However, it doesn’t know what the actual mixture will be in the end. Because the bus has mixed in many strange things, many anomalies have occurred, which has caused various strange phenomena in it.

These creatures are usually completely crushed when they go in, but the bus didn’t tell them this.
It is to let these creatures know that the mixed virtual is their new home and let them enter the whirlpool one after another.
And that wonderful phenomenon here was finally notice by other buses.
At first, it told other buses to send energy to build virtual tunnels themselves, but one bus was puzzled by this statement.
Or simply curious to come here and have a look.
This is … Walsh.
It came here a long time ago and visited this hybrid virtual bus that has been constructed.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Ann
"That is to say … you want to build a safe area."
"Yes, let those creatures live in a large area."
Then Walsh had an idea.
Those fragile creatures have a place to live.
Walsh said it had seen many … interesting articles, but most of them were extinct.
Walsh calculated the possibility of many languages, but most of them will perish at some time.
There are quite a few reasons for extinction … but most of them have one thing in common, which has developed into a bottleneck.
Many articles have developed to a certain extent, and at this stage, it is difficult for them to find any new technology.
This is also that first step toward their decline.
Another point is that it is common for a text to develop for tens of thousands of years, and the longer it lasts, the more vulnerable it is to all kinds of virtual biological threats.
Walsh’s proposal for this "hybrid bus" is … to benefit from the large amount of mixed energy it receives to cover an area around here.
Then adjust the energy, and the possibility of biological extinction will be lower when living here, and they may develop into a very powerful state
The bus was a little surprised by Walsh’s proposal.
In fact, it is most surprising that Walsh understands that it receives these’ abnormal energy’
Walsh knows that there is an abnormal characteristic when virtual collision occurs in the energy it receives and sends, and that it is creating a mixed virtual here.
It was strange how Walsh knew, but Walsh didn’t tell it.
Walsh wanted to ask if it would like to create a "security zone" here.
By adjusting the energy of these anomalies and helping them, Walsh shows that they can create a large safety zone together.
Even with the delivery technology, this area can’t enter, but the most important thing is to have a dispersing effect on some powerful virtual creatures around.
This kind of energy will make many creatures go around this virtual space unnoticed and turn it into a separate area.
And those weak words can develop slowly without interference from virtual creatures.
The bus is very … uninterested in Walsh’s proposal.
It means that what it mainly wants to do is this mixed virtual, and it intends to find all kinds of anomalies caused by virtual collision in the virtual and then throw them into it to see what the final result is.
Although it was reluctant at first, in the end Walsh said it
Inersh said that it would not affect its mixing process to use some energy to make this safe zone.
The bus finally gave Walsh some energy, and Walsh built a safety zone around these energies.
The bus body didn’t care much about how Walsh got past it. After a while, many … creatures appeared in the virtual space nearby.
These creatures are strange creatures, and they are called’ broken plants’
They are very similar to plants. At first, some virtual rocks appeared and grew slowly.