However, this whole word has been misunderstood by many people. Most people understand the whole thing and practice it, and finally the more they practice, the more biased they are.

The word "chicken step, shake and flash" means to practice a whole word, which means to integrate body, step and hand in a three-in-one way, not to exert oneself. To put it another way, it means to practice the consistency of three sections in coordinated practice.
Hands and feet will not move, and hitting people will be strong; It’s not good if you can’t get close to your feet! The chicken-step shaking handle is mainly to solve this problem. Although it looks simple, the chicken-step shaking handle is a multi-practice, and it is not easy to practice door cleaning. According to Huang Laotou, the shaking handle can be divided into one step and one circle, two steps and one circle, and three steps and one circle.
Of course, a circle of hands is used to seal, wipe, shed and collapse; Step by step is chicken step, stepping and scraping; The body law is that the dragon body is folded three times and twisted one time, that is, as the body moves, the arm wrapping method, that is, the shoulder-to-jaw method, should be added to practice and become a habit. Xie Cunguan taught Ye Zhun-xing these things mainly because of the different coordination of techniques, posture and footwork.
Because Ye Zhun-xing has not practiced kung fu, it is unrealistic and unreliable for a rookie to ask him to give up his current skill and practice mind boxing from scratch. You know, it is difficult to learn boxing and change it. It is too difficult to change his fighting habits. Moreover, mind boxing is to emphasize meaning rather than shape boxing, and it is not mind boxing to run through Ye Zhun-xing’s technique.
But this meaning must have a whole set of actors, Yuzryha sight, to feel and understand.
You can’t talk about paying attention to meaning but not to shape until you practice your mind. It’s right. For people who have already practiced their mind, there are many beginners who shout all day long that they don’t even follow the basic steps. That’s not practicing boxing, that’s a 2B dream.
Xie Cunguan said these three things in one night. These three things are the most basic introduction. If you can’t practice, it’s no use learning.
That’s how you practice boxing. Master said that you should practice quickly, not be greedy, and want to learn more. People who really want to teach you a lot of things will do this. People who want to teach you a lot are often fooling you. Because of experience, Master knows that to make a person forget what you taught is not to say less or not to say, but to tell him a lot of things. At that time, I was very excited, but after Master left, I couldn’t remember anything. Many of the martial arts allusions in the past are simple things, and I have been practicing hard for several years.
After teaching these Xie Cunguan, he left the veteran bar and went back to school.
Chapter 12 Meet again
Xie Cunguan walked out of the Hu hole and refused Ye Zhun-xing’s request to help him call a car. Xiao Hanye said that he came to Houhai for the first time and was not in a hurry to walk around. But at this time, he said goodbye to Ye Zhun-xing, saying that he had sent Xie Cunguan back. Ye Zhun-xing didn’t say anything and watched them walk into the crowd of lights.
People with a superior position like Ye Zhun-xing have passed the period when they need to be polite to leave a good impression on others, and it has become their virtue to respect others’ opinions.
Xie Cunguan and Xiao Hanye walked beside the crowd in Houhai Hutong. From time to time, there were some small shops selling some small crafts, and beautiful salesgirls attracted guests. Xiao Hanye talked while walking, and Xie Cunguan looked around at the beautiful women who wanted to attract business in front of him. He smiled and shook his head. He had been shuttling through school classrooms, dormitories, libraries and hundreds of homes for a week, studying, sleeping, reading and practicing martial arts. It was rare for him to come out and walk around. After that, the water and moisture in the sea lights were dazzling, not chatting like the sea, which made him have a trance-like
I thought of interacting with Xiao Hanye and Ye Zhun-xing. He didn’t feel like ordinary people say that climbing the rich and paying high prices, but he felt that he had met two friends. He was normal about the extraordinary things, although the mountains were as plain as rivers.
After his father died, Master Huang Shihong was like his father.
Huang Shihong once told him that dealing with these wealthy people is not about posture, but mainly about having a normal heart, or looking up, not looking down, not flattering and ashamed.
History writes that it is more expensive for Li Bai to enter Chang ‘an from Broken Leaf City and flee to Li Longji. Although it is with the desire to help the poor and secure the country, the essence is not to think about it. As a result, there are beautiful poems, but they can’t practice the world. Finally, they leave disappointed.
