"Then follow the empress to see the crane mountain, saying it is very aura" Zhao Wanru said.

"I haven’t been there either, can I go?" Shen’ erdao
"But where can I not take you? Silly girl "Sue cotton laughed.
"How is the Empress these days?" Sue asked the old lady.
"Well, I’m fine, grandma. I’m looking at you. You look great." Su Mian got up with a smile and did it in front of the old lady Su.
"Well, I’m going to be 100 years old according to the imperial edict of the empress!" Sue the old lady laugh 99 Chapter 99 Little promise
On the day of hunting, Wan Liqing.
It’s still a little hot. Su Mian is also riding a horse, dressed in a delicate riding costume, and Yan Gui is in a trance.
I haven’t dressed like this in years.
The real concubines and ladies are all beautiful, and they are just the queen in your eyes.
He smiled at her on horseback. "Where is the handsome little man?"
There are others who hate it. Su Mian naturally doesn’t flirt with him.
Yan Gui made a joke and then smiled. "I’ll go to the front and you can walk slowly. Don’t worry."
When we arrived at Xianhe Mountain, Su Mian took the princesses into the camp, and the green leaves could not help feeling deeply.
Come back she told PeiYuQing this back … Is husband and wife?
"Green leaves go to their own residence, and I won’t keep you. I’m going to be angry with you for a long time." Su Mian laughed.
"Huang aunts …" Green leaves stamp embarrassed way.
"Well, even if he’s not angry today, a lot of miss butler has followed. Everyone is as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. You don’t want to be watched by others." Su Mian laughed.
Green leaves suppress face red "imperial uncle is also very good to see the emperor aunts you don’t worry …"
"Well, I’m not in a hurry. I’ll see which little fox dares to rob my man." Su Mian old Shinto said.
When the two princesses heard such straightforward words, they couldn’t help but be stunned.
Green leaves are redder in the face and stomp their feet. "Just listen to the emperor and I’ll watch if there is a little fox!"
After that, I ran out
Heavy son see dumbfounded "this ….. you ….." Speak too straightforward?
"You also go for a stroll." I haven’t met Duguyu privately since I returned to the palace.
Sure enough, Duguyu saw Shen Er’s heart and fell into his stomach.
Don’t dare to show it too much. Pretend to be relaxed. Are you tired? I rode a horse all the way. "
"Not tired yu elder brother are you tired? Did you sleep well last night? " Shen’ erdao
I almost went crazy to see her pregnant with Duguyu. Did this heartless little girl finally get the result?
"Fortunately, when I go back to Yu Brother the day after tomorrow, I will beg to marry you. When your brother and sister-in-law should wait for some time, will you go back with Yu Brother?" Duguyu with some deceptive tone way
Heavy son looked at DuGuYu with some smile but don’t talk.
Looking straight at Duguyu, she was so nervous that she wondered what she had said if it was not the Queen Su these days. Or did one of the harem ladies say something?
Just when he was impatient, Shen Er suddenly chuckled "Good"
It’s just that Du Guyu is so happy that this little girl depends on him.