It’s horrible!

"Shout …"
Zhou Jia squints and gently spits out the polluted air, bringing out the impurities contained in the gold iron gas and nodded with satisfaction.
"Can there be so many every year after that?"
"Rest assured"
His body leaned forward to slow down.
"Zhou doesn’t take the gold and iron gas from your Huang family for nothing. I will exchange it with the same value of source medicine."
"Dare not" Huang Fenglin hurriedly mouth
"If the Lord needs it, the Huang family is naturally duty-bound … every year, he will send someone to specially refine such gold and iron gas."
His tone is sincere, but his heart hurts.
This is extremely gold and iron. Seven-order silver refining takes Shou Yuan, which is almost equivalent to cutting off the road for low-order silver.
Three hundred strands!
The Huang family is afraid that a few silvers will die every year.
Which is refining gold and iron gas?
It’s like eating people!
Thoughts turned his mind and he couldn’t help but feel bitter. I don’t know if I decided to take refuge in Zhou Jia, right?
But now it’s too late to regret it.
Zhou Jia waved
"Give things to Huang Guzhu"
Tianhe should take out a bag and hand it to Huang Fenglin before stepping forward.
When I took the bag and read it, I saw a surprise in Huang Fenglin’s face, and I was faintly surprised.
A lot of original medicine!
Although it can’t make up for the loss of life of refining gold and iron gas, it can increase the strength of other ethnic groups. It is hard to make a profit by taking this feedback as a transaction.
Three hundred strands are quite a lot for the Huang family, but they are only a few in Zhou Jia’s view.
He refines ten wisps every day for a year, which may not add an experience value to the plough bully. Three hundred wisps is better than long.
Cai Yuzhen’s bright moon and white lotus Sect can also have hundreds of rays.
Plus Taobao House is barely enough for him to need for a year.
Li he told