Almost at the same time, a man named Guo Yi never made any brilliant articles, but he not only helped the poor and settled down in the troubled times at the end of the Tang Dynasty, but also made great achievements in the life of the three dynasties. The Tang Dynasty enjoyed peace for more than two years because of him. It is said in history that "he devoted himself to heaven and devoted himself to building a generation without doubt", and in the hearts of adults, he was loyal, loyal, and blessed.
Arrogance is in the mouth, in the face and in the heart.
Xiao Hanye hung up at this time and said to Xie Cunguan, "There are still a few acquaintances here who want to see you."
Xie Cunguan followed him three turns and two turns in his heart, and when he finished, he heard someone shouting "Brother Xiao!" When I turned my head, I saw two people looking at him in front of a small shop. When I saw him turn his head, one of them was short and strong, and I cried, "Brother, it was you. Remember me? Remember the train change? "
Xie Cunguan can’t help but be one leng. It really is the fat one who writes for himself in the "brilliant" smiling face.
He immediately went over and said hello, "Remember your name is Ma Tong …"
At first, Ma Tong smiled like a "flower" and stepped forward. Thank you, Cunguan, stretched out his hand and shook hands and pointed to Liu Zhenchao next to him. "This is my friend Liu Zhenchao. He came to thank you that day, but he was a little seriously injured and didn’t recover until he was in bed in Beijing for three days … It’s really fate to touch him today!"
Liu Zhenchao stepped forward and held out his hand and said, "Hello, Liu Zhenchao, the elder brother of the North Body!"
Xie inch officer laughed there there there … Eyes can’t help but look at 41.
Ma Tong laughed. "They kept saying that they wanted to invite you to dinner in the store. Everyone knew him, especially Zhenchao. He practiced Sanda in Beiti, and he also practiced martial arts when he was a child … saying that he had never seen practicing martial arts. As a result, he saw two in one day. One beat him and one saved him …"
Aside Liu Zhenchao kept nodding.
Xie Cunguan saw him. It’s no wonder that although he was defeated in the train with the black shirt, he was very disciplined. It turned out that the professional fighting of the Institute of Physical Education was about to open his mouth but stopped talking. Behind Liu Zhenchao, there were suddenly two more beautiful women, one with a long figure and a disastrous figure. A petite, round face is sweet, and it is the train king Qingcheng and Pu Yuanyuan.
Two people see Xie Cun officer is one leng Pu Yuanyuan suddenly covered her mouth and giggled. The whole king’s face turned slightly red. Originally, they were just talking about Xie Cun officer in the store.
Wang Qingcheng glared at Pu Yuanyuan, but stepped forward and held out his hand gracefully. "What a coincidence-"The expression is naturally like a friend Xie Cunguan who smiled and held out his hand gently in her little hand. "Brother Qiaoxiao didn’t bring me!" Then he smiled at one side and ordered a head of Pu Yuanyuan.
At this time, Ma Tong said, "Everyone has always wanted to contact you. Find a place to have a drink …"
Xie Cunguan just wanted to refuse Xiao Hanye over there and said, "Don’t refuse to give everyone a chance to thank you! Don’t go back to school so early on Saturday, do you? I also have something to say to you later … "
Xie Cunguan nodded when it was really Saturday that saved the day.
Six people came to a quiet bar nearby, and Xiao Hanye said as soon as he entered the door, "You young people talk about finding my own partner!" Without waiting for everyone to say anything, he walked to the side of the bar, where a beautiful woman in black was sitting there alone with a red wine in her hand. Xiao Hanye said nothing for fear that he was uncomfortable among several young people.
Five people sat on a small platform, drinking and chatting in a slow piano.
Both girls ordered light fruit wine, while Xie Cunguan, Ma Tong and Liu Zhenchao ordered beer. Ma Tong drank readily, but Liu Zhenchao didn’t mince the wine until it was almost dry, but he didn’t make too much noise. Xie Cunguan drank very moderately. Some people advised him to drink a mouthful, but others took a sip.
Wang Qingcheng didn’t talk much. He looked at the three men drinking quietly. His eyes flashed and he didn’t know what he was thinking. Pu Yuanyuan kept saying something in her ear or Liu Zhenchao’s ear, and then he kept laughing. This is naturally impolite, but no one will care about this cute girl who looks full of ideas.
