Say that finish and Zhao Lan tandem standing on Gao heel shoes snapped into the company dry elder brother pointed to the tricycle to Lao Wang said, "Minister Wang, you must watch this tricycle for a while and keep it for our BMW …" Say that finish before Lao Wang can react, he ran off into the company Chapter 47 and entered the bureau again.

Chapter 47 I’m in the game again. Lao Wang, the elder brother, reluctantly followed Sun Mei and Zhao Lan upstairs to Sun Mei’s office. Sun Mei asked angrily, "Xiao Gan, I really didn’t see that you can do it!"
"Hey, hey, thank you, Mr. Sun. It’s just some tricks. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it …" The dry brother looked at Sun Mei and was angry. "Modesty" said.
"You! I really didn’t see how thick-skinned you are. When a lie comes to your mouth, it’s more glib than the truth! " Sun Mei see dry elder brother smile happily sample is not good again angry but still spat sullenly.
"Ah, who let za Sun always be thin-skinned? Let you say that you don’t say that although I am thin-skinned, I don’t stand at the key moment. I can’t let you be a boss …" Brother Gan sighed.
Sun Mei suddenly felt that this man was very kind to himself when he heard this man’s words. He saved his life and Xiaoqiang twice. He always stepped forward at the key moment, and he couldn’t blame him too much, but he still said with a sullen tone, "Come on, you are good-hearted!" I miss you and my company. I won’t hold you accountable for telling a lie just now. Now it’s time to tell me where the BMW is! "
"Hey, hey, in that story, except that you added it afterwards, most of them are true. I saw a few chengguan bullying a disabled person on the way to class in the morning, and I just knew the disabled person, so I took care of my own business and asked my landlord to take the car of our company and pull the disabled person to the hospital to see the injury …" Brother Gan saw that Sun Mei no longer blamed himself, so he explained the matter in detail.
"The landlord? Men and women? " As soon as Sun Mei heard the word landlord subconsciously asking, she regretted when she became such a woman. What do men, women and themselves have? What’s the matter with yourself? I can’t find a man when I fall into the crowd.
"Female single little white-collar worker …" Dry elder brother want to also don’t want to casually replied.
"Oh …" When Sun Mei heard that it was a single girls, he somehow felt a little unhappy with himself. What’s the matter? Do you love this man? It’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible for a boss of a company to love a small driver. That’ll be the day! Sun Mei heart forced to comfort myself.
Talking about Zhao Lan knocking at the door, he came in and said to Sun Mei, "There are several public security bureaus and urban management outside Mei Jie to come to our company to find him!" Zhao Lan pointed his finger at the dry brother and thought that this smelly man had done something bad again, otherwise he would have let the police find the door.
Sun Mei asked anxiously, "Xiaolan, didn’t you ask them what they were looking for him?"
"Asked them not to say that they wanted to find our company Wang Xiaogan …" Zhao Lan also answered anxiously that she was more worried than Sun Mei. Although the smelly man often talked back to himself, she didn’t want him to go to jail again. Zhao Lan turned around and looked at the dry elder brother only to find that the smelly man was still sitting there smiling like nothing, and suddenly he was so angry that he cried, "Hey! The police are looking for the door! Why are you so insensitive? !”
"Ha ha, don’t worry, I didn’t break the law again. I just helped the country to educate a few small officials …" Brother Gan looked at an irate Zhao Lanwei and said with a smile.
"Education a few public officials? ! Did you hit those black eyes and swollen eyes? ! You, who are you? And educate people! You are stupid! This time you will wait for it! " Zhao Lan, after hearing this smelly man’s words, thought that several urban management officers were flustered and knew that it was this little man who didn’t know how to do it. He immediately stared at his eyes and hated iron and not produced a lesson.
"Ha ha in this way! It’s just hitting a few chengguan. What’s all the fuss about? Besides, I hit them because they should! Who am I? I am a citizen of this country, and they are public servants. Public servants are going to bully their teachers and destroy their ancestors. Is it wrong for me to teach them a lesson? !” Dry elder brother although smiling but unusually serious said
"Yes, yes, you are right. You are a hero!" Zhao Lan choked by dry elder brother speechless and said with strength.
"All right, you two, don’t say anything. Now the most important thing is to come up with a countermeasure. People are looking for a door. We can’t hide here and not see others! Besides, people are policemen, can you hide! " Sun Mei saw two people there arguing big stop way
"hide? Hide from what! There is nothing wrong with me! Now the only countermeasure is to go out and meet them! Don’t get involved in your women’s affairs! " While talking, Brother Gan went out and left the two women in the house for him to find a way to return.
Sun Mei and Zhao Lan haven’t reacted yet. Brother Gan has strode out. Two women hurriedly trotted out to follow the brother Gan. As soon as they got to the door of the reception room, they heard the man who was beaten with chengguan glasses pointing to the brother Gan and said, "That’s him! It is he who violently resists the law and hits us! "
"That’s right, I hit them …" Brother Gan admitted generously as he walked into the reception room.
