Meng Hua laughed. "What am I still doing here? I won’t be with you when you play. "

Duan Jianqing is planning to deal with Meng Hua. Unexpectedly, Meng Hua has caught up with him.
Duan Jianqing gritted his teeth and shouted, "How are you going to draw a line?" Two people at the same time, Ma Duan Jianqing stared at him like a cockfight.
Duan Jianqing saw that he was smiling as if he were malicious, so he couldn’t help wondering and thinking to himself, "Has this young man got romana and romana and doesn’t want him to duel with me?" At that time, I was in a state of confusion, but I also guessed half.
"What are you laughing at?" Duan Jianqing drink a way
Meng Hua looked at one end and said, "You must be sure to accompany me when I draw anything. This is what you said, right?"
Duan Jianqing gritted his head and said, "Yes, today it’s either you or me!"
Meng Hua laughed and said, "There’s no need to try so hard. I ask you a question. You can also ask me a question. Everyone must answer it. That’s my way!"
Duan Jianqing never imagined that the other party’s drawing turned out to be such a "way". He hesitated for a long time and said, "Okay, you ask first."
Meng Hua said slowly "cold girl? Where is she? " An ordinary speech was a bolt from the blue when Duan Jianqing heard it.
Duan Jianqing’s heart trembled and said, "Who are you?"
Meng Hua smiled. "You forgot the rules of the competition. You haven’t answered me yet!"
Duan Jianqing shouted, "You speak first!"
Meng Hua laughed. "Even though you told me to draw a line first, I can also let you recruit. Do you want to know who I am? I am the one who once sent two mounts to you and the cold girl! "
Duan Jianqing was shocked for a while and said, "You, are you the teenager in the Stone Forest?"
Meng Hua said, "This is your second question. Well, I can also answer you. You have to answer me two questions later. Good. After all, you remember that I was the teenager who jumped to save you that day in Shilin Jianfeng! But I don’t want you to repay me this favor. I want to know why you abandoned the cold girl? "
Duan Jianqing’s heart was shocked. I don’t know that although he fled first in the stone forest that day, things didn’t know, but Meng Hua was able to escape safely, at least he was also an enemy. Duan Jianqing thought to himself, "Neither Dong Ming, the elder of Kongtong Sect, nor Pan Shisheng, Yang Jimeng’s disciple, can endure this ego as his opponent?"
Meng Hua shouted, "You say a quick word and whip me. Please answer the first question first. What happened to the cold girl?" Duan Jianqing’s face was livid and he couldn’t speak for a long time.
Meng Hua was suspicious and suddenly shouted, "What did you do to the cold girl?"
Duan Jianqing suddenly said, "Don’t be suspicious. Can I still hurt the cold girl?"
Meng Hua said with a little relief, "So where is she?"
Duan Jianqing said, "She didn’t come with me to Xinjiang, maybe she went back to her uncle."
Meng Hua huffed, "Nonsense, I just met her uncle three months ago and her uncle didn’t know about her."
Duan Jianqing said, "What are you doing so fierce? I’m just guessing that since she didn’t go back to her uncle, she went somewhere else. "
Meng Huadao "Where?"
Duan Jianqing said with a wry smile, "How do I know that I told you that we have broken up?"
Meng Hua said, "The cold girl is so kind to you. Why did you break up with her?"
Duan Jianqing said, "This is my private matter. What do you care?"
Meng Hua said, "I insist on it! If you want to throw a cold girl and hide in Xinjiang alone, tell me what you have planned! "
Duan Jianqing said, "Don’t you know that my Dali family can’t go back long ago?"
Meng Hua said, "I know, but I want to ask you what it is that you ran here alone and left the cold girl?" Don’t drag it anywhere else! "
Duan Jianqing said with a wry smile, "You are really nosy. Do you have to know?"
Meng Hua said, "My word has been drawn. You must say it!" The implication is that if Duan Jianqing doesn’t talk, there will be a duel with him.
Real Meng Hua is also scaring Duan Jianqing. He has promised romana that Duan Jianqing is also his teacher’s nephew. How can he cross his heart and duel with him?
But Duan Jianqing was really afraid of fighting with him, so he said, "Well, you must know that I will tell you, but it’s a long story …"
As he spoke, he approached Meng Hua’s side. Meng Hua said that he wanted to tell himself and wanted to sit down and listen to his long talk. Unexpectedly, Duan Jianqing suddenly slapped him in the middle of the back.
Meng Hua hurt his heart and didn’t prevent him from hurting himself.
Fortunately, Meng Huagong’s accomplishments are not weak, and he can react spontaneously. Duan Jianqing’s rebound force is also very heavy. He stepped back and almost fell a somersault.
Meng Hua once saved Duan Jianqing’s life. Of course, he never dreamed that he would bite the hand that feeds him. After being stunned, he shouted, "What are you doing?"