as transparent as a clean piece of jade.
"Hoo … thanks for reminding me."
Flowers without night is also a person who realizes xìng well. Once reminded, he immediately adjusts his breathing, runs his magic, wakes himself up, tortures himself repeatedly, throws out the dirty mind that he just gave birth to, and strengthens his mind again, even taking it a little further. …,

Chapter one hundred and eighty-two Ghosts and demons, gluttonous temple
The junction of Shang, Xian and Zhou.
A paunchy, middle-aged man with dark face fell to the ground, and his voice was full of tears. "Shangxian Mingjian, although I am a village official, I have never heard of Long Mai of Naoshizi."
Black and fat middle-aged people are depressed. Although he is the village head of Wolong Town, he has done little in Ping Ri, but there is no violence in Ping Village. He has married a beautiful concubine with three rooms, and the little Ri Zi has been very moist. I thought I could live peacefully and leisurely all my life, but I never thought that he was the only one left in the whole village in just half an hour.
Looking at more than a dozen guys dressed in black Se tights in front, whose temperament is still like an evil spirit, the black fat village head who knows the way of observing Se can clearly feel the murder of the other person. He couldn’t wait to faint, but he knew that as long as he was a little disappointing, he would follow in the footsteps of other villagers.
The smell of blood, which is so thick that people can smell it, goes straight to the nose, with broken limbs and colorful intestines scattered all over the floor. In such an environment, he can only hold on and force himself to stay awake.
"Elder martial sister Yuan, you’d better use soul searching. This common man is so stupid that even if you get the relevant information, I’m afraid you can’t recognize it." A young man with a sharp breath gave the village chief a cold cross and respectfully suggested to a woman around him.
Hearing this, another rare man with a strong momentum shook his head again and again, as if talking to himself, and said, "Searching for souls and searching for souls is a celestial secret. Due to the restriction of the avenue, each monk can only use it three times in his life, and every time he uses it, it will affect his purity of mind because of the mixed memory, which is greatly unfavorable for breaking through the realm. We are all just monks in the sword-planting land, and our strength is weak, but if it affects Sister Yuan, we will be dead. "
As soon as this statement came out, the pot suddenly exploded next to it. More than a dozen strong people who quenched their breath were like street vendors, arguing noisily that the proceedings were false and flattering "Teacher Yuan" as true.
"That’s enough."
The word "airy" completely silenced the field, and Fiona Fang Li was silent, and no creature could or dared to make any more noise.