"Yes, yes!"

Two swordsmen in a row were nullified to the dregs by the Titan, and many nobles of noble birth backed out and walked out of the faded courtyard with pale faces, but three examiners did not come forward to stop them.
See three white Qingyun interior examiner whisper, what seems to be talking about, but no sound revealed, a forgotten words suddenly jumped out in Chen Shaobai mind.
"Pass the sound into the secret!"
Interest in sound, Chen Shaobai carefully observed the three people’s lips, but unconsciously used the practice of fencing, condensed the will of J and jīng to the limit, and overheard their conversation.
"Let the Titan puppet do his best in every session. Will you kick some good seeds away first?"
"The way to cultivate immortality is to strive for longevity with the sky, strive for treasure with others, and strive hard, and you can’t slack off! Stop when you encounter a little difficulty. Do you think they can achieve the road? "
"This is the wizard brother said? Still laughing at others, if I hadn’t pulled you, you wouldn’t have been scared away! "
"all right! All right! Don’t mention the embarrassing things of that year! If the selected people have good prospects to enter the inner door in the future, we will get a lot of rewards. If you have a natural talent, you can step into the secret realm of quenching gas and become a true disciple. It’s hard to say that we can still get a reward from the sects for thousands of years. As long as we digest the best panacea, we can save decades of hard work, refine our mana in one fell swoop, condense our sword species, achieve quenching, and reach the sky in one step! "
"Wan Zai flow empty? I don’t want that. I’ll be satisfied if I can get one or two top-grade body protectors. "
"If the mind is not strong, it’s almost gone. Let’s relax for the next assessment."
"no! It’s okay to be a registered disciple with ordinary hardships and qualifications, but the Titan puppet must make an all-out effort at least three times, and not many people will die, so it’s hard to deter those unruly official children. "
Wan Zai empties, condenses sword species, and protects the body.
Three key words echoed in Chen Shaobai’s mind.
"These examiners are all full of J and jīng gods, with concise and substantial flesh and restrained eyes. Obviously, they are the characters with perfect initial condition [refining themselves], and the peak of jianhao. They actually need external assistance to have confidence to break through. How difficult is it to enter the quenching secret? "
Chen Shaobai bowed their heads and thought, the sound of thunder echoed in the hall.
"Next, Chen Shaobai!"

Chapter eighty-nine A breakthrough between life and death
The mighty voice echoed back and forth in the hall, and the sound was endless.
"look good."
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth slightly become warped, lift the foot and walk, without half sentence nonsense, with a temperament called self-confidence, looking at his performance, even beside Zhou Jinyu and Wu Muqin mood also settled a lot.
Two people glances, respectively, observed the shock in each other’s eyes, they ask themselves, put themselves in the other’s shoes, they absolutely can’t do so free and easy-or bold.
Titan puppets are naturally intimidating to normal humans.
Run quickly, easily through the crowd, and come to Titan’s cage.
"Can we go in?"
Seeing Chen Shaobai coming along carelessly, the Taoist woman in white robes in Qingyun paused for a moment. When she heard his reminder, she opened the reserved steel porch: "The Titan puppet was refined by Kunlun Demon. In order to keep the fighting capacity, even the primitive instinct was sealed in. Once fighting, it will be fierce and violent. Don’t cause too much blood, otherwise it will easily get out of control."
These masters of the inner door are willing to pull down their faces and talk to themselves, but they are not as inaccessible as they thought before. Chen Shaobai slightly raised his eyebrows and found that this senior sister is also a one-in-a-thousand figure. He immediately came to his senses, threw his fist and smiled like a Jianghu hawker: "Thank you for reminding me, I will pay attention."
Then he stepped into the Titan’s cage.
Cut all the fetters, Chen Shaobai is now doing things with great efficiency, which is quite military and graceful.
"A haze, when have you been so kind? It won’t be a crush on this little guy, will it? " A white-robed Taoist beside him had a little teasing on his face, and his voice became secret.
"I think this person has an unusual bearing, and he may break out of some heaven and earth after Ri. Now, if you remind him, you can get married without spending anything. Why not?" Xiang Lan’s face was filled with Se, his hands were lifted, and an invisible magic hand closed the steel Xuan door.
The entrance examination officially began.
As soon as the iron column is closed, there is no way to heaven and no way to the ground in this cage.
At noon, the sun came down from the horizon, and the shadow of a giant leg of Titan puppet could completely cover Chen Shaobai, which made him feel a palpitation.
This has nothing to do with bravery, but the oppression of human nature by a congenital powerful race.