Dust patted Qinchuan on the shoulder, and when his figure flashed, he fled away. It was so easy, so that his strength was not in the wild goose peak, Zhao Chengjin, and he had no defense.

Qinchuan was shocked everywhere, as if he had just come to his senses.
With a sigh, I sprinted and ran after the dust.
Dust came with Qin chuan and the imperial sword and landed on the cliff.
Behind him, still can feel a few strong breath, followed, this time, the mentoring is completely offended Korea’s home, however, dust such as care about these, and qinchuan, qinchuan offend fix true clan, but less …
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s footsteps fell, his eyes lifted, and he was dumbfounded.
But I saw a cliff like this. There were several short pines and weeds everywhere, but there was no trace of the front yard. No, there must be a formation.
"You take two steps back,"
Dust looked back and said to Qinchuan,
"In the future,"
When Qin Chuan was in doubt, he couldn’t help looking towards the rear. Half a step away, he saw a steep cliff. Looking ahead, there were floating clouds and smoke, not to mention taking two steps back and changing others to stand on the edge of the cliff. I am afraid it takes great courage.
"Hey hey,"
However, Qinchuan was surprised, picked up his steps and moved back.
Suddenly, I saw a flash of different awns on my feet, and with repeated flat ground, I fell behind in Qinchuan, which was a solid state and firmly held. Then, this piece, with the same flash of different awns, showed a courtyard in that place.
It was the scene before,
"Teacher, this is also the Jiugong hexagram array."
Qin Chuan questioned that this array actually has the same effect as the Monty Phantom Array, all of which have magical effects, and the difference is that this Jiugong hexagram is not limited to this.
Presumably, the Han family who followed him will never find this place.
"Jiugong hexagrams is a profound knowledge, not just a magic circle. I’ll give it to you after you master the fairy magic road."
As soon as the dust passes, it goes straight to the courtyard.
As a performer, he naturally won’t be confused by the illusion in front of him.
After entering the courtyard, the master and the apprentice pushed a simple woodshed, and all kinds of rare treasures were piled up at will. There were countless minerals, iron, herbs, cheats and utensils. Even if they had seen it once before, Qin Chuan was surprised to see it again.
I really don’t know what I have done as a master in my life …
"You choose your own forged iron ore."
Dust caught a glimpse of Qinchuan, and his eyes returned to the house full of treasures. It seems that he is very satisfied with his collection. If this small courtyard is discovered by others, I am afraid it will cause a sensation, no less than a rare treasure, and everything in it is measured by law and money.
Smell speech, qinchuan thought a little,
Hold up the dragon ridge in your hand, and take a closer look at it, but it is a ridged white bone with a faint golden light. It is about an arm long, moderately thick and slightly curved, but it does not affect the appearance. It is made of non-gold stone, and its toughness is by no means comparable to that of ordinary stone. It is extremely oppressive.
Whether it is a real dragon ridge or not, people know that,
However, it is unique in the world to be so sacred and majestic.
"Millennium cold iron, black gold mine, or five-color precious iron,"
After several soliloquies, Qin Chuan toured back and forth where the house was placed, but he couldn’t make up his mind. The material is extremely important for forging the fairy sword, so he must be extremely cautious.
Once cast, you can’t go back on your word,
"In my opinion, five-color precious iron is the most suitable."
Dust sighed, the dragon ridge is the most sacred thing in the sky, which is also produced by Xiangrui’s five-color precious iron forged hilt, which is the best.
But …
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s eyes flashed and he seemed to think of something.
"Can have the magic emperor red gold,"
"The magic emperor pure gold, ha ha … ha ha ha …"
Dust was puzzled, but soon he burst out laughing.
The magic emperor Chijin, produced in Tianxin Cliff, is the place with the strongest evil spirit and the most violent spirit. The master rudder of the Ghost Sect was built in Tianxin Cliff. Needless to say, this magic emperor Chijin iron mine is also a rare mine with extremely strong evil spirit, and it is a magical thing.
Don’t say, this dragon ridge breath, the opposite,
Unexpectedly, Qin Chuan actually wanted to combine the two treasures of mutual righteousness and evil, one auspicious and one evil spirit, and forge the immortal sword. This idea is really sensational. Before the ancients and later generations,
"Are you sure?"
Dust eyes narrowed, seems to be somewhat meaningful asks,
Qinchuan nodded, "the so-called fairy magic way, fairy is magic, magic is fairy, brother wants to blend fairy and magic, so the refining device is just right, I don’t know if master can forge it."
"My fairy fellow practitioners are so old that they don’t have your whimsy."
Dust smile with a sigh, also did not feel wrong, but with some appreciation, "this refining device, it is indeed difficult, however, since you have made up your mind, I will help you once."
This dragon’s spine demon emperor is in harmony with red gold, and he himself wants to see if he can forge a magic weapon.
"Then thank you, Master."
Qinchuan smiled wryly,
A premonition floated in my heart, and my whimsy this time, absolutely, would be a feat of shocking the ancient and modern times, and the world would change color, and the sun and the moon would be dim.
Magic soldier, this world,
"Boom …"
A real fire, burning on this cliff, is like a sky,
Qin Chuanpan sat aside and quietly looked at the courtyard. This time, the refining device turned out to be a sky furnace, a ground stove, and dust sitting cross-legged in the courtyard, building a divination array, and the aura of heaven and earth came in a steady stream. The real fire was burning, and it felt like a scorching sun.
On one side, the bones of the dragon’s spine lie on the ground, and on the other side, it is a piece of latosolic red ore, which is full of strange light and yin Shaqi, attacking people’s minds.
Suddenly, when the dust eyes closed, all the yuan gods and true yuan gushed out.
Seeing that piece of red gold rose, as soon as it disappeared into the red fire, it didn’t take a moment for the red color to be burned to a red color, like magma, and it was so red that it was almost red.
Suddenly, the divine power of the dust element melts with the true element, just like the blade of a taxiing hammer, and it keeps forging in the ore. In the air, it is endless, the fire is everywhere, and the rich aura of heaven and earth is constantly pouring into it, suppressing the madness and evil spirit.
If you are not careful, it will explode.
At the moment, Qinchuan looked at it from a distance, and unconsciously, his cheeks were sweating like water and dripping slippery. It is conceivable that in that center, the dust was suffering from such scorching heat.