Li Hushan a listen to tiger eyes a stare at two dog lesson "I said you small what happened? ! Can I go alone for such a big job? ! Why didn’t you call me last night! "

"It’s … it’s dry elder brother who won’t let me tell you …" two dog wronged answered and looked at Li Hushan’s tears in her eyes. That’s what dry elder brother told himself last night. It’s also what he told himself to do here. Dry elder brother is the boss. What’s wrong with following orders himself? Besides, dry elder brother’s strength to deal with Wang Dashuai that dog day is not as easy as the mistresses and runs over an ant.
"Come on, come on, don’t cry!" Li Hushan felt that it was really too much for a child when he saw two dog’s pathetic appearance, so he quickly touched the little guy’s head to comfort him. Of course he believed in the strength of brother Gan, but he was afraid that if Wang Dashuai’s dog came to dry in the shade, if something went wrong, he would regret it, but he wouldn’t be able to come!
The tears turned several times in two dog’s eyes and still didn’t fall. "I didn’t cry, Brother Hushan, you said … you said that he would be fine?"
"I won’t do it. I haven’t seen it before. How can I be fooled by lang Dashuai?" Li Hushan confidently replied that he was not sure if he was solid, and when a swift horse and a false hoof fell, don’t say dry elder brother, but he still comforted two dog, saying that he took out his mobile phone from his pocket and couldn’t wait to dial the dry elder brother number.
At this time, Brother Gan is Mercedes-Benz returning to the plain highway from sh. The injured father and enemy have been solved by himself. Now he is in a good mood. Suddenly, the cell phone bell in his pocket rang and he took out a look. It was Li Hushan, who pressed the on button and held the cell phone in one hand and answered, "What is Hushan?"
"Are you all right, brother?" Li Hushan was excited to find out that he was really afraid that Brother Gan would let Wang Dashuai, the dog, drill a hole on the spur of the moment and be overcast.
"Don’t worry, what can I do? I’m going back to Pingyuan Road!" Dry elder brother smiled calmly replied that the foot pedal consciousness was stepped on the bottom, and the land cruiser kept overtaking the car, which seemed to have regained the passion of last night.
"ah? Back to Pingyuan Road? Everything has been solved, brother? " Li Hushan a listen to hurriedly inquired, and two dog sleeve wiped her eyes and leaned over eagerly. She hung her ears and listened attentively to the words, and the elder brother answered.
Brother Gan laughed and replied, "Wang Dashuai’s dog day has been solved by me. I will be in the plain in more than an hour. Please give me the three experts and entertain Hushan until I get back!"
"I’m white dry elder brother I’m in the past! They were busy until three o’clock in the morning last night. It’s estimated that they haven’t got up yet. You should pay attention to Angkor … "Li Hushan was relieved when he heard that Angkor had nothing to do, but he also gave Wang Dashuai a heavy sigh.
"Well, remember, you must leave them for me to save my father!" Brother Gan finally ordered to hang up and concentrate on the car. Although Brother Gan didn’t race as fast as last night, the speed still exceeded the maximum speed limit of 110. Conservative estimation also required 123. However, Brother Gan’s anti-reconnaissance ability was relatively strong, and he almost escaped all speed detectors, so everything went safely and arrived in the plain city.
After Li Hushan hung up, he saw that two dog was eavesdropping on his mobile phone with his ears up. He took a lesson from the second dog. "What are you eavesdropping on?" Hurry up and show me this fucking house. I have to go back to the city immediately! "
"So … what happened to the elder brother?" Two dog clutching his little head and Li Hushan at cowardice way
"Brother Gan has returned to Pingyuan Road, and that dog day has been solved by brother Gan. Don’t worry!" Li Hushan said, pulling the door of the Land Rover, sitting in, and then starting the car, turned around and headed for the city.
Two dog looked away at the Land Rover and left the pie mouth and said to himself, "See, I said that I can handle it, but I don’t believe it …" While chanting, I walked to Wang Dashuai’s room.
When Li Hushan arrived at the Regal Hotel, the manager was respectfully retaining Zhang Zhentian. When Li Hushan left, he specially told the manager on duty to say something before he came back. Although he didn’t know the identity of the four guests, he saw that the military helicopter flew in overnight. These four people were by no means mortal, so since the elder brother didn’t say anything himself, he had to be considerate, otherwise he would let others leave like this. That’s still a matter of human management!
