A few younger brothers who have just entered the practice can actually walk with their swords, even if the Oriental Yu’s mind can’t hide his face.

So, for many younger brothers, it is a dream to realize general joy.
A number of younger brothers are pedaling the spirit sword, and the fairy clothes are fluttering, which is quite a bit of a fairy family atmosphere.
However, there are exceptions. Xiao Pang is still possessed by a mysterious armor. It seems that even in the dreamland, this mysterious armor is reluctant to take off.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-five Ancient veins
The most exaggerated thing is that Wang Fugui’s magic weapon flashes like an outbreak in the fix-up world.
There is also a circle of forehead ornaments between the eyebrows, and the sunshine in Phnom Penh is particularly dazzling.
There is no change in the appearance of several other noble brothers’ clothes, but Zhou Haoran’s body is transpiration and full of noble spirit. If the essence is firmly held up, it will be like Ling Fei’s escape.
And they have fled to the Baiyun Tower.
I am familiar with the incarnation of Master Bai, and my brothers are familiar with the dreamland on weekdays. When the master elder brother talks and gives advice, he often incarnates the Qingyun Sword Fairy.
Wang Fugui looked at the incarnation of White Big Head and looked down at himself, secretly feeling a little ashamed.
Brother Bai, except for hanging a few handles behind him, he didn’t see the magic weapon breath around the body, but he was particularly inscrutable and extraordinary in rhyme.
White big head this outfit also let Chen Qingshuang eyes a bright glance from head to toe nodded with satisfaction.
Seems to be aware of the look at Baiyun Tower and turn to see Chen Shimei nodding to himself and then nodding back.
Looking at the Baiyun Building, a younger brother with extraordinary temperament, he praised it with a smile and said, "This world of fame and mind is transformed by the mirror of the heart. What are you friends like?"
As soon as this statement came out, Wang Fugui consciously touched the eyebrows and some wanted to take out the cloth towel to cover up a thing or two
One side of the courtyard brother smell speech immediately lively opened.
"Ha ha, and I just thought that our taxiing appearance was exactly what we were thinking …"
"Ah, our brothers seem to have some vulgar ideas, or the interests of Haoran brothers and sisters have not changed at all."
"Integrity ZongDi all grow up like that, how to change has not changed. Okay …"
"The teacher elder sister said it’s no big deal to be practical and vulgar, and the master elder brother also said that yearning for beautiful things can increase the motivation of practice …"
Hearing this, Chen Qingshuang couldn’t help secretly nodding and asking Brother Bai curiously, "What you see here is what you think?"
"People’s minds are changeable, and they want to see the real heart. The current ability of this fantasy world is far from enough. What they see is just a momentary thought."
After saying this, Baiyunlou turned to a younger brother of the House of Representatives and said, "Don’t be confused by the temporary appearance. There are many thoughts in your mind. What you see in this world is just one."
"Of course, senior brother, my world is naturally changeable, haha …" Long laugh at the Baiyun Tower and turn around and step in front of Teng Snake, turning into a man of god with a height of tens of feet.
"Snake demon, even if you have sneaked into Terran territory, you can plead guilty and be punished?" Baiyunlou raised his hand with one stroke and one handle, and a golden light sword with a length of several feet appeared in his palm.
Clear voice with a formal force makes Teng snake demon know that the tremor is instantaneous and somewhat absent.
But after hearing the last sentence, Teng Snake seems to react, plead guilty and be punished …
It’s too much to be punished for confessing a crime. An idea of suppressing the depths of demon knowledge churned angrily and roared out again, "I am an ancient god beast, and I want to make the god beast bow with some magical powers …"
"Ancient God beast, right …" Speaking, Baiyun Tower incarnates shining golden man of god to cut the Teng snake with a sword, which was cut in two by a powerful sword of light.
"God beast dharma is really powerful … haha, it has not been cut in two by the fairy sword …"
This sword seems to have inspired the Teng snake to be bloody and looked at it. Instead, it raised its head under the pressure of shape and hissed, "Even if it is not a god beast, it has ancient blood. Is it comparable to your Terran …"
"Today, you will never bow your head even if you behead God Jun Jun by dint of numbers …"
Baiyun Tower holds a sword to cut off the top of Teng snake’s head. There is no rush to drop the sword. He asks, "If it’s really ancient blood and arrogant, listen to that big demon."
Upon hearing this, Teng Snake couldn’t help but wonder that the immortal across the street … Terran junior actually knows the name of the monster and dares to call him by his first name.
Little did they know that Baiyun Tower had already been locked by sword domain and Yang’s divine power, and it was also their own dreamland. This rule force is not their own decision.
"Even if the demon soul is scattered today, it is still necessary to say that the emperor is not the big demon hand who will not listen to that … big demon’s instructions." When speaking, Teng Snake raised his head high and seemed to see the powerful sword edge on his head.
"Sent to the Terran siren is that you became interested in what the big demon said and sent a sea dumpling to the Terran to spy on it on a whim."
Hearing this, Baiyun Tower couldn’t help laughing internally. This beast is quite intelligent and understands the situation. Now it is in a desperate situation, but it can make a righteous appearance. If it is really arrogant, there will be so many words.
