Chang Sheng looked at the flying dagger in the heart and was surprised to let the avatar stop the dagger.

Taking this opportunity, Wu Dezhi quickly produced handprints with his hands.
In an instant, Chang Sheng suddenly found that several statues in front of the intellectual man fit suddenly retreated and flew into the sky. At the same time, a reddish halo gradually emerged outside the khaki halo behind the statue.
The second halo! One halo of these statues is strong enough, and now there is a second halo!
Chang Sheng took a deep look at the four statues above his head, suddenly clenched the fenglei stick and rushed to Wu Dezhi. The four statues were all hard. Just now, I hit the statue with a stick without leaving even a trace, but Wu Dezhi was different.
Just now, even if you can suppress Wu Dezhi slightly, let alone yourself, your present state is several times stronger than the height and strength of externalization. How can you stop yourself even if you can’t beat Wu Dezhi?
Four statues are awesome, but if you want to kill Wu Dezhi’s statue, no one will control yourself, so naturally you don’t need to have a headache anymore.
Chang Sheng suddenly rushed out with a fenglei stick in his hands. He just rushed to four statues and covered his legs.
A wave of oppression emanated from the four statues, and Chang Sheng felt that his body sank, and he had to gather troops and spread them around again, and this action became normal.
This coercion can directly affect their actions, and they almost consume five times as much as usual, so that they can maintain their normal actions. These four statues are really strong!
Changsheng looked up at the four statues above his eyes, and his desire for them became stronger and stronger.
If you want to kill Wu Dezhi, you can get the statue!
Chang Chengmeng instantly rushed to the front of Wu Dezhi with a grind and raised his fenglei stick against Wu Dezhi’s head.
The thick and long fenglei club waved and rolled up a violent strong breeze. The dark club body brought up a string of virtual shadows mixed with faint thunder and suddenly fell.
Wu Dezhi body is suddenly a flash to one side looks not difficult to hide in the past.
The thunder stick hit the ground violently, and the hard bluestone ground was instantly smashed into pieces, and lime flew like flour.
Chang Sheng’s eyebrows suddenly became so fierce when he picked Wu Dezhi. Just now, Wu Dezhi was overruled by his external incarnation. I don’t know how fast his attack speed is, but Wu Dezhi is so easy to hide now!
Chang Sheng was surprised in his heart. He waved a fenglei stick without stopping manually and continued to hit Wu Dezhi.
Wu Dezhi looked at the broken ground and continued to hide to the opposite side. This guy’s strength is really abnormal enough to stop three statues. If he is unarmed, he may be able to fight with him, but he said that the stick in his hand is obviously a heavy weapon and it is somewhat thankless to fight with him.
Wu Dezhi made up his mind not to blindly dodge with Chang Sheng, but after hiding for several times, he was surprised to find that although the other club waved like a random wave, he had to fight with the other party after several times, but he wanted to hide again, but there was no place to hide.
Wu Dezhi’s eyes suddenly gathered and his hands flashed, and a soldier’s spirit condensed from his hands to meet Chang Sheng’s rush and dodge, but he didn’t want to consume too much instead of being afraid of the small opposite.
The collision between the black iron bar and the soldier’s gas suddenly caused a loud noise, and Chang Sheng and Wu Dezhi each took a step back.
Wu Dezhi gently shook his hands. This small force was really strong in front of him. It seems that after he got the power of four statues, the strength alone is still not this small opponent.
Wu Dezhi looked at his eyes, but his arm was shaking after colliding with himself. He didn’t shake his opponent at all, and his body flashed and moved quickly.
There is no need for him to fight recklessly with each other. Among the four statues, the other party is influenced by the statue. If he wants to act normally, he must pay much more soldiers than usual. The consumption of soldiers is many times faster than normal.
But I get a statue bonus myself, which is not only a strength increase, but also a way to increase my military spirit with the help of the statue power.
Call slowly. Sooner or later, the soldier will be exhausted
Wait until he’s exhausted, and he’ll die!
At that time, Wu Dezhi made up his mind that when the four statues moved, they could not escape from each other’s sticks, and then they continued to move.
In Guo Feng and Fang Wen, they just walked into the statue, and it didn’t take long for them to have exhausted their innate qi and military spirit.
The scope of Chang Sheng’s four statues is constantly chasing Wu Dezhi’s heart. It’s more depressing than a person who doesn’t have his own avatar. Now he really can’t do anything about each other. It’s really depressing!
"These four statues are really strong enough to force me to this position. I just took out my avatar and couldn’t even take his fucking flag."
Chang Sheng looked at the slow method to defeat the other side and remembered that he had just won the black flag from the remnants of the Black Iron Mountain. He found the ancient monty in his mind and asked, "You have studied the black flag of the ancient monty as before. These four statues are too difficult. I’m going to get the little black flag from the remnants of the Black Iron Mountain. Is it okay now?"
Chapter 352 Covering the sun solution
Chang Shenglai also wanted to ask casually. Anyway, he absorbed each other’s sources and got each other’s French and Indian natural knowledge, such as controlling the black flag. Who knows that the ancient monty screamed when he heard your question?
"Chang Sheng you want the flag? No, you can’t have that black flag now. "
The sound of ancient monty sounds very anxious. "Chang Sheng’s realistic ability can certainly make the flag, but you also know that the black flag is a very powerful flag. The small flag of Heitieshan in front of the corner is because the flag has been covered with a solution to cover the sun, which can hide the breath of the flag."
"Isn’t that great? What’s wrong with my flag?" Changsheng was confused by the ancient monty. Why can’t he cover the sun?
"But the problem is that the number of times the sun-blocking law has been used is now that the flag-blocking law will disappear if it is used again!" The ancient monty eagerly said, "When the time comes, there will always be no solution to cover the sun. Whether you can control this flag or not is two things. Maybe the flag will be out of your control and fly away. When the time comes, you have no place to cry."
"my god!"
Chang Sheng couldn’t help swearing when he heard the words of the ancient monty. How many times did this fucking guy cover up the sun, and there was only one chance left to make him die once less?