"Dad, I don’t want me to enter the palace. I don’t want to marry King Jing."

Weiyuan Hou and Weiyuan Hou’s wife looked back at Yuan Jia and found that Yuan Jia was in tears. They were heartbroken and hopeless.
Weiyuan Hou immediately knew that Yuan Jia would be so sad and desperate.
Because she thinks Jing Wang is old, when the queen mother asked her to marry Xiao Huang, her face was dyed red, but now she looks like she is in agony.
This is because King Jing is too old to enter the palace.
Weiyuan Hou and his wife went to Yuan Jia and looked at Yuan Jia seriously and said
"Yuan Jia, this whole family thing is not your own affair. Don’t you see my recent situation in Weiyuan Houfu? It’s getting worse day by day. That villain can bully us. We can’t go like this again. We must be important to Xuanwang, but Xuanwang can’t. Then we can push the throne."
"Didn’t you say that you want to push Xiao Shiwei before? Has it changed again?"
"Xiao Shi doesn’t care what we do and he doesn’t even care about us. He doesn’t even agree with you that if we help him, don’t we help him for nothing?"
"Parents, I don’t want to marry Jing Wang. He can be my father when he is so old."
Weiyuan Hou immediately reprimanded his daughter with a cold face
"What nonsense? How can Jing Wang be less than 50 years old? The palace emperor is over 50, and he has accepted the Empress Rongfei into the palace. Don’t say that more than 40 is more than 50 or 60. Are you more delicate than others when you accept the palace princess into the palace?"
Shiweiyuanhou used to love his daughter very much, but since his soldiers were stripped away and his government’s name was low, his mentality has changed dramatically. Don’t change his eyes. He wants Weiyuanhoufu to go to its former position, and there is no longer her in his heart. No matter how happy his daughter is, there are so many things.
How can people enter the palace princess? Their daughter can’t. Her daughter was previously accused of marrying Queen Hui. After Wang Hui died, she couldn’t discuss whether it was better to enter the palace princess.
Weiyuan Hou looked at his wife Weiyuan Hou had to persuade Yuan Jia, "Dear son, just listen to your father. You didn’t hear the queen mother. If you enter the palace, it means that the imperial concubine has a queen, but the queen is old. Don’t you think you are more beautiful than the queen?"
Unfortunately, Yuan Jiagen listened.
Yuan Jiagen wouldn’t listen and shook his head desperately. "I don’t want it. I won’t enter the palace princess."
The thought that she would sleep with such a bad old man made her want to throw up.
"Dad, help Xiao Shi. You push him."
Yuan Jia abrupt plop a kneeling cried
"You told the Empress Dowager that Xiao Shiyou had the ability to push someone else, and it would be best to make a picture for the people."
Weiyuan Hou sighed after listening to Yuan Jiahua. "If I don’t know this reason, he can’t even accept you into the palace. What makes us push him?"
Weiyuan Hou said angrily
Yuan Jiayi immediately cried, "Dad, I’m going to find Shifei. I’m going to tell her to let me enter the palace. Shifei agrees. I think the world will agree. If he agrees to let me enter the palace, you can let the empress dowager empress push him to his throne. Don’t push the throne."
Weiyuan Hou looked at his daughter and thought about her words. I couldn’t help laughing. Xiao Huang is a headstrong and stubborn person. How can anyone really accept Yuan Jia as a palace princess?
Seeing that my daughter is so sad, I want to give her a chance to give up.
"Well, if you can convince Xiao Shi to let you into the palace princess, I will go into the palace and tell the empress dowager to let her push Xiao Shi. If you can’t tell him, don’t say anything about marrying Princess Jing."
Weiyuan Hou left Weiyuan Hou’s wife to help her daughter. "Jia Er, you are bitter. You don’t want to go to Jing Wangfu. Shifei won’t agree. If it is possible, Jing Wangfu has already had someone else. How many people in this capital miss Xiao Shike’s success? Isn’t this wishful thinking?"
Yuan Jia shook his head desperately. "I didn’t mean to rob anyone with Shifei. If she agrees to let me enter the palace, I will stay quietly in the palace without bothering her or provoking her, so she will definitely agree."
How is it possible for Mrs. Wei Yuanhou to shake her head? Which woman agrees to let her own man take a woman into the backyard?