Small to one side of the gluttonous herd beckoned, and five gluttonous beasts came running obediently in front of everyone and lay down their huge bodies with a small smile. "You go alone and let’s go and play with Tianlu."

Xiaoxin and xiao yue’s predecessor, the Fox Family, are such a huge monster. Don’t say that they haven’t even seen it. Suddenly, they are eager to try. "Master, they … won’t bite?"
Xiao laughed and pulled xiao yue’s arm to push her to the back of the greedy beast and said, "Sit tight."
Xiao yue’s two small hands clasped the greedy beast’s neck and little face and blushed. "Sit tight!"
Xiao Yun said, "Where are you sitting, junior?"
Xiao Xiao grabbed the woman and naturally said, "Brother, sit with me."
Small big embarrassed explained "er … or … you two sit together?"
"I don’t! I don’t! " Xiaoli grabbed small sleeve Avenue. "I’m going with my brother, not my sister."
Xiao Yun mercilessly stared at the small eye and said, "Let’s go"
Small and small, the first line of six greedy beasts suddenly rose up, and everyone seemed to be walking around. This feeling is different from flying with their swords.
Fly for a moment and point to "look!"
At first glance, I couldn’t help cursing "Holy shit!"
Tianlu clung to a big tree behind him more straight than javelin, and he was surrounded by several greedy beasts, stretching his blood-red tongue one by one. He licked it back and forth, and it was so affectionate.
It’s a pity that the greedy beasts’ affectionate expression is accepted by human beings. Tianlu’s expression seems to have suffered the greatest fear in the world. Generally, his mouth is closed and his eyes are wide open. He can’t wait to stick it on the trunk of the tree … He has long been hung in pieces by the thin barbs of the greedy beasts’ tongues.
Tianlu’s eyes are good. When he saw Xiaofei coming, he immediately shouted like a pig. "Grace, help!"
Little frown. "Sister, didn’t I ask you to accompany him well? How did you get him again?"
"I didn’t get him." Xiao Xiao seemed quite wronged. "Brother, I came to ask the big guys not to scare him, but … but they wouldn’t even listen to me."
"Why don’t you even listen?" Small big surprise "they are not very obedient?"
"Yes, it’s strange," the little frown said. "They were all obedient in the past, and most of them are obedient now, but Brother Tianlu always exudes a strange smell, which especially attracts the greedy beasts. Later, some greedy beasts refused to listen to me and refused to leave them."
Small suddenly tongue-tied, "won’t be … female gluttonous beast? Oh, no, there are no males or females in gluttons. I remember they reproduce by eating gluttonous trees. "
"Brother, what are you talking about!" Xiao Xiao said, "Of course, the gluttonous beasts are divided into males and females. What is a gluttonous tree? I have never heard of it at all. Oh, brother, you’re right. It’s strange that all the brothers around Tianlu are females."
The little snickering was still the first pair of repairs for half a day. He shook his head and couldn’t help but say, "Sister … Tian Lu’s body breath … does it feel anything for you?"
"No," Xiao Xiao opened his big dark eyes. "Brother, why do you ask?"
"Oh, I wish I didn’t," Xiao added. "Then can you … er … get rid of his body odor?"
I’m also a doctor in a hurry. You know, Tianlu’s current physique is really inappropriate. If it is not solved, it is estimated that he will be able to stay in the world and never want to go back.
But Xiao Xiao just nodded at once "of course"
Xiao Zhang has a big mouth.
"I came here to get rid of his body odor, but then I thought that this smell might be good for him, but I could get rid of it for him, but I couldn’t restore it to him. I want to go back and forth, or I’ll keep it until my brother comes and I ask him clearly." Small way, "If my brother thinks it’s okay, I can get rid of it for him now."
Xiao Chang took a long sigh of relief. It was really hard for him to find a place. He immediately nodded heavily, "Give it to him before it."
When everyone landed together, Tianlu’s eyes suddenly became a little straight. While avoiding the tongue of the greedy beast, he also smoked, "Grace, these … are all the first double exercises with you?"
Nod a little "Yes"
"Very! The department is extremely! " Tianlu sighed, "I have to admit that your level of picking up girls is not mine!" "
All the five beautiful women blushed when they said this, and they were secretly pleased. "Hey, are you Tianlu?"
"Yes, yes, beauty, you have heard my name. Wow, according to my observation, you are actually a fox virgin. God, it’s rare to double-cultivate and nourish." Tianlu shook his head and said, "My name is Tianlu. I’m a handsome girl. Let’s make friends!"
Xiaoxin was giggled by him. "You are friends with my master and of course you are friends with me."
"That’s good, that’s good." Tianlu suddenly frowned and smiled. "In that case, do you want to discuss with me after you have finished your double major?"
Xiaoxin suddenly blushed and said, "Bah Bah hooligans ignore you."
Xiao also feels angry and funny. This guy is really a typical playboy. He hasn’t got rid of the gluttonous beast yet. He even soaked his own horse. "Do you want to go out or not?"
"Think and think" Tianlu nodded again and again. "I swear I won’t come in after I die!"
"Really don’t come in?" The little smile happily said, "What if these gluttons stop pestering you? My sister can still be inside. "
"Never come in," Tian Lu snorted. "Even if the little girl is so beautiful, she is just a person. I wonder how I could have planted a tree and given up the whole forest when I was playing with flowers in Tianlu."