Changsheng according to congenital source crystal suddenly a suck.

"eh? What’s going on? How to absorb the source method and then integrate it to increase your strength? " Chang Sheng suddenly found himself in a daze, although he could still absorb the innate source, but the absorption source was somehow merged with his own source to increase his strength.
"eh? I am a prosperous fairy? "
Chang Sheng suddenly found that he had entered the tenth floor of his birth, and there was another part in his prosperous fairy tale.
"I see."
Chang Sheng read what was said in Sheng Shi Xian Fa once and finally became white.
"It turns out that after birth, every level of the realm belongs to the accumulation of quantity, which can steal the immortal method to raise its own level by stealing the source, but the realm rise is different from the accumulation of quantity, but the accumulation of quantity to a certain extent requires qualitative change, and then relying on the method of stealing the immortal method to steal the source, which can only be raised by hard practice!"
"I have to repair hard to break through this. It’s so cheat people!" Chang Sheng couldn’t help cursing that when he was still a windy city, he finally built a prosperous life, so he left the windy city and came to Mengshan City to face a decline!
Now it’s hard to see that Mengshan City has been turned into a prosperous time. I don’t know if it’s a prosperous time or a troubled city!
If it is a prosperous time, it will be easier to practice by yourself, but if your family’s capital is in troubled times, it will be in big trouble!
The old devil in the grave looked at Chang Sheng with a surprised face. He absorbed so many congenital source crystals at such a fast speed that he didn’t explode and died! What secret method does this little guy hold, and it’s obvious that he has reached the tenth floor of the innate qi, which means that he absorbed the innate source crystal to improve his strength, not to be him!
But it’s a good thing this little guy isn’t dead
The old devil heaved a sigh of relief, but he was counting on the present to help him get out and escape from here.
"Little friend, are you done? Let’s make a deal."
The old devil said a word and Chang Sheng was just about to return. He suddenly changed his look.
"eh? No, how has the prosperity in my body changed! "
Chang Sheng exclaimed in his heart that his body has maintained a stable prosperity since he entered the congenital realm, and it has been continuously strengthened. Now he has broken through six floors at a time and entered the congenital ten-story prosperity at one stroke, which should be strengthened. But how can his body go backwards now?
"Governing the world … declining … bad to go into troubled times. Ancient Monty, what’s the situation? How did I get into the tenth floor of nature and become troubled times? Is there anything special about the tenth floor of nature?"
Chang Sheng anxiously asked the ancient monty.
"No, there is nothing special except the strength of the first and second floors of the first and second floors. You said that the situation should not be! "
The ancient monty also didn’t understand, "There will be doom only after the impact of the innate ten layers enters the practice atmosphere, but now you are just entering the innate ten layers, far from the impact practice atmosphere, and it is very unlikely that there will be doom!"
Ancient monty the words sound just fell Chang Sheng suddenly felt a shock.
"Ancient Monty, my body is hot."
"Yes, I feel it." Although the ancient monty is in a state of soul, he can feel the physical changes in Changsheng.
Changsheng feels that his body is getting hotter and hotter. This kind of heat is not the hot weather, nor the heat of the previous earth cold and fever, but a kind of body being burned and hot.
"Changsheng, this … this is a sign of doom. How is this possible? This … impossible!" The ancient monty sound is full of shock and horror. "Changsheng, how can you be born with the tenth floor and suffer from the hot atmosphere?" It’s impossible to punish you with the innate ten-layer heaven. I’ve lived in ancient monty for so long, and I’ve never heard that heaven will punish anyone with the innate ten-layer! "
"What do you mean? Do you still need to be scorched when practicing Qi? And punishment. What the hell is this! " Changsheng was directly confused by the ancient monty. Why did it have something to do with the practice environment and doom!
"For Chang Chengshi, one way to practice is to strengthen your body. At that time, you won’t care if you lower the sky, but when your strength reaches a certain level, that is to say, when you really practice, you just go against the sky! God will be jealous if he goes against the sky! "
"Let’s put it this way, Chang Sheng, you are still a fighter now, but when you break through the practice environment and enter the fate environment, you become a monk, which is a real practice against the fate."
