Conan is even more stupid. Can this brick also have its own anesthetic effect?

He wanted to touch his head to see where the wound was, and at the same time he got up and ran away from the dangerous "old lady"
But before that, Conan remembered the phrase "Just forget I was here" that the black cat put a hat on him not long ago.
….. If the black cat didn’t come and didn’t give himself that strange hat, he would be photographed directly by people.
You should be dizzy for a while with such strength.
After reaching this conclusion, Conan closed his eyes and lay still.
Surprisingly, Shimei picked up his watch and took a look at Conan’s face. He was relieved to see the child covered with blood and his eyes closed.
Before she left, she picked up the people, grabbed the skeleton wrapped in her clothes with the other hand and took them deeper into the secret passage.
I heard that Miyamoto had found two detectives, and Nishikawa Minami has been paying great attention to these people trying to intercept Hu and grab the treasure and then slip away from the secret passage.
But now that the treasure has not been found, the bear child has found the secret passage by mistake, and in such a big secret passage, he happened to meet the body of the real old lady …
Nishikawa Shomi decided to throw the child out into the Woods after a few days of starvation, and made up the illusion that he was playful and slipped into the forest, lost his way, slipped and fainted, and then starved to death in the Woods.
It’s not the first time for her to do something like this. Two years ago, a servant discovered the secret passage in the castle and she got rid of it. Nishikawa Shimei is very skilled at it.
Yu Xiong-hai’s companions don’t look too old, and they say that they are detectives, that is, they should be smarter than ordinary people, and they should not be obsessed with this matter.
But if they want to call the police or find something wrong … then they can be killed together.
With this in mind, Nishikawa Shimei came to the bottom of the secret passage. She threw a skeleton and found a piece of rope to firmly tie Conan back to the castle from the secret passage, intending to continue to monitor the other three migrants.
She remembered that there were two men and one woman besides the child.
The man who went to sleep not long after entering the door should be upset-Nishikawa Minami remembers that when the gardener saw that people suddenly didn’t understand the situation and almost called an ambulance, the high school student girl explained that her companion often fell asleep suddenly.
Nishikawa Shimei soon had a plan.
-put a glass of drink next to Baishi and put some sleeping pills in it, which should solve it.
When people wake up, they are easily thirsty. When they are thirsty, they will drink water and drink sleeping pills, and then they can continue to sleep … It is not a problem to let him sleep until he leaves. Anyway, others can’t judge whether he sleeps because of taking medicine or sleeping by himself.
High school girls are timid and should not wander around. If they want to scare her, they will stay in the room honestly. Even if she finds something wrong, her thin arms and legs are not her opponents.
The only trouble is that dark detective.
If he also finds a secret passage and enters it, let’s deal with him in the dark. We must take the initiative to sneak up on everyone and hit him in the back.
Chapter 351 Are you undercover or not?
After Nishikawa Shimei left, Conan sat up from the ground and tried to break free from the rope, but he couldn’t earn it.
He waited for a while and shouted "help!" I haven’t seen Nishikawa Shimei come back.
Then tried to shout "black cat? Are you there? "
Even if it is heard, the child is usually calling for a cat. It’s hard to think that he is actually calling for a person … Conan shouted and thought that the black cat had such a cute code name that didn’t match his image. It seems that this is the only time to send a show.
From being forced to buckle his hat, to being suddenly beaten by the old lady, to being dragged here, Conan finally thought about it, but he didn’t understand the black cat’s intention.
If he wants to save himself, how many "old ladies" he will show up just now is not enough for him to fight.
And if you want to help the "old lady", you have to give yourself an anesthetic needle in the dark just now, and you must be more honest than you are now.
Besides today, Conan has more questions, especially about the black organization "Wave".
After shouting twice, no one answered Conan. The black cat is not here.
But after a second or two, Conan suddenly felt lighter in the darkness-someone pulled his hat off his head.
Although Baishi hates this hat, he still has props anyway, so he can’t just throw waves.
He pulled the hat from Conan’s head with two fingers, and then immediately took back his backpack, dumped it and got bloody.
During this process, he took a look at Conan and found that Conan really didn’t care too much about the head blood. Think about it, too. The child didn’t show discomfort when he warmly hugged the old skeleton just now, and his ability to accept it was much better than that of ordinary humans.
And the skeleton soul just doesn’t mind thinking that the child is cute. Baishi turned his head and saw the old lady’s soul smiling kindly at Conan.