After decades of operation, the iceberg dark workshop has already been on the right track
Since then, although there has been a divine place for trading in other places, but thanks to taking the lead in the dark room, the business has not changed.
In particular, the West Side Square City has made two incidents of intercepting guests, and the perfection of privacy protection in the iceberg dark square is recognized.
of course
Sometimes it’s hard to be upset.
"Brother Zhou"
Fu Longze reached a lead said
"This is Nie Daoyou, the Eastern Linglong Zongnie Junsu, and I have known each other for many years. Linglong Baozhen is a treasure of both attack and attack."
"Nie Daoyou" Zhou Jia surrendered
"I’ve heard a lot about your name today … it really deserves its name."
There is a touch of alienation in his polite manner.
Linglong Zongyu Ghost Sect is similar to the patriarch, but the name of Linglong Zongzhu is not very good.
Nie Junsu’s handsome appearance makes it difficult to distinguish between men and women as deputy patriarchs.
At the same time, she is also the mistress of the patriarch
The patriarch of Linglong Sect is a man with yin and yang, but Nie Junsu is a man who doesn’t know that the same men and women can eat it all.
"Zhou Daoyou" Nie Junsu gently nods.
"Nie is also known for a long time."
"Don’t come here today. Don’t have a kid who offended my patriarch. Now he has fled into your place. Please ask Zhou Daoyou to help him find him. Nie will be grateful!"
"Huh?" Zhou Jia frowned slightly.
"So that Nie Daoyou can know that the Iceberg Dark Square array has not given us control, and no one knows the true face of the bearer."
"I can’t wait!"
"Ah …" NieJunSu corners of the mouth a curl.
"Zhou Daoyou will deceive himself. Fu Xiong may not be able to do this. You will surely be able to do it here for decades."
"Don’t worry, Nie won’t say anything after it’s done."
"Sorry" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"I really can’t do it now."
You!’ Nie Junsu got up in anger and his face has changed greatly.
"Nie Xiong" Fu Longze hastily stretched out his hand to appease.
"Don’t get angry. I did something wrong. When I first set up the array, I thought that if I guaranteed the privacy of people, I really didn’t expect to encounter other situations."
"But …"
He mused slightly
"There’s always a way to think about things, isn’t there, Brother Zhou?"
The last sentence is said to Zhou Jia
Zhou Jia frowned slightly.
Even if you don’t have the characteristics of listening to the wind and observing the sky, if you really want to find someone, you really have a way.
But it broke the rules.
"The rules are for others" Fu Longze said slowly.
"Miss Cai, where do you think?"
The Iceberg Dark House belongs to three forces, and it can be imposed even if Zhou Jia doesn’t agree if two of them agree.
"This …"
Cai Yuzhen hesitated to look at Zhou Jia.
"I listen to Zhou Xiong"
Fu Longze face a change froze in place.