"Fire!" Less than ten seconds after the first attack was successful, the second attack was launched again.

After learning from the experience of the first attack, there was almost no mistake in the second attack. The attack department issued by Long Yun hit the target, and more than 20 enemy planes were beaten to death, and armor fragments flew everywhere. The scene was very spectacular.
At this time, look at the black-faced king. His face is gone. Just now, his anger seemed a little numb. His lips trembled slightly and he wanted to say something, but in the end he couldn’t say anything.
He looked at his remaining six capital ships. Although they were trying to get closer to their own fleet through the obstruction of the Long Yun fighter, it was not very likely that they would save the remaining 20 fighters.
After a painful struggle, he wanted to make a phone call, but he hesitated.
As he hesitated, the battlefield changed again, and the remaining 20 fighters came to attack the disappearance of the central part, which means that he has no more fighters now.
"Mr. Chief Executive, I surrender!" The black-faced king finally made a surrender request to Ma Jia, who presided over the battle.
Although he still occupies an absolute advantage, he still has six warships with excellent performance, and the other side is only a mere one.
But he felt he must have made the right decision.
He hasn’t seen any signs of victory since the beginning of this battle. Even though his own side seems to have an advantage, this advantage has not transformed the factors of victory, but has gradually moved into the abyss of failure. This is a desperate battle. Who will have the courage to fight?
If he insists on fighting, then the other side will certainly eat all his possessions like a wolf, and then he will be completely reduced to a real loser. Danby has no place to stand.
When Majia heard the surrender request from the black-faced king, Ma quickly reached a truce request to both sides of the battlefield, and ordered all units in the battlefield not to attack again and to return to their original battlefield area away from each other.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t like or feel sad after hearing the news of the other side’s surrender. Since the other side had already been doomed to surrender, it was only a matter of time before he expected the other side to surrender so early. It seems that the black-faced king is not a hot-headed idiot.
Shi Zhuoqiang is also his wishful thinking. The biggest wish for the black-faced king to surrender so early is that he never wants to see his warships suffer any more. These warships are not only his livelihood, but also his pride. He has to surrender to prevent the fleet from suffering any more losses.
! The situation is very complicated.
The situation of text advertisement 489 is very complicated.
Seeing that the black-faced king surrendered so early, they all talked about writing advertisements without watching enough.
Some people who just want to watch the fun say, "Alas, it didn’t take long to surrender. I don’t know how the black-faced king wanted to know that although he suffered a little loss, he still has a huge advantage. Why doesn’t he continue to fight for revenge?"
"Yes! He is now but six to one! Why don’t you keep calling? Surrender at this time seems that he is too timid! After the title of the black-faced king, it is not so loud! "
Objection retorted, "It’s easy for you to talk! If you really keep fighting like this, you won’t have much loss in the end, but the black-faced king will be a little hung up. Maybe it will be an army in the end! "
Someone chimed in, "Yes! Do you think Zhuo Qiang has hurt a hair on his head now? On the other hand, the black-faced king not only suffered serious damage to two warships, but also destroyed all the fighter planes. Is it so easy to fight? "
"Said is good, haven’t you noticed? Zhuo Qiang will succeed every time he launches an attack, and every time he makes the black-faced king suffer, who can match this ability? "
Haven’t been involved in the discussion of yoga is a lesson tone said, "you people which is destined to become a climate! Will you look at this battle from a layman’s point of view? See which one of you doesn’t have one or two warships? But how much do you know about warship fuck? How much can you draw from Zhuo Qiang’s performance today? I can tell you the truth that this battle was doomed to failure from a black-faced king. Even if he added two or even four warships, he might not be able to win Zhuoqiang! "
"No! Is Zhuo Qiang really so powerful? I think he’s a little more precise, but he’s not as wonderful as you say? " Although Majia’s words carry a lot of weight, there are still people who are not very angry. It seems a little flattering that one enemy can still ensure victory.
"Hum! You don’t believe it, but several families have joined forces to challenge him to dare to challenge him. I believe he is not afraid to have a life-and-death showdown with you, fearing that you don’t have the courage! " Ma yoga said dismissively
His words really played a role, and no one dared to say anything anymore.
Although many of them don’t believe that Zhuo Qiang is really so powerful, if they are allowed to bet their own wealth on their horses, they will become soft-hearted and will probably suffer serious losses. No one will play such a gamble.
Not long after the black-faced king surrendered, he turned on the public channel and said in a depressed voice, "I’m sorry, I let you down!" But I want to say that Zhuo Qiang is a bigger opponent. If you deal with him later, try to be careful, especially when there is a warship duel. I hope you will never start a war with him lightly or you will lose badly like me. "
A good acquaintance comforted him in a regretful tone. "Although you lost a lot, you still have most of your strength. Don’t be too sad to renovate the damaged warship-you are still the first person in Danby!"
Black-faced king smiled miserably. "What is the first person in Danby? Aren’t you laughing at me? Now the first person in Danby is already outstanding, and my armed strength is far from him, so you should never say such things again. "
"Alas, it’s hard to say who wins and who loses if you continue to fight. Can’t you still beat him with six warships? Even if a warship dies with him, don’t you have five warships left? You don’t want your warship to suffer any more losses before you have to stop fighting. The first place is still you! "