At the end of the day, it’s an interesting spirit beast, Baiyun Tower, and I don’t mind taking this opportunity to set up more secret things to search for souls and magical powers, but it’s still better …
"Brother, can you let the younger sister try one?" Has been silently watching Teng snake Nangong small mirror suddenly speak and say
"Small mirror, feel free to try it. Haha … Who else wants to try the magic method? The avatar says that there are teams in a row …" The younger brother has ideas, and the white leader is very supportive.
"You can kill …"
Halfway through, the words were blocked back by the concise clouds of small mirrors.
A mass of pure colorful clouds poured from the top of Teng snake’s head and seemed to want to refine this demon knowledge of Teng snake.
Teng snake stupidly began to struggle for a moment, and it became more and more intense. Finally, he closed his eyes and suddenly opened two white lights from his eyes as if to penetrate the dreamland.
Not only that, the snake smells great, its body swells, and its green vine breaks inch by inch.
Teng snake extricates itself from the tongtian column, breaks off the tail of the snake, and breaks free from the bondage, reunites and restores the whole demon body.
The master of this dreamland, Baiyun Louguan, is very clear. The magical power of small mirror illusion is extraordinary, but after all, the realm of cultivation is too low, and some methods can suppress the demon knowledge and powerful snake.
In the end, the colorful cloud was swallowed up by Teng snake, as if it had activated something, by the way. This just broke out and the demon knowledge broke free from the giant column.
"Psst ha ha ….. so you really are the ancient veins. You didn’t cheat your fellow Terran students to death …"
Roar Teng snake body around the fog transpiration condensation road sharp ice sword like ice storm came at all.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-six Teng snake dance
In the face of the overwhelming ice blade storm, the Nangong small mirror did not flinch and pulled out a fruit and chewed it.
This group of brothers seems to be difficult to scare the Baiyun Tower with a sigh, a bend in the corner of his mouth and a wave of his hand. All the ice blades are gone, and the clouds around the snake are gone in a flash.
Wait until Teng snake came to my senses, and the moment before the demon collapsed, I was still high-spirited and ready to do a big job. I actually returned to the Tongtian giant column and was tied up by the ivy.
Looking at being beheaded again, I feel humiliated. I want to roar, but I can’t send it out. The white mountain is faintly emerging, but it seems to be crying with a humbled expression at this time.
This change immediately stunned his three brothers, and even Tian Yi, who has always been indifferent, couldn’t help twitching his mouth.
Wang Fugui some stunned master elder brother image eyes … As if more plump.
Where have the younger brothers of Haoran Sect seen such a scene? There is an indescribable feeling in their minds. For a moment, they all want to say something for this snake.
"Brother Bai said that this snake can be killed and humiliated … just a sword will be cut into this snake demon pride." Chen Qingshuang couldn’t help but say that the words were very direct without any ridicule.
Hearing someone help out, Teng snake was a little excited, struggling and swinging his head to show some pride. After listening to the last two sentences, he was almost stunned by himself.
"Brother Chen Shimei has something to ask …" The Baiyun Tower had an idea about Chen Qingshuang and then turned to look at Teng Snake.
Looking at some listlessness, Teng Snake Baiyun Tower put away the sword and restored the Qingyun Sword Fairy, he said with a hint of contempt, "Isn’t the ancient blood in the end a mutant snake demon or something extraordinary … but there is still a town-sent spirit beast in our door. If Teng Daoyou don’t mind making up for it?"
"PSST … God King …" Teng snake suddenly roared out with an indescribable sense of happiness.
"You just don’t what town sent spirit beast this generation can’t be …"
"God king also don’t surname teng god beast teng snake understand know young players …"
"You’re a little girl who wants to accept you as a spiritual pet. It’s wishful thinking that the emperor is an ancient god beast …"
"The ancient dragon veins heard …"
The words that have just been banned can suppress the Teng snake. This unsealing will immediately suppress the words for a long time.
"Dragon blood?" Baiyun Tower is also somewhat surprised.
At this time, the sea of clouds churned in the distant sky suddenly reminded of a Qingyue Dragon Roar.
Teng snake couldn’t help but stare at the two vertical pupils with a quiver, turning his head and looking into the sea of clouds in the distance.
Brilliant morning sun, boundless sea of clouds, a beautiful and slender white dragon cruising.
My brothers couldn’t help but greet the arrival of White Dragon with smiling eyes.
"Bailong ….." Chen Qingshuang couldn’t help but exclaim and turned to see what suddenly occurred to his younger brothers. He couldn’t help but shake his mind and look at the smiling white boss at the corner of his mouth.
"God … Dragon … Dragon’s adult is here to deliver …" Seeing the white dragon, it is certain that it is not a dreamland derivative. It seems that the snake is full of strength and can’t help but roar out.
In the middle of the story, I saw the white dragon swimming with clouds and escaping to the crowd, but when the clouds turned, it turned into a Terran woman.
What makes Teng Snake Method more acceptable is that the Dragon Adult has been held by the Terran fellow students around that hateful fellow students ….