What attracted Zhang Tao’s attention most was the auction yard guard! The worst of them are all level-9 wushu, and they can be seen everywhere! There are not a few innate masters, and I don’t know how many Wanbaozhai there are in Tianshi Zun. It’s really a powerful ratio that overseas land forces extend to Honghao country.

A place in Wanbaozhai in Wanbaocheng is luxuriantly decorated, elegant, simple and not lacking in charm. In the hall, two women in white dresses stand proudly like cold Mei Duo flowers.
"I don’t know that it’s really a long way to welcome you to Wanbaozhai!" At this time, there is a female voice behind the hall, which is like a blue soft body slowly winding around your neck, cold and heart-chilling, but with a hint of death, you are always awake, so don’t be close.
"It’s very kind of you to be in charge of Biqin." The eyes of a woman in a white dress are as cold as a cold pool in the deep sea, and the deep voice is as deep as snow-capped mountains. Although full of vitality, it has the extreme cold of rejecting people thousands of miles away
"It turned out that it was rude for Bai Yao’s predecessor Biqin to be extremely cold." Biqin was wearing a blue dress. As she moved her lotus step lightly, she could vaguely see her perfect legs hanging down her delicate face, and her shy blue deep foil was more natural and graceful.
"Today, you came to ask about something." Bai Yao asked lightly that the woman behind her was following her brother.
"Bai Yao’s predecessors said it was a hindrance." Although Wan Baozhai is also an overseas land force, so is this Bai Yao. She dare not neglect it.
Bai Yao smiled. "It’s not a big deal. It’s because we are extremely cold and have some cooperation with Wanbaozhai."
Brigitte piano motionless "Bai Yao predecessors this matter should be sent by your people and talk to the core of Wan Baozhai? Not a peripheral manager like me, right? "
"It’s not the same thing. I wonder if Biqin is in charge?" Bai Yao smiled.
Biqin was stunned. "I don’t know what Bai Yao’s predecessors mean?"
Bai Yao smiled mysteriously, "The sun is burning in the sun."
When I heard Bai Yao’s words, Biqin was surprised and immediately giggled. "It’s really a cold palace. I finally got the information from Wan Baozhai and it was known to you so quickly."
"I wonder if Biqin is in charge?"
Biqin’s clever eyes turned gently. "The extreme inflammation of the sun is the fire of heaven and earth, but it may not be tamed by Wan Baozhai alone. Moreover, we found that the extreme inflammation of the sun has a certain spiritual wisdom. Obviously, at that time, since I was extremely interested in joining hands with Wan Baozhai with us, it was certainly desirable. I don’t know what I needed."
The extreme cultivation in the cold palace is a very special cold skill in overseas land, but it is very special for those who are not proficient, but they are not interested in the fire of heaven and earth, and there is nothing for them. Such conditions must have his requirements
"We help Wanbaozhai to get the fire of heaven and earth, then Wanbaozhai will promise to give us a year in limbo," Bai Yao said.
"A year? This is not a small sum. Please forgive Brigitte for being difficult to make decisions and report to her, "Brigitte said faintly.
Bai Yao sprinkled a smile, "If Wan Baozhai catches such a fire in heaven and earth alone, I’m afraid there will be a huge loss. Whether it’s talent or money is important, I hope Biqin will think twice." Then Bai Yao got up and left her face with a faint smile, which made her feel very confident, but what do you think of such a smile is a chilling feeling.
"Walk slowly" Biqin hung his head and respected him.
After Bai Yao left, Biqin meditated for a moment and then walked into a room with a delicate small mirror to put a dresser. Biqin Sandy’s jade finger gently melted into the mirror bit by bit, and a person’s image appeared unexpectedly, which was magical.
"Biqin has something to do?" At this time, the mirror # # # shows an old man.
"The elder just came to me and told me about the extreme inflammation in the sun," said Biqin.
"oh? What did she say? " Just when reporting in the piano room, Zhang Tao met Bai Yao with the king’s poison cloud Moying.
Although both Wang and Duyun wore veils to cover their pretty faces, the temperament of Zhang Tao and others was still striking, but Bai Yao saw Wang at a glance instead of Zhang Tao.
"Be careful this woman is Tianshi! And the capability is profound. "Poisonous cloud sounds into Zhang Tao’s ears. It is normal for Wanbao City to have a Tianshi, but this woman is like narcissism, and the temperament of the high-ranking person is extraordinary, so Zhang Tao has to be cautious.
"Please wait a moment, this gentleman." Bai Yao was amazed that Zhang Tao was not a poisonous cloud of Tianshi and Mo Ying, but he walked slightly behind. Obviously Zhang Tao was the backbone of this team, but Bai Yao’s mind really couldn’t find any male elder brother from overseas who had such power. Let two Tianshi Zun accompany them for protection.
"Is it hidden family? Or them? " Bai Yao eyes # # # now a little dignified, especially when I think of them, my eyes reveal a little caution.
"I don’t know if my predecessors have knowledge?" Zhang Tao is polite and poisonous, but Mo Ying is very vigilant. After all, he is a heavenly gentleman. If he has a bad mind, it is hard to prevent. Dongyue mainland must be hard to prevent!
Bai Yao consciousness looked at Zhang Tao Wang eyebrows a wrinkly gently move one step behind the king will also poison cloud and Moying attack route to let out, so that the poison cloud and Moying can instantly attack the stranger.
Bai Yao’s arch eyebrows Cu. She didn’t expect this young man to be so cautious. It’s just a step to see that he didn’t grow up in a greenhouse. Brother Gong is like a Jianghu. "This is not a place to talk. If you don’t mind if we go to the teahouse for a chat?"
"The elder is flattered by the kindness of the younger generation, but there are still important things that are inconvenient to stay. If we meet in the future, the younger generation will definitely come to visit the elder." Zhang Tao’s refusal is very obvious
The other party invited directly without reporting the name and origin? And the strength is extraordinary. Anyone will feel that something is wrong. Zhang Tao is not making a mountain out of a molehill.
The woman behind Bai Yao said, "It is a great blessing for the courtesy uncle to invite you. Are you ungrateful?" This sound is cold and cold, which is annoying.