"Yuanyuan, what happened to you?" The wind felt that her reaction was wrong. He didn’t have many women and didn’t know much about women. Yuan Yuan didn’t look like he was afraid of that because of strangeness, but like he couldn’t say it and hugged her tightly.

She shook her head. She always wanted to forget the past, but she still couldn’t forget it. It was like she couldn’t get rid of a nightmare. In her soul, she suddenly let him go. She realized that she was not worthy of him. Was she stupid? How could she let herself go with him like this!
"You go home!" She hugged herself and looked down and didn’t dare to look at her.
"Did someone bully you?" Where is the wind willing to go and hug her? "Yuanyuan, tell me who it is? I’ll kill him? "
Song Yuanyuan shook his head and bowed his head and refused to look at him. "You go home. Please, we can’t do this together. It’s unfair to you. Can you go back? Let’s go back when nothing happened! "
When the wind heard her say this, he held her tightly before he left. "I won’t go Yuanyuan, I won’t let you go, no matter what happened to you. It’s over. Now you have me watching me, okay? Yuanyuan looked at me. "
Yuanyuan still lowered her head and refused to look at him.
The wind hugged her lovingly, and if he knew who dared to bully her, he swore that he would never let that person go.
"Look at me, okay? Yuanyuan looked at me. "The wind lifted her face." That’s over. You can’t let the past control you all the time. I tell you I won’t let you go. You’re already mine. You can’t expect me to let go. "
Song Yuanyuan looked at this man. His eyes were so hot that she was utterly confused. "But I"
The wind kissed her again before she could say anything. "You have always been the most perfect in my mind. I still remember that you were so witty and brave when I first met you that night. That’s the Song Yuanyuan I know, isn’t it?"
Her eyes were slightly hot and she burst into tears. "I’m not that windy, I’m not that sincere."
"You are so good. Anyway, I will never let you go." How can Feng let go after taking a fancy to such a risk-averse for so many years?
Yuanyuan tightly encircled him. "You really don’t care about me. I may."
"Silly girl" said that he would kiss her emotionally again. "Anyway, I have identified you from that night and you can’t escape."
Yuanyuan has never felt that a man can treat her so well, because she is afraid to face the past, and she dare not even think about whether she has a future. She also wants to study abroad when she takes the MBA and IELTS. Maybe that will really get rid of here again.
But it happened that a wind wrapped around her tightly, and he came like a fire, and she felt that she would be burned out by him. Chapter 36 Don’t go back on your word.
The wind wanted to ask her what had happened, but he was afraid of touching her, so he hugged her and kissed her cheek from time to time.
"I want to try the wind," Yuanyuan suddenly said in his arms.
The wind heard her wrong. What did she mean by trying? He looked down at her and saw that her eyes were bright but her eyes were firm. "Yuanyuan, what did you say?"
"I said I want to try." She gripped his arm tightly, and his arm was very muscular.
Feng Xin jumped and said, "Yuanyuan, I didn’t wait for you to prepare for a long time."
Song Yuanyuan shook his head. "But I still want to try it once, don’t I?"
The wind shows that she is so determined, and his heart warms up. Look at her room and her parents return it. He really dare not make a big move. His novel "Would you like to come with me? I promise I will send you back before dawn."
Yuanyuan thought that she couldn’t do it here, and her parents fell asleep. She nodded.
The wind jumped up and dressed himself quickly, and then went to her closet to get her clothes. "Yuanyuan is very cold tonight, so you have to wear thick clothes."
Yuanyuan put away her close-fitting clothes first, then put on a warm sweater and hugged a feather. She couldn’t help but worry and said, "It’s quite high here. Can you carry me?"
The wind smiled and squatted down. "Come on, I promise I won’t let you fall at all, but you have to hold tight."
Yuanyuan climbed his back. This is not the first time he carried her. For Yuanyuan, this man is the second man who carried her so much. She vaguely remembers that her father carried her so much when she was a child. At that time, she felt that her father’s back was so wide and warm. Now she feels that his back is so wide and warm.
The wind made her put on her hat, gave her the window, and climbed out. He moved very neatly, jumped in two or three, and then ran wildly behind his back.
Yuanyuan felt the wind whizzing in her ears, and she wondered if he was a mortal. How could he run so fast like a beast? Who knows? Maybe he is really a beast. She giggled so much.
"What are you laughing at?" The wind heard her laugh and asked
"Nothing. I think you are like a beast. Otherwise, how can you run so fast?" Yuanyuan said with a smile.
Feng also smiled, "Haha, maybe I grew up in a military camp and trained with other soldiers to run all over the mountain when I was very young." He was trained very hard and tried to grow in the wild for one year, which also exercised his physical strength and speed.
In less than ten minutes, he took her back to his seaside home, where she used to live, but because Jisi Tong and Cheng Dongyang broke off their engagement, her father didn’t want her to get hurt, and they moved back to Beijing, where no one lived.
The wind carried her upstairs to his room. He turned on the heating. The window looked at her face. It was still slightly red with cold. He held her hand. "? Is it cold? "
She shook her head. "It’s not cold." She looked around. "This is your room." It was cold and hard. I felt that there was a big cabinet in the east with all kinds of gun mechanical models in it. His bed was also an army bed. The whole room looked cold and hard, which matched his style.
"Do you like military weapons very much?" No wonder he is a soldier. It is normal for him to like such a hard weapon.
"Well, I like to play a little." The wind came over and hugged her from behind. "This is a small part of me. I have a model library in Beijing, and the whole room is for me to search for models."
Yuanyuan now realizes how different this man is. His world is strange to her. How can she be confused with him?
"I can take you to see it sometime," Feng said and kissed her on the cheek.
"Come on, you have such a sister, I don’t want to see her." Yuanyuan said, holding his hand and thinking that he had come to warn her!
The wind followed and hugged her again. "What did my sister say about her illness? She’s really not bad. Trust me."
Song Yuanyuan will definitely look at him. "You are just a silly leng. I don’t think she looks sick and awake at all." Thought of this, she didn’t want to talk to him and pushed him.
"Let’s not talk about this, shall we?" The wind pulled her into his arms again. "You can’t go back on your word. The goods have been delivered to the door. There is no reason to return them."
Yuanyuan is funny to see that he didn’t push him at the moment and asked, "I ask you, if your sister and I don’t pay later, are you on my side?" Or your sister’s side? "
This is a real problem. He dragged her to the bed and said, "Yuanyuan, I hope you can understand that I am responsible for Tong Tong, and you know that I am not my father’s own son, but he always regards me as my own and my adoptive mother is the same. I promised her that I would take good care of Tong Tong."
Yuanyuan looked at this man, and she suddenly understood that this man is a person with a heavy responsibility and a person who values commitment. It is really difficult for her to let him do such multiple-choice questions, but she knows very well that if she follows the trend, she will definitely face Si Tong. It will still be a problem if she doesn’t make some words clear.
The wind saw that she didn’t talk, and the horse said, "I can assure you that I will never wronged you, Yuanyuan. I want you. I have never wanted a woman so much. I want you to be my wife. Besides, after you marry me, you can follow me with the army. There are very few opportunities for you to meet Tong Tong."