"There is a master of Confucianism in addition to the four colleges," said the military commander, looking at Chang Ganze. "The prime minister’s great civil servants know the master of Confucianism, but many people stepped into Yingwuhou Manor yesterday and suffered natural disasters. I doubt that the prime minister sent people to take this opportunity to attack Yingwuhou and weaken Yingwuhou’s power!"

"Hu said!"
As soon as the general’s words fell, a civil servant immediately stood up behind Chang Ganze. "Don’t be a dirty lie. Do you have any evidence that the prime minister’s adult is looking for someone to do it! I think it’s possible that your generals did it by themselves just to blame the Prime Minister! "
"Frame? This kind of thing is the only thing you know all day long. We always act aboveboard. We will never do it! " The general has just come to refute a reformist civil servant across the street.
"You said you wouldn’t do it? I see … "
At that time, the whole golden palace became a place where the general and the reformist civil servants bickered, and both sides ignored themselves and just caught each other and attacked hard anyway!
At that time, the scene was very chaotic
"All right!" Fang Yuanfu saw that the fighting between the two sides was getting more and more fierce, and even directly attacked them. He couldn’t stand to interrupt everyone. "Look at you, you are the pillars of my Daqi dynasty, but now you are like bitches. It’s outrageous!"
With a wave of Fang Yuanfu’s hand, he said, "Well, let’s leave here for the early morning. You should check up on the murder of Yu Yingwu Hou’s hand, and you should come to the imperial house as soon as possible after Chang Qing’s family leaves for the morning."
As Fang Yuanfu’s words came to an end early in the morning, Chang Ganze fell behind the crowd full of doubts, and Bai Gonggong led him to the imperial house.
No sooner had I entered the imperial room than the sound of Chinese Yuan Fu rang in the door room.
"Ganze, I called you here this time to talk to you about a great event."
"Changsheng?" Chang Ganze suddenly looked at Fang Yuanfu in horror. "What did Huang Sheng do again? Yesterday, things should not be with him, right? The murderer is a strong man who goes against the fate. He is now a congenital condition. "
Fang Yuanfu looked at a face of worry and Chang Ganze gave me a smile. "Hehe, Chang Qing can rest assured that Chang Sheng didn’t do anything again."
Fang Yuanfu’s face changed and he said, "Chang Qing, you should have seen me. You were worried when I said it to Chang Sheng, which means you know that Chang Sheng is very easy to get into trouble now."
"Of course, it’s because of you that you have offended many people, but you are the prime minister. These people dare not bother you, so they naturally take aim at Changsheng Changsheng. He is also a fool. He wants Changsheng to leave your house. I think those people will immediately find ways to deal with Changsheng Changsheng. Changsheng’s luck will not always be as good as the next time, and others will not all be as stupid as Zhu Jun’s Wang Er Zhu Shave! Sooner or later, the big event will cause big trouble! "
"And today, you see something that looks like something with you. A military commander can also say that it may be that you sent someone to kill them. They can’t take you for the time being, but Chang Sheng? He’s a fool. It’s easy for the other party to take his hand! "
Chang Ganze’s face was deeply wrinkled with two thick eyebrows. "I know what you said, but I can’t keep Chang Sheng from going out. Besides, he is an innate master. No one can really keep an eye on him except Ling Lao and Song Lao. I can’t let Ling Lao and Song Lao, two masters of practicing customs, take care of Chang Sheng without doing anything. Besides, I have already been sorry for him before my son. Now I can’t keep him up and let him lose his freedom!"
"Chang Qing, don’t worry," Fang Yuanfu said with a wave. "I called you here, which means I have a way not to put Chang Sheng up or let others get in trouble with him."
Fang Yuanfu said, raising his eyes and looking into the distance, "Chang Qing, you know that I have a son, the Seven Emperors, who is also a fool. Since Chang Sheng is like him, we can let Chang Sheng enter the palace and let them know each other, so that they can have a companion with each other, and naturally no one in the palace will come to Chang Sheng’s trouble!"
"Huang Sheng!" Chang Ganze’s elegant face was full of emotion, and he was excited to worship a minister. The luckiest thing was to meet Fang Yuanfu, who not only agreed with his political views, but also never considered the emperor himself.
Chang Ganze excused himself immediately after receiving Fang Yuanfu’s order and went home to look for Chang Sheng.
The prime minister’s office often sits in his room with a deep frown.
"Although Gu Monty said that I am now practicing Qi, I am not an opponent of Ying Wuhou, and Ying Wuhou will definitely send a stronger opponent when he knows that I can kill Yuan Ke this time. At that time, I am afraid I am really not an opponent. I must improve my strength as soon as possible before Ying Wuhou sends someone!"
Chang Sheng looked eagerly at Gu Monty. "Gu Monty, is there any way you can help me improve my strength as soon as possible!"
"It’s obviously impossible to improve your strength step by step unless you have an adventure." Gu Monty thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Changsheng, do you remember when you met the old devil in the forbidden area? He once said that there is a treasure outside him with a source crystal for practicing qi. If you find that treasure and get the source crystal for practicing qi, your strength can definitely rise rapidly. "
"But I have already forgotten where he said the treasure was buried." Chang Sheng spread his hands.
