"We are enemies of life and death now."

"what! Is the violet saint in your world? " Long eyebrow heard Augusta, the master of light, say that Qing Ye was in their place, and she was amazed.
Violet saint! Zen master Huipu, the Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist in the natural barrier, was so frightened that he almost fell down from his chair. Breathed in a gasp, now, he finally know why long eyebrow face changed!
Qing Ye, although he doesn’t know who it is, the green poison sage knows it.
Violet saint! The violet saints of the six realms! Sanqing saints are not the enemies of violet saints!
Seeing the creepy reaction of Chang Mei and Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist master Huipu, Augusta, the master of light, wondered, "That Qing Ye is in our world. Brother Long Mei, who are you? Who is the violet saint? Is that Qing Ye’s alias? "
Although Augusta, the master of light, came to Pangu world more than 10,000 years ago, he did not dare to stay too long, because when he came to the celestial world, he found that in this celestial world of Pangu. There are many strong people who can threaten him. Therefore, we don’t know much about the Pangu world, and the influence of the Holy See is mostly in the mortal world, but we don’t know about some secrets of the celestial world and saints such as Qing Ye.
Long eyebrow took a breath and said with a dignified face: "According to what you said, this Qing Ye should be the violet saint, although I don’t know why the violet saint drew your world. But this violet saint. Let’s just say, it’s home: the supreme ruler of our Pangu world now. "
Augusta, the master of light, changed his face and exclaimed, "Supreme ruler!"
Their world. As far as he knows, the supreme ruler is the four supreme gods. Is this Qing Ye the same as the four supreme gods?
In fact, Augusta, who is dominated by light, knows that the supreme ruler of their world is not the four supreme gods at all, and Qing Ye, if his mana is restored, is a catty. Fingers are enough to kill the four most high gods.
Long Mei nodded: "Yes, even if it is better than you and me, his one thought is enough to kill us. Then Long Mei seems to remember something, and he can’t help but nervously say:" You mean, you and the violet sage are enemies of life and death? "
Zen master Huipu, the Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist in the natural barrier, also looked nervously at Augusta dominated by light.
An idea enough to kill me? No way! The light dominates Augusta, contacting Qing Ye’s strength now, even if it is abnormal now. But it is also very difficult to kill yourself. When I heard Long Mei’s question, I didn’t answer it directly, but I said, "No, is this Qing Ye really that strong?"
Long eyebrow after listening to the words of the Lord of light. My heart couldn’t help but move, and then I asked, "Brother Augusta’s words mean that the strength of this Qing Ye is not that strong?"
Augusta, the master of light, nodded, "That’s right." Then they talked in detail about their battle with Qing Ye and Qing Ye’s strength.
"This Qing Ye, is very strange, more than ten thousand years ago, in a dragon continent mortal world. However, after a hundred years, the strength of the four-winged angel can even kill the eight-winged angel. Although I was confused at that time, I didn’t take him seriously. I didn’t want to kill the Lord God with a sword after ten thousand years. Up to now, even we are no match for him. I guess he should be from your world, so I came to ask you. " Augusta, the master of light, said.
"By the way, his wife’s name is Nuwa, and she is also over there." Augusta, the master of light, remembered to tell Changmei about the prostitute.
"Female milk goddess!" Long eyebrows and some Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist Huipu Zen master exclaimed.
Aware of the importance of this news, after a while, Long Mei thought: "It seems that the violet saints and Nu Wa Empress really went to another world, and it was more than 10,000 years ago, that is, during the period of 2,000 to 3,000 years after the deification. It turns out that the violet saints and the prostitute Empress have not been in Pangu world for more than 10,000 years, and the teacher Zhang Zun thought that Qing Ye and Nu Niang had been closed in the violet palace."
At present, Chang Mei went to Xuandu Tiandou to report to Lao Zi, of course, at the same time, he brought light to dominate Augusta, while Buddhist Buddhist Huipu Zen Master Tianqian returned to Xi Niu Hezhou and reported the matter to King Fayuan Zen Master. After Fayuan Zen Master knew about it, he realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately reported it to Manjusri Bodhisattva, who in turn reported it to Manjusri Bodhisattva.
It is said that when Augusta, the master of light, came to the Xuandu Tiandou rate palace with his long eyebrows, he was greatly shocked by the scenery of the fairy home in the Xuandu Tiandou rate palace, only to see its misty clouds and ganoderma lucidum. Fairy mountain jade pool, but also some unknown animals such as cranes and phoenixes dazzled him.
Compared with the sword school of Shushan, the sword school of Shushan has simply become a mountain of poverty and addiction.
Before coming to the Xuandu Tiandou rate palace, there were two boys who guarded the palace and stopped them. Augusta, the master of light, found that the cultivation of the two boys who were gatekeepers actually had the strength of general masters, only a line behind him.
Xuan Doutian led the palace, and an invisible breath weighed him down. Seeing that the company commander’s eyebrows stood respectfully in front of the palace waiting for the boy who was the gatekeeper to report, Augusta, the master of light, could not help but converge on his own world.
In fact, these two boys who are guarding the Xuandu Tiandou Palace are exactly the two boys of Jinyin, when Lao Zi was an alchemist. One is to look after the golden stove for Lao Zi, a kilo. It’s for me to watch the silver stove.
