"venerable sir!"

After all, the ghost army in hell is his cloudy department and the underground army he has built step by step for thousands of years.
You can’t bear it? "honour person sound suddenly appeared in a cloudy day in my mind.
"Not to, but so continue to go to our hell strength will decline in proportion to the servant please honour person …"
"Can live for thousands of years?
Hell has kept these dead souls alive for thousands of years, and it’s time for them to contribute.
And they must be greatly weakened before I can do it.
Otherwise I can’t deal with them, "said the venerable sir.
"Venerable Sir …"
What do you want to say on a cloudy day is interrupted by the venerable one again? "You go to Styx Eye to set off the seal force and mobilize the whole Styx reincarnation force to die in the shortest time and resurrect the elite."
Give priority to the resurrection of the elite. "
The venerable sir ordered some nai to say something on a cloudy day, and the venerable sir added, "I need a little more time."
Wait until I finish that step is the long-term stability of hell. "
"All right!"
Nai nodded and disappeared in the same place on a cloudy day. The moment appeared in the circle of Styx eyes. On a cloudy day, the seal and Guanghua flashed, and the reincarnation force of Styx eyes suddenly fluctuated like boiling.
Just a minute later, a ghost handsome who had just died and whose true spirit was brought over by the rules of reincarnation was resurrected.
After seeing a cloudy day, the resurrected ghost handsome silently waited aside for the reorganization of the army.
Another minute, another dead ghost will be resurrected one after another.
Cutting Sendai Xu tui controls the great power of the imperial seal, and it’s not too much, not too little, just let Xu tui not be affected by the rules of cutting Sendai.
Buried in front of the seal of Mount Tai’s mansion, the ghost army nails are doing communication.
At this moment, a third of the nails have been killed.
Cut Sendai 200,000 troops with flags have already entered a state of readiness, eyeing up and staring at cutting Sendai.
Before the attack of the three armies, Joanna did not dare to join Xu tui again. It was agreed that Xu tui sent an attack signal through Wan Nian Shengpai to let Xu tui wait for her news.
But Xu naturally won’t wait for Joanne’s information.
Joanne is the collaborator at present, but the quality is still the enemy.
It is stupid to rely on the enemy completely!
I have already made all the preparations to retreat and go straight into the reincarnation universe to cut Sendai. I have observed and obtained the situation of the reincarnation universe nearby, but I have not rushed out to cut Sendai.
It is far from time for the Blue Star Expeditionary Force to participate in the war.
The plan to take millet from the fire was millet now before the intervention of Bluestar Expeditionary Force.
Never scatter an eagle until you see a rabbit.
Yu Lanxing Expeditionary Force has already left the body one by one before going to war and entered the chessboard of Xu Tui Tianhe.
Killing into the reincarnation universe can be a spiritual body, which is limited by the rules of the reincarnation universe.
Xu back at this time, far away, can be sensed that three extremely horrible breath exists in the small universe of reincarnation.
It should be the breath of black sun, early spirit and original body.
But according to Joan, these three are real bodies
Or is the reincarnation of the small universe now restricted by the laws of the universe?
Or are these three real bodies special forms?
This point is not clear.
But Xu tui’s intelligence from dribs and drabs shows that it is not time to go to war.
The time for the Blue Star Expeditionary Force to participate in the war should be the time for the three giants, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan, to win and lose.
Not only that, but also return the anti-landing statue
It is not clear whether the deity is not bound by the Sendai rule, but even if it is bound by that rule, nine times out of ten, the deity has the means to break the ban
Xu retreat carefully ready to teleport back to the channel to withdraw from the small universe of heaven.
Although the theoretical time is ripe, the real body of Heiyang has entered the small universe of reincarnation.
But Xu tui feels that he still has to wait.
In the sight of this kind of situation, the black sun is a small universe that can be pulled out and turned around.
It will be too dangerous to make a retreat then.
There’s no hurry to take food from the tiger’s mouth
It is patience to make a retreat now.
The small cosmic war of reincarnation is going on continuously.
The situation looks particularly tragic, especially in the hell, where the ghost army was defeated and killed.
In just half an hour, the defenders of the three reincarnation passages were killed, and half of them were defeated and slaughtered.
If it weren’t for the harsh military law of hell and the immortal saying, the warp would have collapsed
But it just looks tragic.