Qin Yu kicked the door and rushed into the room first.
More than 30 people embraced and instantly filled the hall.
"Fuck you, don’t move!" Zhu Maochen pulled a messenger’s hair and directly put the gun in his mouth.
Zhu Maoshan was the last one to enter the room and waved and shouted, "Go through the floor and see if there are others."
Voice down a dozen people rushed to the second floor with guns.
Sofa Li Yuanjie looked at this group of Han people with a face of Meng B and said, "Qin Yu? !”
"Fuck you! !”
Qin Yu hate monstrous hit a gun in the past directly hit Li Yuanjie face.
"You …" Xing Wei was puzzled. "Why did you come in?"
Zhu Maoshan pointed to Li Yuanjie without a word of nonsense and asked, "Is it your helicopter that hits the rocket launcher?"
"No … not … me"
"Who asked you to do it?" Zhu Maoshan didn’t ask each other to think about interrupting the drink.
"You made a mistake …"
"Bring the gun" Zhu Maoshan stretched out his hand and shouted.
Messenger immediately handed over a first gun.
Zhu Maoshan pulled the bolt and asked again, "Who asked you to do it? !”
Li Yuanjie looked at the bandit spirit, not at all like the boss, the king of grain, who somehow felt a little weak. "I … I didn’t go."
"Fuck you, you didn’t go. What did you say to me? !” Zhu Maoshan denounced an old fashioned gun and pulled the trigger directly.
A gunshot Li Yuanjie’s head was stained with blood and half a sofa was dyed red.
Qin Yu looked silly. He knew what Li Yuanjie was because two people had already seen him in South Shanghai.
"Did you go or not?" Grain king milli mood swings at xing Wei asked
Xing Wei’s face was covered with blood, his teeth chattered and he looked at Wang Lima and nodded, "I … I went."
"Who told you to do it?" Liang Wang asked
"Han Tong" xing wei immediately replied.
"Is it your plan to take care of your family?" The king of grain asked again
"This ….. this I didn’t interfere, but they should get" Xing Wei stammered in response.
Zhu Maoshan immediately shouted, "Take him to Han Tong."