"Everyone’s life span is limited. Generally speaking, your life span of practicing fighters will be longer than that of ordinary people, but that’s because you are physically strong and not easy to be affected by diseases, and your body’s essence and blood will age more slowly, but these life spans are given to you by heaven."
"But when it comes to fate, it’s really fate. The first layer of fate is the life extension period. You can tell by the name that it is to increase your life span. God is fair to everyone, but the monks just go against the fate to increase their life span. God will naturally not sit idly by."
"If you violate the destiny, you will be punished. If you can’t hold back the punishment, you will lose your skill. If you are seriously injured, you will reach out and be seriously injured. Generally, the higher you repair, the heavier your failed hand will be punished. If you can withstand the punishment, it is natural that your strength will enter a big realm. If you go against the sky, every realm will be punished."
Chang Sheng heard so much from the ancient monty, but he still had a doubt. "You said that the ancient monty would be punished from the heaven against the sky, but now I am in a congenital condition, and I can’t even be punished for practicing Qi!"
"It’s not from the innate condition that punishment is imposed from the practice of heaven, because the practice of heaven is that all things in the refining world are heading for the road of going against heaven, and it’s not yet official to go against heaven, or it will be punished. It’s a much smaller punishment, just like the pain you are experiencing now. This is the omen of punishment!"
The ancient magic sound is full of incomprehension and surprise. "If you are born with ten layers, you will be punished. This is impossible. If you are born with ten layers, you can’t go against the sky!"
"no! I know! "
Just then, the tone of the ancient monty suddenly changed. "I can blame you for being too fate! Chang sheng, think about how long it took you to jump from the fourth floor to the tenth floor just now. In a short time, you even jumped six floors! I went from the first level of cultivation to the tenth level of birth, but you simply went to the tenth level of birth, so fast it is definitely fate. "
"And you practice shengshi fairy method, which is even more fate. Each layer of ascending power is more innate than others, and the amount of qi is also more than others. How can these two fate add up to not fate? It must be that your breakthrough has violated the operation of heaven too quickly. Heaven is going to punish you, or you are born in heaven and let you prepare more before punishment! "
"When preparing? I just know now that I will be punished by heaven. Don’t practice when I am prepared. When people are shocked, I will definitely be prepared. What is this? And is it my fault that I practice fast? Heaven will punish me like this! "
Changsheng dark scold a face of indignation "ancient monty this heaven punishment is very severe? Is it difficult to survive? "
"It’s hard to talk alone! In particular, it is the first time to experience the punishment of heaven. Generally speaking, when monks want to make a breakthrough, they should find a few good brothers to help them resist the punishment of heaven, and at the same time prepare a large number of pills and artifacts! "
The ancient magic sound is very heavy. "Even so, many people who have been punished by heaven for the first time still can’t hold on to the final failure, especially when you are prosperous this time. This is the first time that you have been punished by heaven. Now I am a remnant of the soul to help you. Now you can accept punishment on your own without the help of pills and instruments, and you are in big trouble this time!"
The ancient monty sighed for a long time and didn’t like Chang Sheng’s acceptance of punishment from heaven. It’s true that Chang Sheng’s cultivation skill is strong, but this is a punishment for practicing the atmosphere!
Chapter 154 refinement (2)
"It’s so hot!"
Suddenly, Chang Sheng felt that his body was hot and the temperature suddenly rose. Suddenly, a flame burst out from the outside of his body and burst into flames. I didn’t know that the flame in the illusion was a real flame.
"This is an empty and fierce fire. It really is a punishment from heaven!" The ancient monty exclaimed a.
In the distance, the old devil suddenly straightened up and looked at Chang Sheng from afar. This man actually accepted the punishment of heaven. Did he just feel wrong? He didn’t enter the tenth floor, but entered the practice environment? It’s strange that he has absorbed so many innate sources and can’t enter the practice environment!
I don’t know if this guy is prepared. If not, he will face the punishment of Heaven for the first time, which is almost dead!
"This little thing must be supported and must not die!"
The old devil fixed his eyes on Chang Sheng.