"I’ll help her when I come next time. Now that we don’t know each other, she will resist contacting me psychologically, and this is not the right time to help her treat."

Zhouyi replied
"Please do it that time," Zhang Haotian said sincerely.
Zhang Haotian directly sent Zhouyi to his home building, and the driver who had previously received Zhouyi had already waited there to send Zhouyi home.
When Zhouyi got home, he asked Zhou Chi to go out for dinner. Of course, he took Zhou Chi around the city. Zhou Chi has been living with Zhou Shan’s master for years. Zhouyi felt that he should take Zhou Chi to adapt to a city life before playing in a big city.
Nanshan rd white collar apartment yeqingcheng residence
Although it is almost noon, Ye Qingcheng is still lying in bed and not getting up. It is incredible for her to have a regular life.
But it’s incredible when a woman is in a bad mood. Many people say that when a woman is in a bad mood, she eats and sleeps wildly. This is very reasonable, so Ye Qingcheng slept until one o’clock in the afternoon for the first time in recent years.
Don’t say that Ye Qingcheng has been in a bad mood recently. After she arrived at Situxuan’s true face, she naturally never had this person again. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been called to the police by Zhouyi to deliberately put Situxuan Public Security Bureau on trial all night.
But Stuart grew up with her, and suddenly Stuart became such a person, and her heart was really uncomfortable.
In this way, Ye Qingcheng stayed in bed and didn’t eat breakfast. The whole person was groggy and thought about some messy things.
Suddenly her words rang, but Ye Qingcheng still didn’t want to answer the phone. It kept ringing.
But this caller seems to insist on broadcasting it again after a few minutes. Ye Qingcheng still doesn’t pick up, but the words ring again after a few minutes.
So repeatedly Ye Qingcheng finally got up from the bed and answered the words.
This is a strange number.
"The whole city is me"
There is a sound that Ye Qingcheng used to be familiar with, but now he feels strange.
"What are you trying to say?"
Ye Qingcheng doesn’t want to take a reason Situxuan.
"Everything in the whole city is my fault. I know that my mistake is irreparable. We grew up together. I want to invite you to have dinner together in the afternoon and then get involved." Situxuan said with a hint of sadness in the words.
"Okay, I promise."
Ye Qingcheng thinks this requirement is not too much. Besides, it should be that two people have known each other for two years, so after a little hesitation, Ye Qingcheng asked, "Where shall we meet?"
"The place where you like to go before knowing the taste of Lily Box" replied Situxuan.
"Okay, I’ll be there on time at two o’clock."
Ye Qingcheng hung up and got up from bed to dress and wash.
"We’ll be passers-by after this meal, and I’ll completely forget this person." Lou got out of the garage and got a white Cadillac. Ye Qingcheng sighed and thought, and then drove straight to the destination’ Zhiweiguan’
Known as "stopping by knowing the taste and smelling the fragrant horse", Zhiweiguan, a century-old famous shop, was founded by Mr. Sun Yizhai in 1913. The Zhiweiguan is adjacent to the prosperous commercial street Yan ‘an Road in the east and the lakeside commercial street in the west. The scenic West Lake is a well-known restaurant brand enterprise in Hangzhou and the favorite place to eat in front of Ye Qingcheng. The dishes here are not only delicious, but also the environment here is quite good. Choosing Hefang ancient street to live in elegance is a combination of pop, classical and fashion. It is a kind of enjoyment to eat here. There are often men and women who are attracted to
When Ye Qingcheng’s car was just starting, there were already four people in the Lily Box. One of them was Situxuan, and all three of them were bruisers with ink.
"This is twenty thousand dollars in advance for you. As soon as the woman comes in, you will destroy the box keeper and arrange a car outside. When it’s done, you will get out of the car and come to me in Room 3 of the West Hotel. I will give you thirty thousand dollars, and then each person will arrange a girl for you to have fun."
Situxuan took out a photo and showed it to the three big men. Then he took it back and asked, "Did everyone recognize it?"
"Don’t worry, brothers can remember such a beautiful woman at a glance." A man with sunglasses first replied.
"Don’t be too young for this woman. She has a black belt. I tell you, if you destroy her, don’t kill anyone."
Situxuan stared at the sunglasses male way
Sunglasses man nodded his head.