Looking at the scenery in front of him, Duan Qingyun killed himself with dry food and Shui Xin in one breath. Anyway, now that he has come to this mysterious place, it is better to continue to move forward and see what is ahead. After his own analysis, Duan Qingyun has not encountered any danger all the way from last night to the present. This is his happiness. It seems that the fox is not malicious to himself.

When I think of the fox Duan Qingyun, I feel a sense of inexplicable longing. The fox’s eyes seem to be flashing with a warm light than Xiaoya’s eyes, especially holding it for a moment, like holding a long-admired beauty. What’s wrong with Duan? Why do you feel this way about a fox? Duan Qingyun was funny, but his feet were brisk and never slow. He did not appreciate the beautiful scenery on the side of the road and flew forward, that is, two hours later, he reached the end of the path.
This is a low mountain with trees, flowing springs and waterfalls. The winding path of green grass is quiet and extraordinary. When it reaches the mountain, it becomes a winding stone step.
Duan Qingyun looked at the mountain and strode up the steps until the slope of the stone steps at the foot of the mountainside gradually became steep. Duan Qingyun was surprised to see that a stone pavilion had been built by the roadside and rushed over to have a good rest.
The architectural style of pavilions and pavilions in this stone pavilion garden is consistent. There are stone tables and chairs in the pavilion. Duan Qingyun sits down and takes out an oiled paper bag from his arms. He gently unpacks it with a handful of crimson powder. This is exactly the aphrodisiac powder prepared according to Duan Jia’s aphrodisiac prescription, and Duan Qingyun has to carry things with him wherever he goes.
Duan Qingyun took out the aphrodisiac powder at this time because he was really tired after tossing for such a long time. This aphrodisiac powder is not a powder with high sexual ability, but another powder prepared according to different formulas to enhance physical fitness. This is also Duan Qingyun’s unique creation of aphrodisiac. It is not simply a high sexual ability but a high man’s comprehensive ability!
Looking at a twisted branch dripping crystal dew into the stone pavilion, Duan Qingyun poured the powder of aphrodisiac into his mouth, and then dropped the dew of the branch into his mouth. When all the powder of aphrodisiac melted into his stomach, Duan Qingyun took a deep breath and walked out of the stone pavilion and continued to walk towards the mountain. He fully believed that the mountain had an unusual world.
Sure enough, when Duan Qingyun was about to go to the top of the mountain, he vaguely heard a roaring blanket. Duan Qingyun was surprised and quickly listened.
The sound came from the top of the mountain. Duan Qingyun faintly felt that there were a group of beasts on the top of the mountain.
Sure enough, when Duan Qingyun walked the last stone steps, he was shocked.
In front of Duan Qingyun is a lawn the size of two football fields, surrounded by towering old trees.
What appalled Duan Qingyun most was that the lawn was actually focused on hundreds of tall tigers, a large number of which made Duan Qingyun frightened. I can imagine what it was like when the tigers looked up and roared at the same time.
Duan Qingyun’s first reaction was to immediately find a tree with a thick bowl mouth to climb for self-protection. However, when he saw a burly big man in the tiger group, Qingyun could not help but freeze his eyes and flashed unprecedented panic light.
The big fellow is 1.9 meters tall, his hair is blood red, and his clothes are even more eccentric. His waist is tied with a circle of green grass and he is woven into an "ultra-short grass skirt". His two lean legs are also a muscle knot in one’s heart the size of an egg. Seeing that physique Duan Qingyun’s first thought is that this human body is full of yang!
Incredibly admiring the big fellow, I saw that the big fellow’s face muscles shrank with a wave of his hand, and his mouth was so big that the diaphragm buzzed with a loud roar.
Although separated by hundreds of meters, Duan Qingyun has been overwhelmed by the violent shock and a shiver.
Suddenly see the big fellow with a wave of his arm toward the tigers around shouted "come on! Turn ㄧб k literature network w α р.16 κ. сν "
The words sound just fell and I saw a majestic and tall tiger roaring, jumping straight at the big fellow and drawing a beautiful arc in its strong body.
Duan Qingyun unconsciously reached out his hand and covered his pounding heart. Can that big fellow handle a huge tiger with his bare hands? Wu Song killed the tiger that year.
Passing 18-wheeler, I’ll see that the tiger jumped from it, wrapped in a strong breeze and pounced on the big fellow. The big fellow didn’t dodge when the tiger came. When he came, he quickly lifted his left leg to his right leg and kicked it according to the tiger’s lower abdomen.
Duan Qingyun is so scary that this big fellow is too fast!
However, the tiger seems to have already had the foresight. The big fellow tiptoe horse is about to kick himself. The long shaking behind it is not only the tiger’s tail force, but also the tiger’s body immediately deviates to the right, so the big fellow flies up and pounces on the tiger’s landing.
Duan Qingyun didn’t feel his back soaked with cold sweat until then, and his legs were unstable. He didn’t expect that the big fellow was actually fighting with the tigers, and he didn’t expect that the tigers were so clever that it was incredible that they could change their body direction.
At this time, the big fellow of the landing tiger looked at each other.
The big fellow shouted at the tiger again, "Come again!"
The tiger followed the roar and attacked the big fellow again. The difference is that the second attack of the tiger was not from the front hand, but from the side. Its left hind leg slammed obliquely towards the big fellow, and the big fellow quickly flashed and punched at the tiger’s belly. The tiger reacted quickly enough. As soon as the left hind leg kicked out the thick tiger’s tail, it whirled and swept the big fellow …
Staring intently at this man, a tiger fought fiercely and suddenly a white light flashed from Duan Qingyun’s eyes.
Duan Qingyun’s heart swept away quickly to capture the white light. He knew that it must be the stunning white fox that chased the whole night last night.
Sure enough, Duan Qingyun saw a snow-white fox lurking quietly in the grass more than ten meters away from him. The fox’s eyes seemed to flash with soft light waves, and the white fox’s two snow-white claws were deliberately plucking a bunch of blooming flowers around him, which was really charming.
Duan Qingyun smiled at the white fox and then he quietly approached the white fox.
The white fox did not dodge at the moment, but was hugged by Duan Qingyun or her.
Duan Qingyun felt that the white fox was cold without a trace of heat and quickly unbuttoned the white fox and wrapped it gently.
The white fox quietly fell on Duan Qingyun’s arms, and Duan Qingyun’s skin tightly touched together. Two beautiful eyes were handing the warmth to Duan Qingyun’s eyes.
Duan Qingyun was ecstatic. He felt that all his fatigue from yesterday to now was worth it, and all the cold he endured was compensated.
Trance Duan Qingyun suddenly breeds a kind of inexplicable feeling. Is my old Duan really fascinated by this strange white fox? If it turns into a stunning color in front of her, can she still resist that smile?
The sudden appearance of the white fox diluted Duan Qingyun’s sight of a battle of men and tigers not far away, and all the changes seemed to be overwhelming to snuggle up to the white fox’s cool, quiet and soft eyes in his arms.
Suddenly, I heard a huge roar in the distance again. Duan Qingyun looked up and saw the big strange man’s fists coming out. According to the front, the tiger smashed out. The tiger screamed and was about to escape. At the same time, it swept the tiger’s tail to the big fellow. However, the big fellow’s fist speed was extremely fast, and the tiger turned to react. The fist had arrived.