A quiet drink of wine is all about what you have seen in Beijing and comparing it with the sea.
Xie Cunguan got up and left when he didn’t watch it early. He was going back to school, so the three of them left messages with each other. Finally, Liu Zhenchao hesitated to ask Xie Cunguan if he could give directions. Xie Cunguan was busy learning from each other, so Liu Zhen made an appointment with him to invite him to his school on Sunday. After thinking about it, Xie Cunguan promised to come, not to mention many friends and many roads. He really wanted to see it.
Ma Zongtong asked Xie Cunguan to go to his school to play and lured him to say that he was a beautiful woman in Beiguang. Thank you, Cunguan, and smiled and agreed. Speaking of these people, he was good at Ma Tongyin. When he left, Wang Qingcheng suddenly took Pu Yuanyuan’s cup and touched it with Xie Cunguan. Thank you, Cunguan, for gulping down the remaining wine in the cup.
When Xie Cunguan got up, he was talking and laughing with the black beauty. Xiao Hanye said something to the black beauty, and then a man came over to see Xie Cunguan out of the door. Xiao Hanye whispered, "I will go back to the sea one day. The whole city still needs your care. Although it has been taken care of by Toshiyama, the whole city may not like to be overly involved in private life. I have left her some words that can be accompanied by you. When possible, you can try to be more friends!" Although she is a little sexual, she is not difficult to get along with … and doing this well will definitely be good for you to go back and forth to the sea. "
Xie Cunguan nodded and agreed to the afterlife. There is no reason to love and hate Xiao Hanye. Paving the way for himself must be something.
The dormitory of the National People’s Congress is allocated to four students. When Xie Cunguan returns to the dormitory, there is a classmate named Li Bo in the room. Li Bo, a native of Changsha, Hunan Province, is also a brain madman. Look for him 24 hours a day except for class, eating and sleeping. You can definitely find him at the dormitory desk.
Xie Cunguan poured himself a glass of water and then asked Li Bo if he wanted water. Li Bo didn’t even look back. He raised his hand and raised his glass. Xie Cunguan refilled the water for him with Li Bo and continued to work hard to play an old online game. In fact, this game has long been out of date, and there are not many people in the game. Li Bo is always very upset that there are too few people in the game, and he can find one or two low-level mobsters to send out a few dazzling skills occasionally. Then he will remember his friends when the game was booming.
What Furentang, WRGERQ, Poisonous Knife, Didi Cat, King Doctor, etc. He also talked about how flustered he was when his girlfriend stopped playing games because of her studies, although she had never met him.
Now Li Bo has almost no friends in the game who hang up all day to play tricks and upgrade.
However, most of the time he sits at his desk and does manual exercises, but he is a conductor. He has been circling around the novice city for more than 100 tubas, and occasionally he will strip off his clothes and slaughter people in the game. Although he has no experience, it is his great pleasure.
Xie Cunneng understood his feeling, because before his father died, he had a crush on online games for a while, and there were many friends in the game. Although it was a virtual world, the friendship was real. Once, when a friend from a foreign game went to the sea with his family, he specially arranged to meet his friends in the game in a hotel.
Later, they also became real friends.
I was on a business trip and went to an online hotel yesterday. Please understand that the draft in hand is finished and will be updated as much as possible every day.
Chapter 13 Challenge of Li Buddhist Association
At 10: 30, there was a heavy step on the stairs. I took the washbasin by the door and prepared to wash and sleep. Xie Cunguan pulled the door conveniently. A tall and strong man nodded and smiled and came in. It was Xie Cunguan’s other roommate, Guo Tilu, who was from Shenxian County, Hebei Province.
Guo Tanlu is a quiet man, one meter and a half taller than Xie Cunguan, and ten centimeters taller than Xie Cunguan. He has a strong body, a chest and a half, and Xie Cunguan is really a kind of Han. What do you mean by this is that Guo Tanlu is tall and dynamic, but he is very flexible. The whole dormitory insists on running the playground five times every morning.
A few days ago, several freshmen in Xie Cun’s official class were playing basketball on the playground, and as a result, they clashed with several senior students because of the venue. Finally, it was decided that the two sides would play a game, which made the venue play at half the earth, that is, in half the venue, the senior students were aggressive and ahead. Naturally, they were cynical about these freshmen, but Guo Tanlu just passed by and changed a classmate on the spot.