What attracted Zhang Tao’s attention most was the auction yard guard! The worst of them are all level-9 wushu, and they can be seen everywhere! There are not a few innate masters, and I don’t know how many Wanbaozhai there are in Tianshi Zun. It’s really a powerful ratio that overseas land forces extend to Honghao country.

A place in Wanbaozhai in Wanbaocheng is luxuriantly decorated, elegant, simple and not lacking in charm. In the hall, two women in white dresses stand […]

Say that finish and Zhao Lan tandem standing on Gao heel shoes snapped into the company dry elder brother pointed to the tricycle to Lao Wang said, "Minister Wang, you must watch this tricycle for a while and keep it for our BMW …" Say that finish before Lao Wang can react, he ran off into the company Chapter 47 and entered the bureau again.

Chapter 47 I’m in the game again. Lao Wang, the elder brother, reluctantly followed Sun Mei and Zhao Lan upstairs to Sun Mei’s office. Sun […]

"Develop an antidote!"

"the antidote?" Shu Lele was overjoyed. "Do you know how to cure poison?" Jun Shaoyan ate the last dish while grasping. "Did you have a […]