"By the way" Leng Ruixi really cherishes words like gold! Can’t even say a few more words!

"When it’s cold, you might as well be less!" Then he sat down close to Han Yiqing and said, "Yi Qing, you see I caught a lot of fish …"
"Ow, ow, ow, I see it."
Xiao Cheling lavender eyes with a flash "that I have any reward? !” And he kept getting closer to his lips …
Before he approached, she suddenly held his head and narrowed her eyes. "Xiao Cheling, are you so dirty that you dare to approach me? ! Don’t want to live, do you? !”
He is sweating all over, although he doesn’t have any special smell, but … How dare he get so close to her!
"You you should abandon me …" He looked at her delicate and touching Han Yiqing know he is pathetic again! I don’t know how many flowers there are outside, but Xiao Cheling pretends to be poor here! How shocking they should be when they see this scene!
She can already imagine how stunned they are!
"I just dislike you! And you, Yin Yuhao, you also take a shower for me! What a child! " I know how to fight every day! When will she get rid of this life?
Which one is Wang? ! Show yourself quickly! She had a good discussion with him about the dissolution of the engagement … Han Yiqing thought that she never thought that even if one of them would let her go, it was still a mystery …
"Han Yiqing, don’t you dare to abandon me!" Yin Yuhao said this and kept approaching her …
She kept going backwards. "No! I swear I really don’t dislike you! Brother, I swear! I absolutely didn’t! "
How easy it is for her to bite a brother! But his heart has set off waves … Damn it! He really doesn’t like this name! One day he will make her change!
"Then what do you mean?" All eyes are looking in her direction, with a little weird breath …
"I I am … you are so dirty, don’t come near me … well, that’s what I mean …"
Yin Churou was very dissatisfied and said, "She asked you to take a shower and disliked your dirty!"
I was rejected!
"Ha ha ha ha …" Xiao Cheling gloated. "Yin Yuhao, I think you’d better take a shower!"
Han Yiqing’s mouth kept twitching, so just let them quarrel together every day! Her ear kept torturing her … Ahhh!
She can’t imagine the two of them together … What a heartbreaking picture it will be!
"Your feet are dirty, too. Let’s take you to wash them!" Yin Yuhao grabbed her hand and pulled her into the cabin …
Xiao Cheling didn’t stop this time, which made Yin Churou gnash her teeth. "Why don’t you stop her? !”
"I want to see what he really wants again."
Chapter 48 Don’t push me!
Han Yiqing was dragged out and dragged …
"Feed Yin Yuhao what are you doing! My feet are not dirty! "
"Han Yiqing, come here!" Yin Yuhao grabbed her hand that strength … She knew he must be angry! But …
Why is he angry? !
"Yin Yuhao you let me go! What are you doing! " She struggled hard to get out of his bondage, but in a second he slammed ya into the wall …
"You dirty dead! Don’t touch me! " She hates it. She hates it when people touch her.