Divination here seems to be blessed and become quite spiritual.

But it seems to be influenced by similar periodic laws.
"Maybe it’s time to find a more suitable divination tool."
Goethe thought this way again.
But then he had more ideas.
"Now that the world of" folk customs "is very inclined to divination, are there any people who are good at divination among those mysterious people? And those who are good at divination must have divination tools in their hands. "
"it’s really cumbersome to buy."
"Not as good as …"
"Borrow the ready-made"
I have a plan in my heart
Goethe quickly arrived at No.22 in the south suburb by riding in the back seat of motorcycle.
Goethe felt a peep when he was just near the southern suburbs.
small and irregular
Full of malicious peeping
It is …
"Can rats be controlled as well as changed?"
Goethe had some accidents.
It was the first time that he met a role similar to’ animal trainer’
This made him more interested.
You know, he can control crows by [unknown sound], and it would be great if he could touch other people.
The motorcycle stopped in the friction between the tire and the ground.
Goethe and Ann looked around.
No.22 in the southern suburbs looks no different from the surrounding buildings.
Moreover, the degree of repair is better and the environment is more elegant.
If a normal person chooses, he will definitely choose here instead of him-especially the flower beds in that courtyard are a plus item.
But Goethe and Ann would never choose this place.
Goethe smelled the rotten flesh and blood of human bones in the flower bed with superhuman perception.
And Ann?
Is battlefield intuition.
Life and death exercise intuition tells Ann that this place is full of danger.
"Be careful"
Ann drew a shotgun from a hidden bag on one side of the motorcycle and pulled a shotgun chain and several grenades from the other side. The policewoman called for reinforcements while gesturing Goethe to be careful.
But the walkie-talkie was working normally before, but this time it went on strike
Not just walkie-talkies
And the same is true of mobile phones.
"It’s blocked!"
Ann showed Goethe. She looked solemn.
The gun has been unconsciously aimed at the southern suburbs of No.22.
Goethe is still looking.
In the vision of "Blood Crow Spirit", he stared at the so-called Markey-the other party didn’t set something like a shield around the house, but some kind of occult technique interfered with the magnetic wave signal.
But what makes Goethe mean is that the other party is dancing and ecstatic.
"Fate takes care of it!"
"I, Markey, will completely become the king of the new era!"
"And you bastards who laugh at me will be fed to mice by me!"
In the basement, Machiavelli Goethe stared and shouted wildly.
This made Goethe frown slightly.
It’s not the arrogance of the other party.
But it’s not a trap at present!
When Ann found him, he said that Goethe’s first thought was a trap when he had something similar to’ Eucalyptus Piece’ beyond ordinary people’s cognitive scope.
He and Ann are good.
This will be known after a little investigation.
Therefore, it is not surprising that traps are arranged through Ann.
Goethe is prepared according to stepping into a trap.
But …
It seems that he thinks too much.
Looking at the basement, he was so excited that he twisted his face. Machigo confirmed that the other party was not acting.
But Goethe did not let his guard down.
On the contrary, he was on high alert.
Not only for Markey, but also for those extraordinary people
After what happened before, the so-called "Heisa" should be well known in his hands, but no one has made a move. That can be said that these guys are trying to strike a fatal blow.
Of course, it is not excluded to test again.
For example, Markey
In the vision of’ blood crow spirit’, the other person’s mouth keeps creaking.