What do you mean, you can get away with a sword?

"Yan Hong, although you are strong, you are still practicing. After all, you have not entered the shed body. After all, you are an entry-level magical power. The magical powers of the two brothers are absolutely beyond your imagination!"
Elegant as Lan Yanxuan’s moist voice with a little bit of chill, "You may be able to beat the general shed strong people, but the two brothers will be extraordinary."
"I’m so big in Yanshan City, and your mind and talents are all first-class, but I didn’t expect …"
"You are only so qualified after all ….."
Shook his head, sighed and fluttered, and Yan Hong strolled away. The white robe didn’t move at all, but all the living things in Fiona Fang kilometers seemed to enter a terrible world at this moment.
"Let’s let you see how big the world is."
They’re still breathing, their hearts are still beating, their eyes are still bright, but now they feel that they’re … incarnated and everything is their own!
"Feel this moment of despair!"
Without drawing a sword, it is just handed out with one finger, but it is like a heavenly sword.
In an instant, a sacred, solemn and lofty great god is only four feet high, but there is an indomitable spirit holding a heavenly sword and slowly falling …
What Jianfeng refers to is not cut!
What an avatar! What a genius!
There is a result in this sword-one point and two points!
"Ah …"
Yan Zun’s eyes gradually blurred and looked at the figure who turned away with Yan Jiao without any nostalgia and gave a unwilling roar and fell to the ground slowly.
He shed his body, and his ventilation sickle contains a strong transverse tearing force and speed. This type of avatar is extremely one of the newly awakened little avatars, but … he doesn’t even have the strength to shoot!
"How is it possible …"
In a coma, Yan Zun is in a trance and can still hear a whisper.
Yan never said a word, but his eyes were fixed on the man who never looked at him from beginning to end …
"What was that just now?"
YanRong stretched out his hands and shook his fist. The two men fell to the ground and looked at the attack again. He still seemed to feel the inexplicable sacred shadow …
"So this is the real sword?"
Yan Xuan’s beautiful eyes took a deep look. It was a flash of determination in her back eyes and she turned away directly!
The fifth floor, the highest floor of the sutra depository, is taking back its eyes.
"This YanHong really deserves to be the most talented person in YanShi’s history."
Xi Lan, wearing an ice blue robe, closed his eyes and kept replaying this sword. The scene was beautiful but not enchanting, and there was an outstanding temperament.
Xi Lan was also a famous genius, but this moment …
She is a little confused about this Yanshan myth.
"Few people can be extremely inferior to magical powers!"
There is a trace of dignity in the heavy voice. "Our Yan Honggong … I’m afraid he has stepped on the threshold of Jiandao Road!"
Yan Ziyun, who sits in the Sutra Collection Pavilion, recalls with a trace in his eyes, "There can be no mistake. I once saw the smell of old ancestors moving swords with my own eyes. Although the roads are different, the same sword smell can not be wrong!"
"Ha ha touch sword avenue sword repair! Really looking forward to this small achievement in the future … "
Kendo is an extremely powerful avenue in Jiuxuan. What waterways, fire paths, air ducts, etc. are different from natural avenues?
Although the roads of fire and water are raging in heaven and earth, it is natural to say that the power of heaven, water, fire and thunder are the things that creatures fear, but these are all traceable.