"It’s the second lady who will do it." Wind and rain complimented Xia Yi Sunseeker, and the two of them nodded and the news came to her eyes.

"Grandma … grandma … you don’t want something. Sunseeker will take you to the hospital immediately." Xia Yi Sunseeker looked at Grandma who passed out. She was heartbroken and hurt. She didn’t protect Grandma and her sister well to make her sister fall now.
Deah174 Wind Jerry Liau saved her.
Xia Yixian picked up grandma and put her car in the car. She hurried to the hospital.
Let the doctor check on grandma. It’s okay. Grandma is fine. It’s just a shock. Just rest.
Xia Yixi didn’t inform Mu family that she had been watching her grandmother.
I don’t know how much time has passed. It was already late when Xia Yibing woke up.
At this time, she is sleeping in a long-meter big bed with a faint lemon fragrance beside her pillow. There is no one in this room so strange. She doesn’t know where she is now.
She struggled to get up and looked at the room by the bedside. The construction was simple and gorgeous
There is a big window on the left side of the bed, which is covered with curtains. It must be the balcony to go out. On the right side is a brain desk, a wardrobe, a sofa and a liquid crystal display with a visual size of about 41 inches.
The walls are all white, and the main light is light yellow. The main light feels warm and gorgeous.
There is not a speck of dust in this room, and it can be seen that the owner is clean.
Xia Yibing accidentally moved a chest pain and she called out’ Ah …’ She looked at the chest injury and recalled the past.
It turned out that a boy rescued Xiao Han when she was about to insert the knife into her heart.
That boy is really handsome and his face looks cold.
She is cold in appearance because of hatred in her heart. Then why is he cold in appearance?
Xia Yibing looked at the wound and her clothes were changed. She covered her chest. Did he help her dress the wound or did he change her clothes?
No, she’s a god of death. How can she make others change clothes? Look at her body.
Just as Xia Yibing wanted to go to bed, the door was suddenly hit.
She looked at the handsome face of the boy who came in with a bowl of porridge in his hand, but his expression seemed cold.
"Who are you? What’s going to save me? And did you help me change my clothes? Who is this dress? " Xia Yibing asked out a list of questions.
"Feng Jerry Liau, I just saved you by the way, but I helped you change your clothes and bought it back early today." Feng Jerry Liau said coldly that there was no expression on her face.
I was just passing by, but I saw her strong. Seeing her blue eyes and blue hair made him want to save her.
Deah175 overbearing Jerry Liau
"Feng … Feng Jerry Liau, have you seen my body?"
"You … although you saved me, it doesn’t mean you can look at my body." Xia Yibing said with a little anger.
The wind Jerry Liau walked over and ignored Xia Yibing’s words, blowing a spoonful of porridge in a bowl and bullying and saying, "Patients with open mouths should drink some nutrition porridge well."
Bullying is bullying, but the face is still expressionless, as if Feng Jerry Liau just can’t laugh.