I spoke to Yu Mu a few days ago, and this little boy also formed a team in their school. What’s the name of the FG team? He asked him the meaning of the team name without saying anything. I guess this means "non-attack". This little old man went to the front of others’ anus every day without looking at him.

Moreover, I asked someone to inquire about a seemingly strong Yumu team, because Yida and Xiaobao were both in the same school as him, and he pulled two members of the youth training team into the team, and it was difficult for the team to stand out if it was awesome.
I don’t know how many times I’ve been to this city C where Yumu is located. I’m familiar with Yumu Competition. The Internet cafe is very close to his school. I’m holding Zhong Yi’s hand and stopping all the way. Zhong Yi likes to eat street snacks very much. I didn’t expect that such a well-educated and well-off goddess-level girl actually likes to eat these street snacks. I have to say that it’s too fucking appetizing for me. I hate those pretentious girls who feel superior because they are beautiful or rich. Girls are good girls.
C city snacks are very famous. Zhong Yi is holding a bowl of stinky tofu, which makes his forehead sweat. While eating, he grabs chopsticks and fans himself with his hands.
"This … good … good spicy shout …" Zhong Yi said while fanning herself.
I gave her a faint look and said, "This is the least spicy level. I asked the boss to hardly put pepper on you."
Zhong Yi stare big eyes a face I lied to her lovely appearance and said, "Is it possible to be swollen?"! You must have deliberately asked the boss to put more peppers! So spicy, so spicy, I don’t eat spicy! "
I said, "I really didn’t lie to you."
If I let the boss explode, it’s estimated that Zhong Yi fainted and asked me to carry it on my back to see Yu Mu.
At this time, I saw a shop next to me. I went to buy a bottle of drink and handed it to Zhong Yi. Zhong Yi’s eyes shone like a lifesaving holy water. I usually took it away as a lady and drank it.
"Don’t be spicy," Zhong Yi said.
"Oh, I know. Pay attention." I walked in front and said slowly.
"Don’t be spicy!"
"I heard it."
"Don’t be spicy!"
"Xiaoyiyi, you didn’t make it hot and silly, did you?"
"I! No! Yes! Spicy! "
"I! Say! Me! No! Yes! La! Don’t! "
"Oh, good, good." I immediately looked like Sun after I understood the meaning. As a result, Zhong Yi had stinky tofu and chopsticks in his hand.
This silly boy can’t even say a word properly.
I looked at the bowl in my hand, and there were five pieces of Zhong Yi in all. I didn’t even finish half of them and threw them to me.
When I saw the half-eaten stinky tofu with Zhong Yi’s shallow tooth marks, I smiled and ate the whole bowl of stinky tofu.
Zhong Yi looked at me dumbfounded with the bottle of drink in his hand.
I said, "What’s the matter? This stinky tofu tastes good and authentic. The only drawback is that the onions are not enough and not spicy enough. "
Zhong Yipei gave me a thumbs up. "Hunan people are amazing!"
Zhong Yi handed me the drink again and said, "Would you like some?"
I shook my head and said, "No, I just drank the soup. I’ll buy a piece of gum to refresh myself."
After walking in front of Zhong Yi for a while, I said to Zhong Yi, "Here we are, the Internet cafe in front of us, where my good friend Yu Mu and your good girlfriend Zhou Ru are all working in full swing."
Chapter 134 on pack to force skills
I have to say that the prosperity of C city is far greater than that of the city’s Internet cafes, and it feels much higher than ours. What brain configuration may not make much difference, but the decoration inside is much more beautiful than that of Zhong Yi’s brother’s Internet cafe, although it is still almost.
Internet cafes are full of people, and the crowded places are not only full of people, but also many people come to watch the game. There are more people in the lobby than when we played against the DS team. There is also a live broadcast to watch the LCD screen. It’s still 1: 40, and there is no game yet.
Although Internet cafes are plastered with the appearance of no smoking everywhere, if smoking is really banned, the business of Internet cafes in busy areas will drop by at least 10%. What’s the point of not smoking? Even in our school’s Internet cafes, smoking is strictly prohibited, and smoking is allowed after 10 pm.
Although the exhaust effect of internet cafes is very good, the huge smoking group leads to the smell of smoke everywhere, which still makes people dizzy. Of course, I mean Zhong Yi, who smoked an old smoker in high school, naturally there is nothing wrong with her. If she stays here for a long time, she will feel chest tightness and discomfort.
I walked towards a group of people pointing at the LCD screen in front of the hall and patted a buddy on the shoulder. The buddy looked back at me in doubt. I smiled at him and said, "This brother is sorry to bother you. Where is the FG team competition place?"
That buddy pointed to "VIP Box 3"
When I heard the news, I thanked him and took Zhong Yi’s hand and walked towards the box.
The balcony door was locked and I knocked on the door.