"It is illegal to hit people, don’t you know? What’s more, you are still a government law enforcement officer, and the consequences are even more serious! " A 30-year-old man wearing a police officer looked at Brother Gan and asked him, I can’t believe that this little man in front of him, who is less than 1.7 meters and weighs 130 kilograms at most, can beat these four potbellied "big men" without any chance to resist.
"Of course I know that hitting people is illegal! But isn’t it illegal for them to hit people? !” Dry elder brother pointed to several chengguan looked at the policeman and asked.
"They’ll talk about it later. Now it’s your business. It’s illegal for you to hit them. Please come with us!" The male police officer said that he took out his handcuffs and knew that urban management was notorious, but he didn’t expect that this unremarkable young man should know how to be so calm when arguing about catching criminals.
"Ha ha say me first? ! Law enforcement officers haven’t figured out their crimes yet, and they haven’t managed themselves well. How can they manage ordinary people? ! I’m telling you, I hit them because they should! You didn’t understand the situation and listened to their words to arrest me. This is to protect each other and protect each other! You guys deserve a badge on your head? ! Also deserve to be the people’s umbrella? !” Dry elder brother smile at male police officer mercilessly scold a way
At ordinary times, the police officer Hao Buruan was reprimanded by this unattractive "suspect" at this time, but he still blushed and said, "I’m sorry, we are carrying out orders, please cooperate with us!"
Brother Gan looks at the young police officer who has been looking at himself. Brother Gan can’t see the emptiness in his eyes. Judging by his own judgment, he is still an honest policeman. Let’s not let the koo people get involved, so he raised his hands and said, "Hehe, let’s go!" I hope you can handle the case impartially! "
"Don’t worry, we won’t let a bad man go, but we won’t wronged a good man!" Young police officers say that finish will take dry elder brother from Sun Mei and Zhao Lan to catch up at this moment. Sun Mei has a look at dry elder brother’s shiny handcuffs and pleads with a smile. "Isn’t the police comrade just making some contradictions? It’s not so serious. Can you settle the dispute with us for mediation? What medicine, mental loss, lost time we take … "
The young police officer looked at several chengguan, especially the one who wore glasses and saw the one who wore glasses. He took a hard look at the elder brother and then shook his head angrily and said, "Don’t have a few stinky money yourself. If it weren’t for money, we would be proud!" When he hit us, he hit the harbor management face, hit the harbor management face and hit the harbor face! Can you afford it! " Glasses man cow force to coax say that finish cocky and he several chengguan don’t even bird Sun Mei went straight out.
Brother Gan turned around and smiled and said to Sun Mei, "Hehe, Manager Sun and Assistant Zhao, don’t worry that I’m fine. It’s not like I haven’t been there before!" Say that finish and went out with a few policemen.
Sun Mei and Zhao Lan have been following to the floor to watch Brother Gan being taken into the police car and drifting away with the alarm …
"Mei Jie, we have to save him, or he will suffer when he gets to the public security bureau …" Zhao Lan said anxiously.
"I know Xiaolan is fine. I’m going to find a way to go to our building …" Sun Mei was also in a hurry. After all, Brother Gan was her son and the company’s savior. How could he be indifferent when he was caught in?
Before they could lift their feet, a gray BMW stopped suddenly. A handsome and beautiful girl came out of the car beside them and asked, "Excuse me, two beautiful women. What was that police car doing here just now?"
The two women looked at the beautiful and energetic girl in front of them, and then looked at the BMW. Sun Mei suddenly remembered that Brother Gan said to himself that he was a single landlady, so he tried, "Are you … are you Wang Xiaogan’s landlady?"
"The landlord? Ah, yes, I am his landlord … I saw him being taken into a police car earlier. What’s going on? " Kemengxuan a listen to the landlord almost no reaction to come over on second thought and hurriedly asked.
Zhao Lan saw that Wang Xiaogan’s smelly man had another woman’s heart. He looked at Ke Mengxuan carefully and found that this woman was almost stronger than herself except that her chest was not as big as her own. Suddenly, she stood up and said, "That smelly man beat the chengguan and was taken away by the police!"
See Zhao Lan angry sample Sun Mei hurriedly urged "Xiao Lan how to speak? The landlord Xiao Gan was just taken away by the police, saying that he beat the urban management. We don’t know much about it …"
"Urban management? Police? I know! " Ke Mengxuan chanted a few words in his mouth, and suddenly remembered something as if he didn’t look back. Chapter 40 Teasing the violent little police flower
Chapter 40 Teasing Violence Little Policeman Sun Mei and Zhao Lan looked at the beautiful landlord drifting away in disbelief, and then turned around and came to the office. After sitting in the office, Sun Mei and Zhao Lan immediately invested in trying to find a way to find action. Supposedly, there are many contacts among the bosses of a city company in Sun Mei, but they are all familiar acquaintances. What’s more, there is no judicial department position.
At this time, Zhao Lan suddenly woke up and said, "Isn’t Mei Jie Qin Xiaowan and Zhang Xiaowan the vice captain of the criminal police team in our harbor city?"