"kill! ! !”

"Cannibals can’t be killed and terran souls can’t be defeated!"
"Grandpa is coming! Give me a death! "
"roar! ! !”
Terran soldiers’ mouths burst into a roar that is not human. This is a roar. This is a roar! This is a determination to fight bloody battles for fear of death!
A pair of bloodshot eyes stared at the ogres!
Come on!
Kill it!
Look who has a sharper blade! See who is stronger in flesh and blood! Let’s see who believes more firmly! ! !
It’s just the beginning, but the complex has almost collapsed.
First take people, then this fear of charge!
Timid ogres are scared to pee!
Even if they are now with a complex * * title?
Quality is just a group of lucky dogs and slaves who have not been killed by Leitian!
The momentum has collapsed from the beginning. There is no suspense in this battle!
But a charge ogre complex * * is already a deserter.
They joined the complex * * just to hold a group to keep warm, but because they have food, they can temporarily avoid being hunted down.
But let them really go to war with the Chinese army?
The moment when their daring ogre empire collapsed was long gone!
"Ah …"
A scream a complex * * so-called elite turned and ran!
His run immediately provoked more people to flee.
What happened to Lu Bu’s consternation? This hasn’t started yet. The enemy has escaped.
That’s not what the fucking plan was at first!
Lyu3 bu4 is still waiting to kill the quartet, but now the enemy is afraid to fight and run away directly!
Looking at the dark escape after * * lyu3 bu4 is couldn’t help laughing.
And the soldiers stationed in the army, regardless of the new army and the old army, laughed in succession. They were nervous and prepared for a bloody battle, but where did they expect it to be such a result?
"What are you doing? Go after me and kill me!"
Lyu3 bu4 binge drinking is once again urged the horse forward.
"Waste a group of waste! Damn ogres are really a bunch of mud! "
It was the ogre emperor who was stunned by his own guards who killed him with a sword.
This praetorian guard is in charge of the night empire, but the night empire gave it to him. It has not yet started to be implemented, or it is a face collapse. Does this make him angry?
In the future, it is said that this is at least two million ogres, all of whom are pigs, and some soldiers of the Chinese Empire can be piled to death. Now it is really a group of pigs, and they are still the kind of pigs that have been raised for a long time and have no temper!
Looking at the dark and fleeing ogre army, the commander of the Guards also shouted "Withdraw!"
Yes, 100,000 troops of the Night Empire fled without hesitation!
According to this idea, it is simple that their night empire will not be broken by ogres.
The rout begins!
Several ogres ran madly towards the rear, but Lu Bu led hundreds of jet riders, and the only cavalry unit of the body guards kept killing and chasing this group of people.
"Northern Xinjiang Lv Fengxian this! Who dares to fight! ! !”
Lyu3 bu4 a roar shocked the whole battlefield.
The murderous face is covered with red hair, and the red hare jumps and screams!
"Hey ~!"
Fang Tian painted a halberd flying across with a big tent, and the blood splashed everywhere, which was shocking.
This Terran is so powerful that it killed hundreds of people.
Good Lu Bu knows that he wants to show military strength rather than personal strength!
Instead of giving full play to his own strength, he began to charge with his army. With an expression on his face, the body guard interspersed the whole battlefield, divided and fled, and the ogre resumed his army and forced them to run back.
"Who dares to step in the previous step again! !”
Lyu3 bu4 binge drinking other days painted halberds and strung with ogre heads!
"Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!"
Crazy piercing screams keep ringing. This group of complex * * people are desperate to escape backwards, and soon they collide with the new Chinese army.
The new army is overjoyed. This is not three million ogres, but three million military exploits!
"kill! !”
They drank knives and started a one-sided massacre.
33 Chapter 33 The majesty of the hundred families coming to the great country! (the tenth watch)