Kobe Bryant’s eyes condensed in Tang Wenlong’s eyes, and two people looked at the cold mountain.

The crowd pulled Kobe Bryant with a jerk, pointed his toes on the floor, and his body swayed along his right foot to the right.
Tang Wenlong’s left hand pendulum made a blocking and cutting position, and the center of gravity did not move.
In a moment, Kobe really broke through the right hand holding the ball, pulled his right foot and stepped out, and his left foot quickly crossed with a very beautiful step!
Tang Wenlong’s hand was blocked and he couldn’t reach the ball. His body moved with Kobe Bryant’s moving angle, and he followed quickly with small steps.
At a little position on the side of the elbow area, Kobe stopped and raised his hands to make a feint shot.
It happened that Tang Wenlong didn’t eat shakes and then wrapped his arms around him like a claw Okumo.
The 76ers blocked Kobe’s ball route. Kobe came back to protect the ball, but no one could meet him.
He gritted his teeth, turned around sharply, and threw back a jumper. Tang Wenlong scored a goal and rocketed up five fingers and hung over Kobe’s head.
Kobe Bryant sank and threw the ball.
Tang Wenlong’s fingers touched slightly, and he turned around and shouted "Rebound!"
Kobe Bryant’s shooting radian changed, and he lacked strength and landed straight into the line. Butler reached out and copied the airball ball with a quick hand.
Switch between offense and defense. 76 people will immediately launch a fast break!
Butler went straight for Iguodala Tang Wenlong to make a fast break from the sideline, while Iguodala took a step to throw the ball near the basket. At this time, the basket defense was 1.5 meters, and point guard Chris Duhon’s basketball flew over his head. He could be sighing at the ball.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball, hit the box with both hands, bent his knees and made a pull-up.
"The timing of the ball is just right, and the meaning of running the ball is top!" Yu Jia, the studio of the Imperial Court TV Station, grabbed the microphone and shouted his classic famous words.
A wave of 5 to 76 people, 16 to 93, pulled the difference to 13 points.
Kobe Bryant’s physical strength dropped sharply and he rested for a long time. Tang Wenlong’s defensive strength was very high. After Kobe Bryant got rid of him, most of his shots were forced.
Pau Gasol scored another goal, 2 plus 111 to 93.
The Lakers had less than four minutes left in the timeout.
After the timeout, the Lakers’ offense didn’t improve either. After the 76 ers delayed for a while, the Lakers lost hope of making a comeback and finally lost the game by a big score.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Snowy Christmas
The Lakers finally failed to win the 76 ers, and it was heartbreaking to be taken away by people.
Kobe Bryant scored a maximum of 44 points per game at the age of 34, still showing no signs of aging. As always, especially when the game included several difficult shots, it greatly demonstrated his super waist and abdomen strength and body balance control ability.
Kobe Bryant didn’t have a good face. Howard scored 15 points, 14 rebounds and double-double figures, but he lost the game and didn’t laugh before the game.
At the press conference, some media directly asked Kobe Bryant about running-in with the Lakers.
"The Lakers have 14 assists in the field, and most of the time they are in a strange circle of fighting alone. Is it still in a transition period? Does it mean that the Lakers team has not found a unified way to win before?"
Kobe Bryant glanced at the reporter coldly, and it was really unkind. "The Lakers are fine. We didn’t score those goals at halftime, but there will always be games like that in a season."
The reporter was choked out of words, and Kobe obviously gave a perfunctory answer.
After the home team’s 76ers held a press conference, the style of painting changed significantly. Except for a few sharp questions from the Lakers’ team reporters, the rest of the media reporters revolved around some questions about winning the game. Tang Wenlong and Iguodala answered them cheerfully and the atmosphere was harmonious.
The next day, the live broadcast of this American game was greatly special.
Tang Wenlong’s fly-dunk of Howard ranked first among the top ten goals, which surpassed Anthony’s buzzer-winning goal at the Nets that day!
Tang Wenlong made a small appearance and turned around. The netizen put this dunk clip in his personal brocade.
After mid-December, the temperature is in a steady downward trend.
The city is located at 4 degrees north latitude, which means Datong, Baotou and * * * * * * * in Chinese.
On the evening of the 2 nd, the city finally ushered in the first heavy snow in winter, and the university fluttered and danced in various postures.
Outside the window, the wind growled at the dark sky, and Xue Hai became one, and everything could not be seen.
Tang Wenlong took Pingping and Xuan home early, and when Christmas approached, both of them ushered in a wave of holidays and could come back after attending campus activities.
Pingping has been a lot stronger during this period.
"Have you seen Jack?" Tang Wenlong asked with a smile.
Pingping touched his head and said with a sad face, "That nutritious meal is really terrible. I’m going to collapse!" "
Tang Wenlong laughed and remembered the scene that he and Wesley Johnson trained together in the summer and held their noses together to eat a nutritious meal with strange taste.
"Just be content, Jack. Nutritional meals are very professional. Didn’t you find that your body has improved a lot during this period? Your weight and height should have increased!" Tang Wenlong made a flat stroke and his height gap felt flat. I haven’t seen him for several months and a horse has gone after him.
"Hey, hey, that’s true," he said with a flat smile. "Uncle Jack said that I am as slow-growing as your constitution, and I may continue to flee to the point. Maybe I will eventually be similar to your height."
"That’s good," Tang Wenlong nodded. "If you have my height and practice your ball control and projection skills, the probability of being selected by the NBA will be much higher. Tall point guards are very popular. Now the NBA is this trend."
"Michael is this type of player, but he doesn’t shoot as well as me," Ping said.
"who?" Tang Wenlong one leng didn’t react.