"Oh, Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, why are you leaving in such a hurry …" Li Hushan said that he quickly walked up in a few steps and held Zhang Zhentian’s hand to retain that he and Zhang zhen were straight, so they chatted very congenially without a few words. Of course, Li Hushan didn’t know Zhang Zhentian’s identity before, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to get into a ball with this person who specially issued a license to kill.
"You’re back, brother. It’s nothing. These experts are also very busy. There’s still a schedule today. We won’t be here anyway. The master is out of danger …" Zhang zhen politely said that he didn’t have time to stay in the plain. The NSA didn’t know how many things were waiting for his instructions. He wanted to have a rest but didn’t have a chance!
When Li Hushan saw that the three masters were leaving, he quickly replied to Zhang Zhentian, "That’s what happened to Lao Zhang. You and the three experts haven’t had breakfast for at most half an hour. Anyway, you can’t go hungry!" Li Hushan made a look at the manager on duty and told him to get ready quickly. After receiving the instructions, the manager on duty went to work quickly.
"Do you see Jiang Lao?" Although Zhang Zhentian’s administrative level is much higher than that of the three old experts, he still has a face of humility and advises the oldest expert in the middle age. He also wants to meet with the elder brother. What did the elder brother do? He knows very well that since he has come back, it must have been solved.
"Well, we’re hungry, so we’ll have breakfast before we go … by the way, we’ll go back to the hospital and check on the patients …" The old expert called Jiang turned around and discussed it with the other two old men. He replied that last night, they consumed a lot of physical strength and were really hungry after Li Hushan said so, especially in the hotel lobby.
After hearing this, Li Hushan quickly enthusiastically led the way, "Several old gentlemen come here …" He said that he took Zhang zhen Tianhe and three old experts into the vip dining room. It is usually closed here. Last night, Li Hushan specifically told the chef to make these noodles. What delicacies have not been eaten? Therefore, breakfast must be characterized by fried dough sticks, soy milk and pickles.
"Mmm, delicious. Can this celery leaf pickle pickles?" An old expert put chopsticks and green celery leaves in his mouth and praised them. They also tried it quickly, not to mention that it was good 2.
Li Hushan smiled at three old experts and Zhang Zhentian’s stunned eyes. "Three masters, this is a specialty of our plain city. Don’t look at it. Usually celery leaves have been removed, but it’s a good thing. Let’s not say at least one is good for hypertension in the elderly. If you think it’s delicious, I’ll ask the kitchen to bring you some later. We can also take it with us when we go to Beijing …"
"Well, you’re a young guy who knows a lot. Hurry up and catch up with us old professionals. Haha …" Sitting in the main seat, Boss Jiang praised with a smile that he hadn’t eaten such a delicious breakfast for a long time. Although it’s worthless, it’s fragrant.
Just as several people were chatting while eating, suddenly the vip restaurant door was hit with a generous smile. "Hushan, what are you bragging about with several masters?" They are all seen the world … "Said the dry elder brother came in that bloody shirt has been replaced by a brand new one.
Li Hushan smiled and scratched his head. When Jiang Lao saw it, he laughed. "I didn’t brag that your pickled celery leaves are really good. Bring some to us old guys later!"
"Oh, my Lord, there is still me!" As soon as Zhang zhen heard that three old men didn’t play with themselves, he quickly shouted that he was in his fifties, and it was time to raise health care and health care, or else he would have to wait for ninety, so he wouldn’t be able to make a pot of medicine.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, Lao Zhang. We don’t lack this thing here. I’ll bring you a big altar later to make sure you eat enough!" Dry elder brother see Zhang zhen days and children grab candy to eat small samples, laughing and talking, sitting down to have breakfast with several people.
After breakfast with several people, the dry elder brother specially asked Li Hushan to bring an altar of pickled celery leaves to each of the four people, and then sent them to the square in front of the hospital. The three masters always felt that eating others’ mouths was short, so they gave the dry elder brother a follow-up visit to make sure that it was all right, and then they were in a good mood to hold the altar as a baby, like a helicopter.
"If you have something to do when you leave, contact me!" Zhang Zhentian looked at the dry elder brother and laughed and turned and walked to the helicopter door that had already started. He was just about to go in. Suddenly he turned and looked at the dry elder brother. "Don’t be so reckless after doing things. You’d rather not kill people than let others hurt yourself …" Then he drilled into the door.
Brother Gan nodded slightly. Zhang Zhentian said that it makes sense to hurt the enemy and hurt himself. What’s the point? What’s worse, being injured is your closest relative. You can’t make such a mistake in the future. A man can’t have a woman’s kindness, so he should solve it. Being soft on others is cruel to himself. If Wang Dashuai was solved at the beginning, this wouldn’t happen!
