Then he told Downing the truth.

After listening to this, Tang Ning immediately angrily rebuked and said, "Shenyang’s bastard aunt will give him a good look today."
It turned out that Tang Ning and Feng Yang were shot down by Shenyang on the cliff, and it spread like wildfire after Wu Huatian and others speculated. The broadcast of Feiyunmen led to the soaring reputation of Feiyunmen in Shenyang, which was sought after by many people. It was even said that Shenyang’s move was to save Feiyunmen’s thousands of brothers from hot water.
After Xi Yu and Liu Man learned of this incident, their hatred drove them to ambush Shenyang and often assassinated him through the road.
However, Yuan Hunli, a body symbol technician in Shenyang, was more vigorous than he had discovered that ambush Xi Yu and Liuman failed to assassinate, but was seriously injured by Shenyang.
Fortunately, Shenyang was alone at that time, and Xi Yu and Liu Man tried their best to escape from danger.
After fleeing back, they recovered after a period of healing, but after going out, they were ambushed by Shenyang, seriously injuring the same tutor and several famous brothers to help them get out of danger, otherwise they would have died at Shenyang’s hands.
Later, Shenyang sent people to ambush Liuman and Xiyu outside the hall, ready to attack them at any time, resulting in Liuman and Xiyu being able to practice in their homes for half a year.
Because every tutor will be assigned to a mansion, and all his brothers will live together, those people sent by Shenyang dare not directly come in and wait for him outside the mansion. Once, these people were beaten back by Tang Ning’s other disciples, but they still lingered.
Liu Man’s same tutor and his other disciples can’t get together all day to deal with these people. Liu Man and Xi Yu can be trapped at home and can’t go out to be a house girl. Even food has to be brought back by their tutors and sisters.
After listening to Xi Yu’s story, Tang Ning’s anger has exploded to the point of law suppression and he immediately rushed out to kill God.
"Xiao Ning, don’t be impulsive," Xi Yu shouted behind him, but it was of no help.
Downing degree is a far cry from what it was six months ago. Even Xi Yu can’t catch up with it, so it’s unnecessary to be surprised.
Tang Ning rushed out of the mansion and shouted "What king eggs bully me, Sister Xi Yu and Sister Liu Man" before he could see the present situation clearly.
"Oh, have you stood up for those two maids again?" Squatting in a tree opposite the mansion, four teenagers looked at Downing dismissively.
"Is it you?" Downing walked to the middle of the road and saw four people opposite.
"Should be" the four people laughed.
"What’s the matter, little sister? Are you going to send out two big waves on your chest to shock us?" A wretched young Yin laughs
"It’s really hard for you to have a chick come out to play with us. Don’t be scared away. Can you have some manners?" Another man shook his hair and grinned at Downing, revealing 24 rhubarb teeth, making others feel dizzy.
"Four Bastards" Tang Ning angrily cracked the thorn and put it to good use. The ground moved with a crack and instantly hit the young man with rhubarb teeth.
The teenager with rhubarb teeth suddenly screamed and blew out a stench. The rhubarb teeth were completely exposed, which made people witness such a terrible scene. It was hard to erase the shadow in their hearts.
Rhubarb Teeth Boy’s body hit a tree fiercely, and his body was already hit by ground fissures and blood dripping.
Others are still pondering, ready to play with this young sister, but I didn’t expect a companion to be injured. Suddenly, I was surprised and hurriedly cheered up to fight.
Liu Man, Xi Yu and others were stunned when they chased out and saw the scene of a man flying in the ground.
Half a year ago, Tang Ning’s strength level was still less than one martial arts division, but now it turns out that it is a serious blow to the third martial arts division, which is not a great progress.
The wind has been getting along with each other for half a year, and Downing’s fighting capacity and fighting consciousness have been enhanced. A blow won’t give others a chance to fight back. The armor of the wall has already rushed out to kill God and hold the ground fissure in his hand.
Two of the remaining three people sent wind blades at Downing. If it was Downing’s two wind blades six months ago, she was very embarrassed to dodge.
But at this moment, Downing is also a bit windy, and his style of play suddenly raises his hand to crack and stab the two wind blades head-on to resolve the body retention and rush to the front of the three people.
The ground fissure pricks suddenly struck half a circle, and the fissure pricks brought up an arc, and three people exploded in the chest position.
Although these three men are all three martial arts masters, they are still inferior to Tang Ning, the earth element of four martial arts masters.
In the face of this attack, the three people unexpectedly jumped back to avoid this attack.
Downing chased after one of them.
Feeling the rage in Downing’s eyes, the young man immediately raised his casserole fist and hit Downing with a heavy howling Gangfeng, which obviously contained a lot of lethality.
Downing, on the other hand, is fearless, dodgy and hard to resist this attack, but hard to resist the young one. Downing’s body armor is slightly turbulent.
"I’ll kill you." Downing’s face sank and his body shook slightly, and he already stabbed his hand into the young man’s body.
It’s like the ice-toothed fish in the cliff of the broken soul. It is estimated that Downing is also thinking of this teenager as an ice-toothed fish and will intervene.
The young man opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood, which turned into a chrysanthemum blooming like sunshine.
The ground fissure stung the body through the chest, and the blood was splashed out from behind, and it was also a bloody flower in the air.
The energy of the soil element condenses to crack the thorns, carrying the strong body and hitting the meridians and viscera at will, which is strongly impacted.