"Do you remember? I remember." The ancient monty said with a smile. "There is a desert cave in the depths of the Kumgunda desert in the western region. Seven caves are connected together. The most of these seven caves is where his treasure is hidden."
"Do you remember so clearly?" Chang Sheng was slightly one leng, and the ancient monty said that there was no sign of thinking at all. This is too clear.
"Of course, you don’t look at who I am!" The ancient monty revealed a proud appearance as he spoke.
"Of course, of course," Chang Sheng’s face suddenly lit up. "In this case, I will set off for the western regions as soon as possible to find the old devil’s treasure. Well, it will certainly help to call a small litigator, but it will help to call him."
Chang Sheng had a decision in his heart and immediately got up and prepared to call Guo Feng to the room, but he just walked to the door and a burst of footsteps immediately came in from the yard.
"Zhi …"
As the door rang, Chang Ganze’s figure appeared in the room.
Looking at the door Chang Sheng Chang Ganze one leng and then instantaneous reaction to come over "sheng son, are you going out? Just father wants to take you to a fun place. "
"Where is the fun place?" Chang Sheng looked up and looked at Chang Ganze with a silly face.
"to the palace!" Chang Ganze fondly touched Chang Sheng’s head and said, "There is a good friend waiting for Sheng Er."
To the palace? Good friends?
Chang Sheng lamented in his heart, Torre. What’s wrong with this? He just had a plan to go out of town to find treasure to improve his strength. Torre immediately let himself go to the palace. This is not playing with himself!
Chang Chengshi didn’t want to go to the palace and immediately spoiled, but Chang Ganze was dead and bent on taking him to the palace.
Chapter 244 Playing dumb
Changsheng felt very nai, and finally walked to the palace with his father behind him, followed by a Guo Feng.
All the way into the palace, Chang Sheng and his father walked towards the side of the palace behind an old man, crossed all the pavilions and finally stopped outside an old man’s yard.
"Master Chang Chang, this is the Yishang Garden where the Seven Emperors live." The old man raised his hand and covered an extremely wide courtyard behind him.
When Guo Feng heard this, his heart suddenly lit up and he whispered to Chang Sheng, "Young Master, the Seven Emperors should be the most famous among the many emperors today, not because he is the most English among the many emperors, but because he behaves like a fool in front of you!"
"Stupid people!"
Chang Sheng’s heart is stupefied when he thinks of his own city. Before he came to Beijing, the most famous fool in Beijing was the Seven Emperors, who didn’t leave the palace all the year round, and when he came to Beijing, he made trouble everywhere, so that he surpassed the Seven Emperors and became the most famous fool in Beijing.
Silly emperor? What kind of person will it be?
Chang Sheng was thinking about Chang Ganze in front of him and reached out and touched his head. "You will live here after Sheng Er. You should be obedient and play well with that good friend inside. If your father has something to do, you should leave first and wait until his father comes to see you!"
Chang Ganze said and turned to look at the old man. "I’ll trouble you to take care of him in the harem."
"Good talk, good talk," the old man nodded. It should be Chang Ganze, but the red man in front of the emperor can’t take the emperor’s confidant.
Chang Ganze said that he left the palace and was led into Yishang Garden by the old man Chang Sheng.
As soon as he entered the hospital, a teenager immediately appeared in his eyes.
The other person looks about the same age and size as himself, wearing a very gorgeous golden yellow flower. He is squatting like looking for something. When he hears something moving in the courtyard, he immediately looks up to reveal a handsome face covered with mud, but his face is full of silly giggles.
"Hey this little wrong …"
Chang Sheng is observing the other side, and suddenly, the ancient monty doubts sound in his mind. "Chang Sheng, there are many studies on my opposite side. Like your face, you may not know that others have always regarded you as really stupid, except that you were really stupid before you pretended to be, but also because of your face. It is really stupid! But the seven emperors opposite you … "
The sound of ancient monty sounds very heavy. "He looks like a fool, even at first glance, but when I look closely, I find that his face is not a fool."
"It’s not stupid, that is to say, he’s not really stupid. He plays dumb?" Chang Chengwen suddenly became interested in meeting a person who is also playing dumb!
"I said it’s face-to-face, but sometimes faces are not allowed to look at faces. I can’t be 100% sure that he is playing dumb!" The ancient monty shook his head slightly.
"I’ll know if it’s really stupid." Chang Sheng smiled in his heart and strode to the other side. Even the ancient monty didn’t say that his heart was also very suspicious of whether the other side was really stupid.
"Hey," Chang Sheng stepped forward and raised his hand, pointing to the Seven Emperors squatting on the opposite side. "Your clothes are really beautiful. Chang Sheng wants them!"
"Don’t give it to Fang Wencai!" As soon as san huang covered his clothes, he immediately made the clothes stuck with dirt more dirty, but his eyes were full of horror and he looked at Chang Sheng’s heart with a sneer. It’s quite like pretending. Just try to pretend. I’ll see when you can put it on!
I don’t believe you are really stupid if you are stupid. I absolutely don’t believe it!