Chapter 727 Li Xuandao is a dragon!

In the hovering weather, the sea crashed and collapsed, and the storm raged around and enveloped everyone. The terror and coercion disappeared instantly. If there were still hundreds of seams on the ground, everyone almost just happened. Everything was an illusion.
The Dragon Slayer Academy is light and windy.
A few people in the top class looked at Li Xuandao with strange eyes, and their hearts were full of poor doubts. But Li Xuandao turned a blind eye to everyone and stared at the sky with flickering eyes and didn’t know what to think.
At the same time, the Dragon Slayer Academy was in an uproar.
"I depend on what level of god that golden dragon is. How can it have such a powerful coercion?"
"Just now, I was almost a dragon to retaliate against our dragon slaying institution."
"I don’t know if this dragon will suddenly appear and the Dragon Slayer Academy will suddenly disappear?"
Because of the blocking of Tu Longwei, outsiders can know the specific situation except for a few people in the top class.
They can see a horrible dragon head appear, and immediately it turns into a golden light, which rushes to the clouds and scatters the clouds.
But some people have guessed something.
"What the hell is going on here? There will be a sudden arrival of the Lord God and the Dragon Slayer Academy will leave in a hurry?" Qin Shuang half knelt down and was wet with cold sweat.
Recalling the terror that threatened him, he still had palpitations, and his heart was faintly shaken.
Dragons are so scary … Can they really kill dragons?
Lu Hange stared at the wind, the clouds and the sky, and his face showed a thoughtful expression. "It’s the protection of the dragon god."
"Dragon God protects you?"
Qin Shuang gasped for a moment and looked at the beautiful back of Liu Han’s song. "Are you saying that this dragon god was summoned? It’s impossible. I’ve tried the chapter on the protection of the dragon god, but I haven’t even summoned a loach. How can someone summon the dragon god and be the Lord God? "
"Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean others can’t do it," said Liu Hange with a light smile.
Qin Shuang’s eyes flashed with deep jealousy. "But not only I but also the students and teachers of the whole Dragon Slayer Academy have mostly tried the chapter of dragon god protection, but no one can summon the dragon god!"
"Ha ha, that’s because you’re all wrong. This is a dragon avatar that can only be put to good use." Liu Hange laughed.
Qin Shuangxin a shock seems to have caught something; "Lu Hange, do you know anything?"
"Of course."
Lu Hange still smiles so charming and so thrilling. "But I can’t say it and you won’t believe it if I say it."
"How can I do anything to you? Don’t you know? Ever since I was a child, you have spoken. When have I ever doubted? No matter what you say, I will believe it. Even if you really lied to me, I will believe it. "
Liu Hange was silent for a long time and suddenly said, "Li Xuandao is a dragon."
Qin Shuang leng leng and then face upwards crazy smile waist can’t straight up, "ha ha ha Liu Han song you don’t joke with me, ok? I know you are engaged to Li Xuandao, and you have a little affection for him, but this kind of joke … is really ridiculous. Li Xuandao … How can it be a dragon? If he really died long ago, how could Qin Changqing still be alive … "
"He is not an ordinary dragon" Liu Hange bowed his head.
Qin Shuang finally stopped laughing. "What kind of dragon is Li Xuandao?"
Lu Hange bowed his head in meditation, and his voice was full of uncertainty. "I don’t know what kind of dragon it is, but it should be more advanced. Otherwise, how could he summon a golden dragon?"
Tulong academy advanced college
"Teacher, is this true Rowen?" Huang Longyan stared at Aosheng’s departure direction and his heart stirred for a long time.
Aosheng momentum brought him too much shock.
It’s not that he hasn’t seen dragons, but those dragons in Longgu and Aoshengyi are simply fireflies and bright moons.
"Yes, this is the power of the real dragon."
Gu Qianfan vomitted a sigh of relief, and his eyes were flashing with deep throbbing. "The powerful people of the dragon’s head can and don’t know how the female emperor who covered the sky defeated the dragon at the beginning. Fortunately, the dragon changed and disappeared into the Xuanhuang world, otherwise the world master may not get our human beings."
"The teacher doesn’t know what happened three hundred years ago that could make such a powerful race disappear overnight?" Huang Longyan leaned his head and asked in a low voice
Gu Qianfan thoughtfully shook his head and said, "I don’t know exactly what the accident was, but I can tell you that it was not only the dragon that disappeared at the beginning, but also the master department of the world and the world that covered the heavens and the earth disappeared overnight."
Huang Longyan mind earthquake can’t help but exclaim a "cover the day the female emperor also disappeared? Impossible, Shuguang Empire said that the female emperor who covers the sky has always practiced in Shuguang Emperor Palace … "
"Yes, this news is false."
Gu Qianfan nodded or said, "If not, how can we suppress the restless world? Regardless of the ambition of the demon temple, there are still many lurking dark forces who are also planning their own Dawn Empire. It seems to be safe and the actual crisis is heavy."
"If someone really fights the Dawn Empire, where should we be punished by heaven?" Huang Longyan narrowed his eyes and asked softly
Gu Qianfan smiled faintly and said, "Our Dragon Slayer Academy intends to train human elites in the war. What do we have to do with this?"
Tulong Academy Star Picking Platform
"Aosheng, my dear child, my father is very pleased to see you alive."