He clenched his fists when he saw Dapiao being stimulated by his great self-sacrifice and training desperately.

When I saw Dapiao being selected as a chicken knight, but I couldn’t drop the four-wing chicken, my eyebrows frowned.
I couldn’t help but lose my eyes when I saw Dapiao crying when he lost his gray spot and hugged him.
Battle after battle, killing Daqiang, his eyes are red and red.
What he saw was not a shadow, but after he left, his comrades and companions were still struggling and fighting to protect the world.
"I should be there …" He couldn’t help mumbling.
For more than two hours, there were more and more people crowded next to the movie. By the time the movie was finished, the square was already packed, and even the trees next to it were full of people.
When the picture is frozen, a line of words rises.
"This piece is dedicated to our comrade-in-arms Daqiang-Xia Zhaoqiang."
A photo appeared in front of the camera, wearing a specially trained player system, and smiled shyly at the camera.
This looks so familiar.
There was a sudden silence at the scene, and several people turned to look at Daqiang.
"You are Daqiang!"
"You are Daqiang!"
"Big strength is big strength!"
Daqiang didn’t know what to say. He was so short of breath that he almost suffocated.
Suddenly Daqiang suddenly felt that her mother had caught her shoulders so tight and so tight.
Chapter 93 This must be a steel door!
The crowd was so emotional that Daqiang was surrounded and stared at him.
Since Daqiang returned home, he has been facing all kinds of eyes.
This kind of eyes have sympathy, pity, ridicule and disdain.
The most intuitive change of a person’s body is the psychological impact.
If you are strong, you will feel inferior, you will collapse, you will be desperate, and you will hardly go out alone, even if you go out, you will avoid others’ sight.
Sometimes he feels that he may be unable to lift his head for a generation.
At a time when everyone looked at him with burning eyes and admiration.
"Daqiang is a Han!"
"Daqiang, I have spoken ill of you behind my back before. I am not a person!"
"There is something wrong with you after you are strong!"
"Daqiang …"
No matter what these people are, at this moment, their hearts are sincere.
Looking at these sincere eyes, I tried to say something but couldn’t say it.
He would never say such a thing
Just then, a child suddenly exclaimed, "Hammer Man!"