After the meeting, when Augusta, the master of light, was impatient, the golden boy came out and reported, "Long Mei, I’m teaching you to go in."
Long eyebrows smiled, thanked the gold and silver boy, and then entered the room with Augusta, the ruler of light.
Slowly and cautiously, I came to the outside of the palace. Long Mei said, "Master, disciple Long Mei brought Augusta here to pay a visit.
"Come on in!" Listen to a voice that seems to be full of the majesty of heaven and earth. "
Long eyebrow thank humbly, and then take Augusta in.
Into the inside, Augusta looked up and saw the jade bureau above the throne of Lao zi, namely too old gentleman, I saw Lao zi sitting there, as if connected with heaven and earth, seemed to feel Augusta’s eyes, Lao zi looked up at random. If Augusta was struck by lightning, he immediately bowed his head in fear. Pale.
This is the sage strength of Pangu world? Augusta didn’t understand the strength of the sage in Pangu world until now. He believed that this man could kill himself with just one thought. What Long Mei said is true!
Just, if that Qing Ye is really one of the saints, why is his strength so weak? !
Chapter three hundred and twenty-eight Lao tze’s plan
After Long Mei and Augusta entered the temple, they poured down to pay homage to Lao Xun. After the ceremony. Son, side
"Long eyebrow, what are you doing here?" Sitting on the throne of the king’s bureau, Lao Tzu said to Long Mei.
"To tell you the truth, what we came here to ask is related to the violet sage and the prostitute empress." Long eyebrow forward respectfully replied.
"Qing Ye and Nu Wa!" After hearing Long Mei’s words, Lao Zi’s lazy eyes suddenly became sharp: "Say, what’s the matter?"
"Yes, master." Long eyebrow respectful way, and then will Augusta said to Lao tze.
Hearing that Qing Ye and his son-in-law had gone to another world, Lao Tzu’s eyes flashed, looking at Augusta below, and then said, "Are you Augusta?"
As a master of the world, Augusta dared not breathe at this time and said, "Yes."
"You are brave enough to tell me about that Qing Ye thing in detail." Lao Tzu said.
At the moment, Augusta told Lao Tzu everything in detail.
After listening, Lao Tzu couldn’t help thinking: "When Teacher Song asked me to cooperate with this Augusta with a long eyebrow, it was because of Qing Ye. It seems that the teacher has long known that this Qing Ye and a prostitute have gone to another plane, and this Qing Ye is now in another plane, and it is estimated that her mana has been lost, and then she has been rebuilt. Since Qing Ye is not here, then, it seems that I have to add up with the second and third younger brothers, and it is time for Qing Ye’s disciples to take charge of the six realms. However, it seems that I have to ask the teacher in the end. "
After the long eyebrow commanded something. Then I gave Augusta some nice spiritual treasures. Lao Tzu let the two men leave, and then exorcist, the capital of Xuandu, led the green cow, and immediately rode the green cow to the Jade Palace of Kuncang Mountain in the celestial world.
In the hell, the sea of chaos and the Heavenly Palace, Qing Ye and Nu Wa sat on the palace of chaos, looking at the patron saint of the heavenly religion below.
This time, Qing Ye killed the God of Destruction and gained nearly 30 gods.
Now, these more than 20 main deities have been given to the elite disciples in the inner circle under Tianjiao, and now. There are more than 20 guardians of the heavenly religion.
"In the future, you will be the guardians of the heavenly religion. However, you must remember that I can give you the deity of the Lord and take it back." The sound of light paint leaves floated over the palace of chaos.
"Yes, master." Just now, twenty elite disciples who refined the deity of the Lord and became the Lord God could not help but converge their happiness in their hearts, and then respectfully replied.
In fact, these two elite disciples in the inner circle of Tianjiao are above loyalty, and Qing Ye still puts them aside.
"Well, you all go home, Long Jiuyou, you stay." Qing Ye said.
"yes." Dragon nine deep and remote respectfully replied.
When the other deities returned, Qing Ye said, "Long Jiuyou, you are the chief protector of the heavenly religion. In the future, you must work hard to cultivate your soul and enhance the power of your soul before you can refine the second and third deities."
Dragon Nine Deep and Remote is only the middle God, but it is still the chief protector of Tianjiao, but its strength is weak. If you want to improve your strength in a short time; Only the second and third main gods can be refined, but the force of soul must meet the requirements when refining multiple main gods, at least to the degree of the force of soul of the same order of soul mutants.
For improving the power of the soul, such an achievement method. Qing Ye naturally has it.
"Yes, master." Dragon nine deep and remote respectful way, voice, with gratitude, now Qing Ye. Is the existence of his need to hold high, but Qing Ye can care about the friendship, has been to help him, his awe at the same time also has been grateful to Qing Ye.
"Well, just let it be, you go back to practice well, and we will go to the light celestial body together soon. Presumably, you have been thinking about your Xiu Xiu for so many years. At that time, you can solve Augusta yourself, but the strength of Augusta is not comparable to yours now. " Qing Ye warned.
"Yes, master." Longjiu Youdao.
In fact, over the years, Long Jiu You has never forgotten to go to the light celestial body to rescue the white devil Su Xiuxiu, but he also knows that he can’t deal with Augusta with his strength.
If he was in the mainland of the Dragon God, he would never dare to personally deal with the absurd idea of light dominating, but now, after ten thousand years, this absurd idea is gradually becoming.