Ji Nanfeng was very dissatisfied with the oath of the old man, and my disciple was choking. It was only at this time that I found that agreeing with my mouth and agreeing with my heart were two different things.

Before the song, the phone stung. She picked up the phone and saw that it was a little brother who sent WeChat with three words to miss me!
Shengge smiled and pressed the word "well" out, then put the mobile phone in his pocket and followed the master in.
Ji Nanfeng watched her sister far away until the back disappeared, and then she became dejected and followed her parents in the car.
As soon as the car reached the south wind in the elevated season, it was called parking season. Qingshan frowned and asked, "What are you doing parking?"
"After all the exams, I’ll talk to my family more. I’ll go find that girl called and drop by Moyungui’s company!" Ji’ nan fengdao
Shen Jiaran glanced at his son. "Let him go!" Relax when it’s time to relax.
"Don’t make trouble for the old man!" Although Ji Qingshan said this, he still pulled over. Ji Nanfeng pulled the door and the car was forced to wait for the door and waved them through the window to go first.
Ji Qingshan started the car. In the rearview mirror, Ji Nanfeng was getting farther and farther away. Then he said to his wife sitting next to him, "What do you think of this smelly little test?"
"It’s not bad to even say that it’s okay to go on strike, but if it’s really bad, you should call the principal. I think Xiaofeng’s performance still needs to be watched by the strike, or the child won’t know what it’s like!"
Chapter 122 Let her practice.
Shen Jiaran went on strike and smiled even more. Ji Qingshan frowned and stretched a lot.
"I have to watch!" Ji Qingshan nodded his head.
"I heard the master mean that when Sheng Sheng turned 10, he also had a 5% stake in Jishi like Xiaofeng and others?" Shen Jiaran asked
Ji Qingshan nodded. "Sir, this is what I mean. When I get married in the future, this will be a dowry!"
Shen Jiaran knew that the master had really sent the children to the strike season, and Aunt Xiaofeng was also married with five percent of the shares when she got married.
The topic of going back to the road has never been discussed from the two children to Song Yu. When the couple tacitly glances at each other, Shen Jiaran laughs. "It’s not in a hurry. Jiang Sa wants a daughter to be possessed. We are still young, so I can’t bear to set my daughter out so early."
"That’s what I mean!" Ji Qingshan agrees with his wife that it’s hard for a stinky little family to have a daughter and stay for a few more years. If their family is in a hurry, they will decide to go to someone else’s house. Anyway, they are not worried about getting married.
Ji Nanfeng took a taxi and called Shengqingqing to find her later.
Sheng Qing Qing’s family was also talking about Mo Yun’s return. He took a message early in the morning and went out. He was thinking about going out for a stroll when Ji Nanfeng came.
"Yes, my family will wait for you!" Sheng Qingqing hung up and went out of the room to look at the menu in the kitchen.
No, she’s a best friend. Naturally, she should take care of her little brother for her.
"Prepare more dishes. I have friends coming today. Don’t worry, I won’t let my aunts work hard in vain. Squeeze some watermelon juice and orange juice and send them to my room!" Shengqingqing confessed
Aunties know what it means when they hear Sheng Qingqing say that they won’t work hard in vain. Big ladies are always generous, and although they are difficult to serve, they are sometimes difficult to be angry, but they can tolerate anything if they give more money.
It took nearly 40 minutes for the aunts to see that the young master of Ji family was suddenly white. No wonder the big lady wanted to add food to the kitchen.
These aunts have been working in Shengjia for many years, and they are familiar with each other. They are chatting while doing things, saying that it is natural that Ji Nanfeng and Sheng Qingqing match each other.
There is nothing to talk about in private, but it happened that the ink rain heard it.
"Do we keep you people in our family to gossip? When will it be your turn to say that the big lady is right and wrong? If you don’t want to do it, just say that we don’t keep idle people in our family!" Ink rain is red in the face. It seems that it is really angry.
As soon as Sheng Lin Chuan came back, he heard Mo Yu kitchen lose his temper and frown. "What’s the matter?"
Ink rain walked over to hold Sheng Lin Chuan’s arm away from the kitchen door and said, "I just went downstairs and heard them say that Miss Da and Xiao Jia are right and wrong. They have been talking with Sheng Jia for a long time, and it’s too reckless. If it’s bad for Qing Qing’s name to go out, it’s as if we’re going to tell Sheng Jia about their season!" Ink rain a sincere ChengQingQing want to sample.
Sheng Lin Chuan didn’t say anything at once. Although Ji’s family background is good, Mo Yu said it makes sense. After all, Qing Qing is a girl who is still young and nodded. "It is good for you to make decisions about these things!"
"I can’t keep an eye on you when you are busy at work. No matter whether you appreciate it or not, I always kiss menstruation and it won’t hurt her!" Ink rain take way
Say a few more words, Sheng Lin Chuan went to the room to watch the ink rain disappear, and then went to the room again.
Aunties have just been trained by her, and I can’t help but feel a little nervous when she comes in again. "We won’t talk nonsense after my wife. Please forgive us this time!"
