Zhou Jia wry smile

"I’m now in vain. When I was in school, I had problems, and some people understood them at first, but I had to think hard and rack my brains to be white."
"The gap …"
"It’s hard to make sense!"
At this moment, his ears trembled and he knocked on two bells at one side.
"Deputy Wang"
Liu Zhangwen pushed the door in and saluted.
"What can I do for you?"
"What’s going on in the north?" Zhoujiakou
"Why is it so noisy?"
"Yesterday, we launched a massive attack on Tianshui Zhaishui Island, and most of them were attacked halfway, which caused heavy losses," Liu Zhangshen said.
"It should be discussing this matter."
"Oh!" Zhou Jia listened to the song and nodded slowly
"Didn’t call me?"
"Wang told me not to disturb your practice if necessary." Liu Zhang was shocked.
"But at the same time, it is also stated that you can go over at any time if you want to attend the meeting, but the deputy Wang will attend?"
"Forget it"
Zhou Jia with the wave.
"You go."
Liu Zhang bowed down with regret and took the door with him.
Zhou Jia sat on the roof and meditated, then let go of the book, his ears trembled slightly, and several sounds swarmed in.
With the improvement, the coverage of listening to the wind is becoming wider and wider.
Although he is sitting here, he can hear the slightest movement of the large decepticons’ help station clearly, without any omission.
However, there is too much noise, and even he will feel dizzy. Usually, there is not much excitement.
The hall is noisy.
Lei Mei, after all, is young and lacks experience in dealing with it. A big victory has pushed her prestige to the peak, but it has not been satisfactory.
More than two months