At the moment, Shimen has lost its original appearance. Not only has the large array of suction yuan disappeared, but even the closed cave Shimen has quietly broken gravel and scattered all over the floor.

Seeing such a situation, Lengling couldn’t help but believe that Ye Han, despite his strong strength, wouldn’t have caused such damage to Shimen. The most important thing is that Lengling is not him but the jade flute in Ye Han’s hand.
Cold jade flute is already very severe, but now Ye Han’s jade flute is obviously no longer the original one with cold jade flute and phlogistic jade flute. The severity of inflammation of cold jade flute is not comparable to that of two jade flutes.
Shimen is broken, which means that the forbidden area has lost its defense, but Ye Han has been in a coma at the moment, otherwise he will not be indifferent. After all, the purpose of his trip is to enter the forbidden area and pay attention to searching for ways to treat Ye Rou.
Although it’s still noon, it’s also hot in the hot summer. It’s been two hours since Ye Han was unconscious. These two hours are simply suffering for Yan Xin.
Although there was a cold ling guarantee before, Ye Han didn’t wake up after so long, which gave him more worry. She slowly squatted down to put Ye Rou gently on the ground, and then squatted down in front of Ye Han and looked at him quietly.
"It smells good!" When I slowly passed by, I didn’t know when a strange sound came to Yan Xin’s heart. Suddenly, I was shocked and looked down at the sound. Ye Han didn’t know when he had woken up and looked at her with a surprised face.
"Brother Ehan, are you awake?" See Ye Han looked at himself like this and suddenly remembered Ye Han’s former words. Yan Xin’s face suddenly emerged with a hongxia, and then he smiled awkwardly and shouted.
Ye Han looked at immediately is also one leng, but see Yan Xin face so at that time also have thought of the reason, I just woke up and haven’t entered the state, then I smelled a burst of female fragrance, and at that time the careless words came out of my mouth, which caused the present situation.
"Xin Er, why are you here?" Finally huanguo to absolute being Ye Han suddenly recalled the sudden disappearance of the new smoke in the former oasis, so he was curious and puzzled and asked
"Don’t be angry when Ehan’s brother Xin Er left without saying goodbye. Oh, Xin Er had to!" After listening to Ye Han’s question, Yan Xin’s face was shy and reduced, and then it was a face of guilt
Ye Han immediately shook his head with a wry smile when he saw Yan Xin. "You don’t have to blame yourself for this. I don’t want to blame you. I mean, where did you go at the beginning? Why can’t we find it?"
Yan Xin smell speech suddenly froze. It’s not that she doesn’t want to tell Ye Hanshi the truth. It’s really incredible what she experienced before. Until now, she can’t completely understand what all this is about!
Just then Lengling suddenly came from not far away and felt that the atmosphere was wrong, so she smiled awkwardly. "I think you’d better solve your own problems first!"
The Truth of the 96th Boundaries (Third Night)
After listening to the cold LingYan Ye Han immediately is one leng busy don’t understand and asked, "what do I do my own thing? Is there anything I haven’t finished yet? "
Ye Han’s eyes fell on the stone gate not far behind Lengling. It was only when he saw that the stone gate had been beaten that he realized, "By the way, I haven’t gone in and found that Yu Pei to save Rou Er!"
Ye Han will soon climb up from the ground to the front of Ye Rou, and will gently pick it up from the ground. Then they will look at Leng Lingyanxin and go to Shimen on their own.
Leng Lingyanxin looked at each other with a wry smile, and then he was busy with the four people, and soon disappeared in the ruins of Shimen, and the peace was restored in the past.
Walking along the stone gate and Ye Han going straight ahead, although he was here many years ago and nothing has changed here, after all, after many years, he was still an ignorant boy at that time, and he naturally gave birth to a sense of ambiguity about this cave scene.
Yan Xin and Lengling have never come into contact with this cave, but naturally they feel strange, but Ye Han led several of them not to get lost, and soon they came to a wider cave.
In Ye Han’s memory, this cave is narrow and wide outside, and it is also this wider place that the Yu Pei thing that he met when he came to the cave in those years appeared.
In the middle of the broad cave, the cold didn’t move on. Although it was dark at the end of the cave, he didn’t continue to explore * * because he knew the purpose of his trip clearly.
It’s natural to explore the cave sometimes. This is the situation in the forbidden area of Yan Yunzong. No one has seen it except the former elders of Yan Yunzong. Now that the Yuan-absorbing law has been broken, it’s no secret that this cave will become a battleground for all major powers in the mainland if it is discovered.
In those days, Yan Yunzong was able to set up this place overnight, and in a short time, it became a sub-level of the mainland, and finally it was destroyed overnight and removed from the vitality mainland. This contains many secrets. If the forbidden area is found to have been broken, there will be many people who come to explore it
Ye Han still understands the truth that water does not flow after others. Now he has not ignited yet to find out * * because he knows that before exploring the cave, he must first solve Ye Rou’s problems and save her life. That makes sense. He is not that important.
Standing in a flat place, Ye Han handed her arms to Yan Xin, and then wandered around the cave on her own to try to touch the glowing Yu Pei again.
Ye Han’s memory of the Yu Pei shines through the body and the color is pale yellow, and the force emitted from the Yu Pei is also very magical. Of course, this is also the case for Ye Han at the beginning, and it may be Sunday.
Had not been exposed to cold jade and phlogistic jade, of course, he wouldn’t feel familiar with Yu Pei’s breath, but now he has found Yu Pei’s familiar place after going through this many tests, that is, the breath in Yu Pei is very similar to phlogistic jade.
Besides, the light emitted by Yu Pei is pale yellow, which is similar to the phlogistic jade collected by the front leaf. It is because of so many similarities that Ye Han has to connect them.
However, Ye Han felt that Nai was the scene that didn’t happen in those years. Although he wanted to find the Yu Pei earlier, he didn’t get the result after a long time. Yu Pei was still a mystery.
But at the moment Leng Lingyanxin is puzzled. Before putting it, they really want to know whether Ye Han suddenly came here and wanted to enter the cave regardless of his life.
Finally, Yan Xin couldn’t resist her curiosity and slowly came to Ye Han and consciously asked, "Brother Han, what is there in this cave that is worth your desperate pursuit?"
After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Ye Han was suddenly speechless for so long that he still didn’t know what he was doing. If he put it in something else, wouldn’t he be abducted and sold, or even worse, he didn’t know what had happened?
I want to go or I’m not right, so people have helped me, and I still refuse to tell others the truth. I glanced at Lengling inadvertently and saw that she was also a blank face, Naiye Han, so that I could tell everyone about my trip.
After Ye Han complained, the two of them realized that Ye Han was desperate to do something, not something else, but just a dead Ye Rou because he wanted to bring him back to life.
It seems that he feels a little selfish. Ye Han soon found a more difficult and suitable reason. With this reason, what he has done is no longer simply himself, but the thousands of creatures in Qian Qian, a vibrant mainland.
Ye Han didn’t think of this goal before, and maybe he thought he was doing a selfish thing before thinking of this reason, but now everything has changed greatly, and the situation has evolved from his selfishness to his personal dedication.
Ye Han’s reason is simple and difficult. What he thinks is that he wants to use the Yu Pei, which is probably phlogistic jade, to resurrect Ye Rou.