Ye Chuchu then set aside the lock at one end of the box, and with a gentle pull of his hand, the box was divided into two halves, and the shape was exactly the same as that of the treasure box!

Box a dozen Ye Chuchu horse surrounded by a circle, the head all give him to look inside.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t give him a look, but he also saw what was inside.
Half of the box is seven long metal needles with the same length but different thicknesses, while the other half is filled with rows of small bottles, with more than 30 or 40 bottles in various colors, which may contain various potions.
They saw that this exquisite instrument worker was by no means an ordinary object. Ye Chuchu’s doubt was dispelled for a few minutes.
This thing looks so professional, and Ye Chuchu won’t be an ordinary person.
Tian Weijun wanted to give up the idea of Ye Chuchu’s treatment, but he also wavered. He looked at the house and finally set his sights on Zhuojiang.
Zhuo Qiang nodded to Tian Weijun and said to Ye Chuchu, "Chu Chuke!"
Attending surgeon, the nerve in this hospital, said quickly, "How can we still go to the operating room here!"
Ye Chuchu shook his head and said, "No, it won’t be long!"
People see Ye Chuchu confident also no longer insist that she said it won’t be long before I look at these fine needle knives, which really doesn’t look like fighting.
Ye Chuchu pulled out the thinnest needle knife from the box and looked at it from front to back, which seemed to be a check.
People look at this needle knife and say it’s a diamond-shaped needle knife. It’s not much different from a fine needle. There is a very inconspicuous diamond at the tip of the needle. If she didn’t say it was a diamond-shaped needle knife in advance, everyone might not notice the abnormal shape at the top.
Ye Chuchu took out a green vial again. She first swept the needle knife box through a depression, then stabbed the needle knife into the bottle from the top of the green vial and gently pinched the needle knife. After a while, she pulled the needle knife tip out of the bottle and went to Qiurou sickbed.
Jing Tian and Tian Weijun nervously followed her to the bedside to see how she treated her.
Huang Xueyao followed, but she didn’t get so close because the bed was filled by two doctors and the dean.
In particular, two neurosurgeons and experts stared at Ye Chuchu’s technique without blinking.
Although they are still suspicious, if this autumn softness is cured by Ye Chuchu, they are the only people who have witnessed the miracle!
And they still have another idea hidden in their hearts, and maybe they can steal a trick!
Ye Chuchu deserves to be a monster doctor. She put the box on the head of a bed, then lifted Qiurou’s head with a needle knife in one hand, and inserted it neatly into Qiurou’s back with the other hand. Her technique was as rough as a nurse’s injection, which made several people around her cry out in a cold sweat.
This is the head! A slight deviation would kill people, and Ye Chuchu didn’t hesitate. It seems that the root didn’t look at the position, so he plunged in, and everyone seemed to see a trace of veterinary shadow from her body.
Tian Weijun, of course, was the most nervous. When the needle went, he almost shouted out that Ye Chuchu seemed to want to treat his beloved wife as a horse. How could such a situation not cure his heart?
Ye Chuchu, no matter whether others are surprised or not, continues her treatment. Her hand is gently holding the needle knife end, and I don’t know what kind of force made the needle knife tremble slightly.
After about half a minute, she slowly pulled out the needle knife and put Qiurou’s head with the other hand, then picked up the long box and scratched the groove of the needle knife box.
After the needle knife passed through the groove, there was a slight white smoke, and all of them were white. It turned out that she was here to disinfect.
But what is this box? High temperature? But this high temperature?
Is it a microwave? Similarly, where does this box of energy come from?
Because the box body is extremely thin and full of things, the wall of the box is a little thicker than kraft paper, and there is no pool or component at all, which surprises everyone
Everyone is puzzled and hopeful that Ye Chuchu will see her step.
Ye Chuchu put the needle tip on the green medicine bottle and plunged it in. They were all white. This is to suck the potion inside.
But how much medicine can such a fine needle suck? Besides, the root can’t see how it sucked in, and the tiny round pimple at the top doesn’t seem to be soft either.
Everyone is full of questions about Ye Chuchu’s treatment and her special equipment, but no one is puzzled.
Ye Chuchu reached into Qiu Rou’s body with a needle knife in one hand and motioned for Liu Xiaolei to come over a little further. Two people pulled Qiu Rou over and rushed out of bed.
Tian Weijun turned his wife’s face to the side, or he was suffocated before he cured the disease.
Ye Chuchu didn’t lift the autumn soft clothes directly to the autumn soft neck and spine, and then another needle came. It’s normal for everyone this time. Anyway, by this time, they also have a look.