Ink rain was naturally emboldened by Sheng Lin Chuan’s approval. "I didn’t forgive you. It’s not my call, sir. I’m angry this time. We have a small population and we can’t wait on so many people. Think about it yourself!"
"Madam, we …" Aunties are worried. If Sheng Jia doesn’t, where can they find such a high salary at the moment?
"Hush, little girl is in poor health. If these little things make Mr. Big girl angry, it will be more than just firing!" Ink rain smile and left the kitchen.
She had long wanted to dismiss these aunts, although they complained about how troublesome Sheng Qingqing was, boasted that Yingying was sensible and clever, but she was always the most concerned about Sheng Qingqing, but if Sheng Qingqing didn’t meet her needs, she naturally left their mother and daughter cold.
She also found several opportunities to change people, but Sheng Lin Chuan said that these people took care of Qingqing since childhood and changed people who didn’t understand Qingqing’s body and refused to change.
I finally got this opportunity, and naturally I have to change my mind.
Sheng Qingqing didn’t know what was happening in the building. When Ji Nanfeng came in dejected and despondent, "It’s like losing your soul!"
"I lost my soul, didn’t I? You said that the white old man said that he would kidnap my sister and kidnap his family without stopping him!" Ji nan feng paralysis sofa
"Shengge is a study tour. You are playing. I heard that Professor Bai will take Shengge to meet his old classmates, but the descendants of Hua Tuo want him to give advice on Shengge acupuncture!" Sheng Qingqing kicked Ji Nanfeng’s foot and handed him the juice. "Drink some watermelon juice to relieve the heat!"
Ji Nanfeng just got up and gulped down the watermelon juice. "I know this, but I’m tired. Our family won’t let my sister make money from it. That silly girl learned to practice needles secretly by herself. I caught her scolding for a long time. If I don’t stare, who knows what she’s tied herself into!"
Ji Nanfeng is really worried about the strike. The whole person is agitated and wants to fly to the strike to protect her.
"Ah Sheng’s personality is not that you don’t know what she wants to do. No one can stop you. If you really feel bad, let her practice!" The first half of Sheng Qingqing’s sentence is true and the second half is purely a joke.
How can the spoiled young master Ji put up with that crime?
Ji Nanfeng gave Sheng Qingqing a white look. "You and I didn’t say that she would do it. I can’t stab myself with a needle!"
"Since you know that you can’t manage it, you might as well support her to realize her dream!"
"So I this is not to let her go? I used to feel that time passed too fast, but now I feel that time passed too slowly. I can’t wait for Ma Kaoqing to show up. I seem to know your mood a little! " JiNanFeng looked at ChengQingQing way by sofa
"Otherwise, you will take the college entrance examination as I did. I heard from Bai Ze that Professor Bai has already sent the best tutor of Qingda to the Shengge Association to walk her. There is no problem at all!"
Chapter 123 You’re not even going to eat this vinegar, are you?
Sheng Qingqing has decided to take the college entrance examination in 2008. Anyway, she is an art student. Although she has higher requirements than other schools, Sheng Qingqing is still confident that she can take the exam herself.
She has a year to prepare, and she still has Mo Yun to help her tutor.
"Sister, I’m not surprised even if I go directly to Qingda this year. I’ll forget it. If I want to take the Qingda exam the year after this, I have to study hard. Although our season family is as talented as the third brother, I’m still far from it!" Ji Nanfeng shook his head.
He didn’t like studying very much since he was a child. It’s not bad to study. It’s hard work to take the experimental class this time.
Sheng Qingqing is an older student like him, but she is in poor health and he simply doesn’t like learning.
"Don’t be so arrogant. It’s rare to see Ji Xiaogong so unconfident!" Sheng Qingqing seldom quarreled with him.
"I’m getting less and less confident in front of my sister now. She’s fine. I’m far behind her. I don’t know how many people scold me behind my back, but I don’t care if something happens, I’ll say in front of him that I won’t beat him to death!" Ji Nanfeng is not confident in front of my sister, but confident in front of others.
"So you know that some people scold you for being a straw bag, but straw bags also have benefits. Be a scarecrow according to your family’s wishes, and this life will be once and for all!" Sheng Qingqing HuaLiYouHua is Ji Nanfeng, which is full of strikes. Naturally, I can’t hear it.
Sheng Qingqing waited for a while to see if he didn’t respond, so he wouldn’t continue to talk about it.
At lunch, Sheng Qingqing is aunt Fang. It seems that something is wrong. Sheng Qingqing doesn’t like to interfere in other people’s private affairs, so he has no mouth.
"Will the ink cloud return today?" JiNa wind from now haven’t seen ink cloud asked under centralized.
"Are you looking for him? When did you two get to know each other so well?" ChengQingQing chopsticks looked at JiNaFeng way
"Hey, you don’t even want to eat this vinegar, do you?" Ji Nanfeng is unbelievable. This girl is overbearing to a certain extent.
"I’ll eat what’s wrong with him!" Sheng Qingqing is not.
"Bah, my sexual orientation is no problem. If you are not interested in your family, you’d better keep it yourself!" Ji Nanfeng shook his head and continued to eat food. Aunt Shengjia’s craft is good. These times, the food is very exquisite.