Liu Yifei said, "He’s not in good health these days. This bloody scene is too exciting, so his heart can’t stand not letting him go."

The waves gave a low smile. "You care about him!"
Liu Yifei also chuckled, "He is my God of Wealth now!" After a pause, he said, "He is also very kind to me, unlike some people who leave me alone when I am not there."
There is a bit of bitterness in this tone!
The waves laughed. "Are you talking about me?"
Liu Yifei picked up a small leather bag and walked outside, saying, "Just know!"
The waves laughed and walked side by side with Liu Yifei. "Let’s make out after the boxing match tonight!"
Liu Yifei walked forward without looking at the waves. "Wait until you have a life to walk in the ring alive …"
The two men walked away together as they spoke.
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In a room on the second floor, Shao Yifu is watching a surveillance video. The video picture is facing the living room on the first floor. The viewpoint is to install the corner of the living room on the first floor and decorate it with lamps.
The waves and Liu Yifei’s teasing expressions and sounds are loud and clear in Shao Yifu’s ears.
Shao lady didn’t speak. He was staring at the picture in the living room where people had already gone upstairs, lost in thought.
"Shao Lao, you just watched these two people being unclear and unclean?"
Talking about light snow, she saw the picture in the video next to Shao Yifu, and she was indignant from beginning to end.
Shao lady looked up and looked at the light snow suddenly smiled and said, "Do you think I don’t know the two of them? I knew it for a long time! I also agree that flying close to the waves is part of my plan! "
Xiaoxue has a chill in her heart. Do you plan to let her go to sleep with another man?
Shao lady looked at Xiaoxue’s face and knew what Xiaoxue was thinking. She said, "After you are still young and don’t understand, you will tell me something. Don’t tell anyone, including you! You just pretend you don’t know. "
Xiaoxue said, "Yes! Shao Lao, how are you going to deal with this surname Hai Xiao? "
Shao Yifu’s face smiled like an unfathomable old fox. "This wave is naturally cold, and it is a good material for the underworld. Unfortunately, there are anti-bones in the back of his head … when he is a human being, I will let him be proud first and wait until the’ Star Gang’ is leveled … Hehe!"
He didn’t say he was going, but there was a cold and dense chill in his eyes.
Xiaoxue realized that she was too stupid and simple when she saw the usual charity and kindness, and Shao Lao was now a sinister, cruel and vicious person. There are many things and people that she can’t see through!
Shao lady changed her smile and became a kind old man. She looked at Xiaoxue for a while and suddenly waved to Xiaoxue.
Light snow saw the light in Shao lady’s eyes suddenly white. What did he want? There was a sudden fear in his heart.
She didn’t dare to resist good darling walked over to Shao lady crouched down and looked at Shao lady gently.
Shao lady held out her hand and gently stroked Xiaoxue’s long black hair and smiled gently. "You have grown up into a big girl now! I just found out that you are beautiful now! "
His hand slipped gently, as clear as a light snow and white jade, and his cheeks rowed from brow to eyes, from eyes to bridge of the nose, from bridge of the nose to lips.
His fingers are soft and his eyes are shining like an old vet who seduces a little girl, pretending to be kind but his heart is dirty!
The light snow everywhere in Shao lady’s hand feels like being crawled by a caterpillar, but there is also a kind of creepy feeling that can’t be said. These two extreme feelings bring her a great stimulus. Her cheeks are flushed, her breathing is rapid, and her voice groans.
Shao lady finger light snow bar face stopped lifting light snow face carefully appreciate the eyes in admiration.
Light snow looked at Shao lady’s well-maintained and ruddy face. Although her hair was a little white, it gave people a kind feeling. The kind old man’s eyes were flashing with lewd light. This lewdness made light snow lose heart and light snow feel comfortable.
-she didn’t resist her waiting!
Shao lady hand to slip into the light snow collar from white cleavage …
Two red grapes in Xiaoxue Yufeng have become tough!
There was a suppressed groan in her throat and her face turned red.
Shao lady let Xiaoxue sit on his unconscious thigh and gently fade Xiaoxueyi …
-Proud twin peaks stand tall and straight like snow-capped mountains. At the top of the snow-capped mountains are two saussurea involucrata flowers that are full of red!
Shao lady looked at the snow-capped mountains and looked at two saussurea involucrata-this is youth! This is that he, a dying old man, can never be young again!
He can only find the lost years from the body of a young girl, find the life he once indulged, and find the rivers and lakes he once enjoyed!
There are many old cows who like to eat young grass because they want to find their youth!
Shao lady bent her head like an old cow but ate two purples of saussurea involucrata!
Light snow body lifted her hands back and hugged Shao lady’s head tightly, and her fingers fell into Shao lady’s white hair.
Shao lady lips slowly to …
He let Xiaoxue get up and gently shed Xiaoxue’s skirt and trousers …