Naturally, her misunderstanding also plunged her into deep remorse, which should also be regarded as a causal cycle. If Ye Han had not concealed it, there would have been no misunderstanding behind it. If there was no misunderstanding behind it, there would have been no remorse now.

All this is just a causal cycle. No one is right or wrong, and there is no remorse. If you say who is wrong, you may never find the real source of the mistake. This remorse is even more unnecessary.
"Alas, Qinger, you don’t have to think too much about the past. Let it go. After all, what we have to face is the future, not the past, right?"
Feel cold and cheerless remorse Ye Han while injecting their own stars into the cold and cheerless body with the help of some path while sighing at him with a wry smile way
"But … are you really willing to forgive me? I almost let you sacrifice your painstaking cultivation for a long time because of a misunderstanding! "
After hearing what Ye Han said, it was naturally quiet in the cold and cheerless heart, but the deep sense of remorse was still dispersed. Looking back, Ye Han saw that he was smiling at himself, but she said with a face of remorse
"Nothing, but no, but you are my woman. Although I had a misunderstanding once, it was just a misunderstanding. Can you erase your feelings with such a small misunderstanding?"
Ye Han smiled and stretched out his hand to caress the cold and cheerless scattered sweet shoulder hair will fiddle with neatly that blunt she smiled and said
"A little misunderstanding?"
After listening to Ye Hanyan’s cold and cheerless eyebrows, I can’t help but knit. Is this a little misunderstanding? I almost lost my beloved because of this misunderstanding. Is this misunderstanding really a small misunderstanding?
"Yes, it’s a little misunderstanding. You don’t have to blame yourself so much. After all, your guilt is not over. If I hadn’t made it clear beforehand, this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened!"
Ye Han rightly nodded his hand slowly moving from cold and cheerless sweet shoulder from left to right and stroking all the way to her ass, then stopped and said quietly
"That … that you just … just what on earth did you do to me?"
By Ye Han this a touch cold and cheerless already some crazy in love plus somewhere also occupied by Ye Han, she is some longing for love rippling ass couldn’t help twisted twisted very not easy to stop to mouth words but still some oblivious.
Ye Han smiled and took his hand away from the cold and cheerless body, but now he doesn’t want to make any more mistakes. If this teasing makes the cold and cheerless * * completely excited, the consequences are very serious.
You know, before he was frustrated, he almost missed the big event. Now, if you let the cold and cheerless fall into the * *, some more serious problems will surely happen. By that time, it will not be worth the candle.
"Ha ha silly wench just now I this is not your star yuan? Nine planets, do you want to harness the energy of the stars with your ordinary vitality? "
Ye Han wry smile must be calm mind that cold and cheerless slowly explained.
"ah? Transforming stars? So you just helped me? But why didn’t you tell me? "
Cold and cheerless smell speech was immediately a surprise. She just realized that Ye Han was helping herself, but she didn’t expect him to transform his own vitality into a star. She also heard from Lengling that it was always impossible to finish white.
But even so, she also roughly knows the transformation of Xingyuan, knowing that this is the key to Xingyuan gens and that Ye Han can help everyone. She was surprised that Ye Han suddenly picked her.
"Ha ha, I’m to blame for what I said. If I could tell you everything before, the misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened!"
After listening to this cold and cheerless remark, Ye Han can shake his head and smile bitterly. Who said he didn’t want to say everything? The key is that he was in contact with the wrong scene in the previous dream, which caused him to get lost for a while, and this missed the best opportunity to explain.
Later, although he woke up, he seemed to forget about it, which didn’t make everything cold and clear, which led to the misunderstanding behind him.
"But … since it is to help me transform Xingyuan, why will my vitality be dispelled?"
Finally, the misunderstanding was solved, and the remorse and guilt in the cold and cheerless heart were finally relieved. However, she still remembers the previous scenes vividly. Thinking about the situation that she was about to lose by mistake at the beginning, she couldn’t help but tremble. What a terrible thing it would be if she really lost everything at the beginning.
"A fool is not told you I this is to help you transform star yuan? Although your vitality is not much different, it is two completely different energies. If you don’t drive away your vitality, how can I inject it into you? Even if you can, you can’t be pure! "
Ye Han shook his head, although he knew that cold and cheerlessness was caused by the transformation of the true meaning of Xingyuan, but he still couldn’t help but hit a blow. She didn’t say that she knew it, but changed the way to teach her this knowledge.
Being taught by Ye Han for a while makes me feel cold and lonely, and my cheeks are blushing. Yes, if I don’t talk about my body going away to disperse, the two kinds of energy, vitality and stars, must be pure. It will do more harm than good to combine these two different energies.
Ye Han will dispel her vitality first and send a very pure star element into her body, so that it can be regarded as real star element transformation rather than simple transportation.
Want to white this cold and cheerless is too ashamed to look up to see Ye Han busy will face turned back to Ye Han also don’t know if I should continue Ye Han sequel.
"Ha, ha, good. Now the transformation of stars is almost over. Let me help you complete this last step!"
See so cold and cheerless Ye Han also no longer to tease her instead of hands suddenly stretched out to embrace her fine waist and picked up her charming body from the table by her hands, and then the body was quite moving.
"Ah … bad cold son actually lied to me. This is not the last step. It is that he has already finished and wants to bully others!"
Now that it’s cold and cheerless, I finally understand what this so-called last step means. Feelings are not the last step in the transformation of stars, but the last time today.