After the helicopter disappeared in the vast blue sky and white clouds, Li Hushan, who was next to Brother Gan, asked, "What did Brother Gan mean when Lao Zhang said just now?"
"Protect yourself is the best to fight the enemy! "Dry elder brother say that finish turned and walked to the hospital and Li Hushan didn’t white leng chanting dry elder brother that sentence chapter 49 to the line not?
When Brother Gan came to the intensive care unit, the nurse just came out of the ward. Brother Gan greeted him politely and said, "Hello, nurse, I’m the patient’s family. How is the patient?"
The petite little nurse first looked at Brother Gan, then smiled and replied, "Don’t worry, the patient is out of danger. You can go in and visit him when you wake up, but it won’t be too long, otherwise his body can’t stand it. He needs rest now."
"Well, thank you, miss nurse …" Brother Gan pushed the door and went in when he heard that Dad was awake, but on second thought, the little nurse told him to grab the ward door with one hand and gently, and then crept to the ward for fear of making any big noise.
The little nurse just wanted to teach a lesson about rudeness. Seeing that Brother Gan suddenly became so humble, he was almost dizzy. Last night, the head nurse and the dean both talked to themselves, saying that this old man from the countryside was a big cadre. He must be supervised by Cheng. I heard that top experts were invited from Beijing overnight last night, and more importantly, military helicopters sent him here. If it weren’t for the big cadres, who would have this! She’s still in her forties, no matter what the old man says. I didn’t expect that she was a young man about her own age, and she was dressed like a migrant worker’s brother, all of whom were selling goods cheaply
The little nurse shook her head in doubt and left with a sanitary tray. I’m afraid she can’t think of any clue after ten years of thinking about her little skull. Even their dean can’t understand what the identity of Brother Gan is. I’m wondering now!
"Little … Xiaotian?" Brother Gan just came to the bedside and lay pale. When the master saw his son, he was excited, trembling and weak. His lips were pale because of excessive blood loss. As he spoke, two drops of turbid tears slipped from the corner of his eyes.
"Well, I’m late. Dad has made you suffer so much." Brother Gan held the master’s hand tightly and blamed himself. Brother Gan should have thought that people like Wang Dashuai are potential threats. There are rules before execution that these people must be removed, but maybe brother Gan has already got rid of the fighting, and gradually let his guard down.
"What’s late, silly boy? Dad won’t see you again …" Dry elder brother Torre sighed and wry smile. Although he smiled unnaturally, his face was twisted with pain, but that smile was a heartfelt gratitude to rebirth. He also clung to dry elder brother’s hand for fear that he would lose it as soon as he let go. He suddenly thought of something. You … Where’s your mother Xiaotian? Is she … is she all right? " He remembered that when he was stabbed by Wang Dashuai, his wife whined. I don’t know if that dog was cruel to his wife.
"Dad, don’t worry, my mother is fine. I’m afraid she can’t stand it. She was sent home to rest last night. It’s estimated that she will have to come soon …" Brother Gan comforted with a smile. Now the master is just out of danger and weak. He said that he can’t be stimulated by anything.
As soon as Daddy Gange heard that his wife had nothing to worry about, he let go of his hand and sighed, "That’s good. Then tell the truth. At that time, I was afraid that Wang Dashuai would kill your mother that day."
"How dare he! In that case, I won’t let him even die! " Brother Gan cursed and remembered the scene of killing Wang Dashuai in the afternoon. Brother Gan was angry and shouldn’t have let him die. It’s so comfortable and too cheap. He should be glad that he didn’t hurt his mother, or he could torture his generation!
"Why? Did you go to Xiaotian to find Wang Dashuai? I can tell you, don’t be stupid. You are not young. You said that if anything happens to you, how can your mother and I live? " As soon as Dad Gange heard that tone, he panicked and grabbed Gange’s hand and advised him that he knew Gange was not afraid of Wang Dashuai. He was afraid that Gange would do something illegal on impulse and be arrested again. Then he might as well die!
Brother Gan smiled. Wang Dashuai said that everything would die. Even if he didn’t kill himself, he would arrange for someone to kill himself. Not to mention that Wang Dashuai still killed his father that day. But this matter will not let the master know, "I know where you want to go, Dad. How could I do such a thing? There will be police to bring him to justice!"
"Well …" Dry elder brother Torre listened to dry elder brother words gratified nodded, what is filial piety? It is better than anything. He doesn’t ask for anything to make a fortune as a big official. That is the greatest filial piety.