Chapter seven hundred and sixteen Disputes over the universe

nether world
I don’t know when the Taoist priest of life and death and the goddess of life are together.
Seeing the ancient volume of life and death humanization filled with purple gas and black and white occult light extinction, we should peel this sacred machine out of the body
The goddess of life is indifferent to life and death, and it is also a dharma.
However, the things that were originally very difficult for the two of them seemed to be too smooth and didn’t take much effort, so the "HarmonyOS Purple Gas" would be completely stripped off.
But the road flyover of life and death also stopped moving, and the face behind him was puzzled.
"It’s unexpected. Is it true that you and I miss each other?"
Division life goddess gherardini way "I also you will completely separate the HarmonyOS purple gas?"
"It’s really extraordinary, even if we look at it, it’s quite mysterious, even if the history is unusual. The teacher is really generous, but if he completely strips it, he’s afraid that Luo Tian will feel something over there. It’s hard to say in the past." The road flyover of life and death shook his head
The goddess of life can’t be denied and immediately asked, "There are not many such means."
"But what about your side?"
"We’ve dealt with the fast words, and we can contact this world in three or five hundred years. Of course, it’s not too interesting to bump into it now, is it?" Road flyover life and death smiled.
"Of course, the former being original still needs to unify the nether world to occupy a certain trend."
After the goddess of life heard the news, she disappeared in an illusion and left a lingering voice. "I know that the palace will go back to study this HarmonyOS purple gas, and I will contact you then."
the other side
When God Pan Wuda and others go back, the first thing to do in their minds is to study the truth and law in HarmonyOS’s purple sentiment and improve their own path
It’s another troubled time.
Gankun’s cave refined HarmonyOS’s purple breath, which became more and more erratic and unpredictable. The bodhi old zu of Yin and Yang smiled and converged his vision of heaven and earth.
However, it has already made great progress, and it can mobilize the unpredictable Tianwei. It is completely extraordinary and enjoys the status of heaven and earth, which is different from others!
"Congratulations to Daoyou for completely transforming into a saint."
Although God Pan Wuda has made great progress in recent years, he is still a little behind schedule.
The bodhi old zu of Yin and Yang smiled faintly. "After all, it’s not chaotic. The emperor and the Taoist priest of life and death have wasted many days."
When God Pan Wuda heard his old friend’s words, he couldn’t help laughing and cursing, "You are too slow. Aren’t we even more ashamed to be from now on!"
Immediately look the right way "you closed the ghost sea robbed HarmonyOS Ziqi, a friend of Zhou Guangdao, and now it’s also a way to rob the gas and kill and refine a ghost sea sword with terrible power".
The bodhi old zu of Yin and Yang frowned slightly and sighed, "Just now, when the Yuan God placed his trust in the heavenly heart, it was already sensed that many good friends of Daoguang saved some of the Yuan gods."
"It’s the ghost soil that is busy and tight, and the road flyover is so generous."
Taoist Panwu, however, said indifferently, "It is inevitable that a dispute will be beneficial and harmful if the order of the underworld is completely established."
"It’s the chaotic emperor who changed his low-key style after he was sanctified. Now it turns out that the fairy court has been established, which is quite a bit in charge of the three realms."
The bodhi old zu of Yin and Yang shook his head and smiled. "We are all teachers, and no one is nobler than anyone."
"He can build a fairy court, but he can also build a Taoist country. Can he still manage me?"
"But the last HarmonyOS purple gas has not landed recently?"
Pan Wuda frowned and carefully said, "No, and do you think Teacher Taiyi seems to deliberately stir up disputes in the wild?"
"In addition to the seven of us, his two purple gases have been vying for frequent main light in recent years, and they have almost fallen."
As soon as the bodhi old zu of Yin and Yang changed his look, he shouted, "Be careful, Taoist friends!"
Then he gently said, "Nowadays, heaven and earth are flourishing in disputes, and you can clearly perceive it after you become a saint."
Pan Wuda shook his head and said, "The seat is just like that."