"Brother Yang avenged Brother Hua. He died miserably." Someone said with a sad look.

"It’s very good to die, your sister." Wu Hua endured physical pain and was furious. He heard someone say that the boss came to Wu Hua. Looking back, he saw that Feng Yang was holding a giant sword behind him, and the terrain showed wild domineering.
"Did you go out like a girl before you came and put on rouge and gouache?" Wu Hua said grumpily.
"You Xueer helped him heal first" Feng Yang knew that Wu Hua was in the mouth and didn’t argue with Wu Hua at this time, which affected the atmosphere and directly let You Xueer drag Wu Hua to treatment.
Wei Yunjie’s group of people saw the wind and raised their morale to a peak, but they felt that the wind and raised their morale, which was quite prestigious.
"Wei Yunjie, since you like gambling, you might as well increase the stakes." Feng Yang said.
"How do you want to play?" Wei Yunjie disdained to ask
"I bet my life on your site and your life for all the sites of Zhantang and Bingham." Feng Yang said firmly.
Wei Yunjie suddenly one leng surprisingly wind Yang is very enterprising to actually take his own life department to finish is a desperate saburo posture is really a little deterrent let Wei Yunjie some hesitation he didn’t want to lose here.
"If you don’t dare, go back with your people. There is no courage to come out and make a fool of yourself." Feng Yang said coldly.
"You" Wei Yunjie was angered by the wind’s words and almost lost his mind. "Since you want to lose all your life to me, I will become you."
"Who loses is not necessarily" Feng Yang sneers.
"It’s a big gamble. Why don’t we be a notary?" Suddenly, a ponder came through the roof of Bingham, and everyone’s consciousness looked around, and they suddenly saw that the ninth Yang Tianding and the sixth Yun Hai roof ranked in the billboard with interesting expressions. That’s how the two heads of Haitian Club are. Where there is excitement, they are absolutely indispensable. They are very curious about this young man. If there is no accident, it won’t be long before this young man becomes a giant flying cloud gate.
Yunhai said with a smile, "I wonder if we have this qualification?"
"Of course" the wind Yang laughed.
"Yun Hai Yang Tian Ding, you two really can’t get along." At this moment, a sound came from the other side of the house. It was impressively that Yi Feng Bo, the fourth place in the billboard, and Ge Yan, the fifth place, were also the two heads of the heroes’ association, namely the Yun Hai and Yang Tian Ding.
"I won’t worry about someone going back on their word when the time comes with a witness from the great god on the billboard." Feng Yang laughed.
"You fart, then don’t cry and beg me to spare your life." Wei Yunjie sneered.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Kill him
Welcome you to come.
According to Wei Yunjie’s own rules, at this time, Feng Yang is the second person in the battle hall, and Wei Yunjie’s second person, Huang Liang, can continue to fight, but Feng Yang’s sword is flying out to kill God. The momentum is much weaker and more confident.
"To" wind Yang wrist with a wave of his hand pointed at Wei Yunjie thundered over there.
"Let me meet you." Huang Liang summoned up his courage to try to inspire his fighting spirit, but the dark iron broadsword had broken, which made it difficult for him to twitch from a companion and a common broadsword rushed towards the wind.
In the face of waving a broadsword to kill, Huang Liangfeng Yang remained motionless and his eyelids drooped. It seemed that there was no real eye to see Huang Liang.
Huang Liang became angry from embarrassment, and in his long waving, he conjured up a number of knives, and the knives and knives first shot at the wind and raised themselves, but did not cause any harm.
At the same time, the broadsword in Huang Liang’s hand has condensed into a strong Gang Qi covering the blade of the big knife, which makes it seem that the blade has soared many times in an instant. When the long knife is chopped directly at the wind through a distance of three feet, it turns out that it is facing the ground and is cut into a shocking deep gully by Gang Qi.
The wind blows up the attribute energy to rush out the energy embedded with the giant sword, the fire element, the bead, and the fire element. In an instant, the huge sword body has been wrapped by the rich and vigorous fire element energy. With the wind blowing its arms and waving the giant sword like a dragon, it strikes and slashes the broadsword and crashes into each other.
A box is full of gas, but the power of the giant sword wrapped in the energy of the fire element in the wind is better than that of the huge knife. When the gas is full, thick hot fire waves roll towards Huang Liang.
"Don’t" Huang Liang’s pupil suddenly contracted, and his eyes were full of horror. He saw in his sight that his knife-shaped gang gas was shattered. The energy of the giant sword fire element turned out to be like a billowing wave. His arm was violently paralyzed by the earthquake, and his body stumbled backwards. Huang Lianggen didn’t evade being rolled over by the billowing fire wave.
At that moment, Huang Liang suddenly had a feeling of being thrown into a volcano and scorched. Yuan Li’s protective cover was destroyed, and his body was shattered. In a short time, Huang Liang had lost consciousness, and everyone could smell a pungent smell. Huang Liang’s body became dark and smoked like a fire.